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Parcl Service Update: We Are on Instagram Now!

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What you can do with Parcl

Get items that are not
in your country
Using the Parcl shipping service allows you to get goods that are otherwise not available in your country because the store simply doesn’t ship internationally. You will have clothes, gadgets, books, home appliances and other items you won’t find in your country.
Save on
Even if some items can be found locally where you live, their price might be too high due to reseller markups. If you order them directly from the manufacturer or an overseas seller, you will pay less than what you’d spend locally. And if you find those items on sale, the price will be significantly lower even with international shipping included.
Be the first to get newly
released products
With Parcl you will be able to get the newest gadgets and other products even before they are released in your country. Such new releases are usually shipped locally only, but you can get your hands on them quickly with international delivery by Parcl.

Shop at any store worldwide with no limits

With Parcl’s forwarders you get access to online stores in the USA, Germany, the UK, Japan, Australia, France, Israel, Sweden, and many other countries where we have registered forwarders

What you get with Parcl

We researched the most common problems online shoppers face and designed a secure and customizable service
that lets users decide how they want their package to be shipped and helps them save on shipping.

No registration or subscription fees
Free address for shopping
Upfront pricing
Secure payments with PayPal
Personal shopping assistance
Package consolidation
Prices based on actual shipping carrier rates
Customs compliance support
Timely email notifications on your delivery status
Package tracking

Shops around the world

Enjoy shopping at huge national retailers or small exclusive shops worldwide and forget about shipping limitations

...and many, MANY MORE!

See what current Parcl users have to say:

“The price and speed were amazing! They are doing some magic or teleportation or something like that for sure.”


“Awesome service as usual. Waived one of their fees for me and refunded excess shipping costs. Highly recommend!”

United Kingdom

“Reliable and fast forwarder! I am happy with my purchase and would recommend Parcl to everyone without hesitation.”

United States

“My package with goods from Sephora was sent out quickly and all special requests were handled perfectly.”


“Excellent, trustworthy service! Time between shipments was short, and the forwarder was flexible and quick to respond.”


“Package arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Forwarder kept me informed of every step and provided tracking number. Great service!”


Service reviewed and approved by experts

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