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Seashell Twist Knot Dress
x 1 x $88.75 $88.75
Toile de Jouy Turtleneck Midi Dress
x 1 x $99.98 $99.98
Total: %s items, %s %s, %s

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Specify if you need purchase assistance

Your forwarder will purchase the items for you. It's a safe and hassle-free option that guarantees faster order processing, and a full refund if needed.

You will need to buy the items from the store using your own payment method, and listing the forwarder's address for shipping. Not available for expensive orders.

No, I will purchase the items myself

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Select any additional services you may need

  • Popular Services

    • Photos of package contents

    • Package contents checked for defects

    • Package insured against damage or loss. Mandatory when order value is $300+

    • Customs declaration filled out by forwarder

    • An antiseptic will be used on package contents

  • Package Handling

    • Optimization of shipment packaging

    • Package reinforcement with tape or wrap

    • Testing of electronic items for operability

    • Removal of any items that may be prohibited for shipment

  • Forwarder's Services

    • Customs value of package contents minimized to save on duty charges

    • Your request processed by top forwarders ahead of non-priority orders

    • Help in dealing with the store

  • Package consolidation

    Optimization of shipment packaging

  • Customs declaration

    Customs declaration filled out by forwarder

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Approximate costs. We calculated the approximate shipping & additional services costs based on your request details.

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Shipping cost is too high?

You can pay less for shipping per item if you order more items. Buying more saves money, because the more items there are in the shipment, the lower is the price to ship each of them.

To reduce the per-item shipping cost, you may:
  • include a higher quantity of items already in your order,
  • add more items from ,
  • add items from other online stores.

*Please note that this amount is only an estimate, and the actual price will be calculated later by the forwarders. You don’t have to pay the amount estimated on this page.

**To be calculated by the forwarder, automatic calculation unavailable.

See your estimated fees:
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