Buy Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder Beverage with Refill Online, Ship to United Kingdom

Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder Beverage with Refill
2 x $24 $48
Product total: $48

How to ship Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder Beverage with Refill from Switzerland to United Kingdom

Parcl is a community-based shipping service. It helps shoppers get items that are not available in their countries. We have a few package centers located in Switzerland and can help international shoppers get Ovomaltine Chocolate Powder Beverage with Refill or any other goods shipped to their countries.

If you order delivery at Parcl, one of our experienced forwarders will give you their address for shopping in Switzerland or will purchase the item for you. Once they receive your package from the store, they will check its contents, take photos, add extra packaging if necessary, and prepare the package for overseas shipment. Forwarder will fill out the Customs Declaration and ship your order using the shipping method you choose.

All payments are processed through the PayPal payment system, which guarantees transaction safety and protection against scam.

From: Switzerland
To: United Kingdom
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