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A List of New Emojis Coming in 2018

New smileys, animals, hair colors, household items and much more! Behold, the 157 new emoji for 2018. Continue reading...

Kim Kardashian Fragrance: the Lowdown and Where to Buy

Are you looking for places to snag a deal on the latest Kim Kardashian Fragrance? Do you even keep up with the Kardashians anymore? Either way, we’ve got great news for you. Continue reading...

Your Complete Starter Pack - Painless Entry into the World of Vlogging

Hoping to be the next YouTube sensation off short video clips? Then listen up because here’s what perhaps no single successful Vlogger will ever tell you! Continue reading...

9 Places Where Super-Elegant Prom Dresses Are Insanely Cheap

Girl, wouldn’t you love to check out some cheap prom dresses under 50 or maybe even under 100? Continue reading...

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