Parcl is a side project by a well-established software publisher from Australia. Our team consists of experienced and passionate IT professionals and shopping enthusiasts, who believe that there should be no limits for online shoppers and that people can make the world a better place by helping each other.

How Parcl Started

The idea of Parcl was born when a few friends found themselves in need of an across-the-world delivery of collectibles. Unfortunately, the shop offered domestic shipping only and there was no company that could offer just what we needed.

After a few sleepless nights came the moment of enlightenment. We realized that there were a lot of regular people, who could potentially help with our delivery right away just because they lived in the right country. The only thing left was to find a way to reach those people.

It occurred to us that anything could be delivered anywhere if only there were a website connecting shoppers with people capable of delivering their purchases. The idea of helping people get what they want and giving other people the chance to earn some money inspired and encouraged us. That’s how Parcl was born.

How Parcl Started

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Our Mission:

To make international shopping truly border-free, convenient and fun

Our Achievements

After a few tough months of intense project design and development we released the beta version of Parcl in 2015. The key mechanism was all ready for order processing, but there were (and still are) tons of ways to improve the service. We are doing our best to make Parcl as convenient and reliable as possible. And we are happy when people see real value in what we offer. Here’s what we’ve managed to accomplish up to this point:

with PayPal
Our experienced developers have seamlessly integrated the PayPal payment mechanism into our system, so that all Parcl payments could be processed quickly and securely.
We added an ‘s’ to ‘http’. Well, that’s what you see, but the security mechanism behind this is called SSL-protocol. We added it to Parcl and now your data is kept top secret.
public response
In October 2015 Parcl was featured on Product Hunt and got a very positive public response, thousands of new users and lots of attention from journalists and bloggers.
New orders
every day
There are dozens of new requests and offers posted on Parcl every day. We have created a worldwide shopping and shipping community that’s growing and helping us make Parcl better for you.

Our Values:

Timely and efficient customer support, honesty, safety and convenience

Together we will remove every obstacle to online shopping. Get what you want delivered wherever you are or make money helping fellow shoppers!

The Parcl Team


If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share your thoughts with us at or contact us on Twitter or Facebook. We are always happy to hear from you!

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