ポムポムプリン×ポプテピピックコラボTシャツ - Shipping from Japan to Philippines

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Buy ポムポムプリン×ポプテピピックコラボTシャツ from Japan and Ship Internationally

With Parcl you can buy ポムポムプリン×ポプテピピックコラボTシャツ from Japan and get it shipped to your country. Once you create a delivery request and select a forwarder for your order, you’ll be given an address for shopping in Japan. You’ll need to use it when you place your order at the store. If the store doesn’t accept your payment method, you can ask our forwarder to buy the items for you. After that the forwarder will receive your package, provide any additional services requested, and ship the package to your address.

You’ll be able to trace your package and get insurance to cover any issues that may come up with the shipment.

All payments are processed through the PayPal payment system, which guarantees transaction safety and protection against scam.

From: Japan
To: Philippines
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