8 Fashion Brands from China You Need to Know

Do you remember how, back in the day, the Chinese were super-famous for their action-packed movies? Well, the nation is now even more famous, but this time around, it’s all about their merchandise, as almost anything in the world is designed and made in China. 

We’re not complaining about this. We love the Chinese simply because they’ve managed to cover the distance between the “ridiculously rich” and the “poverty-stricken”. The country is known for manufacturing knockoffs that look right even when compared against the original upmarket designs. Even though there can never be a copy good enough to compete with the original, the Chinese give us something pretty close. And who are we not to be grateful? 

Successfully Shop and Ship from China

If you’re ready to accept the fact that most of the world’s products are Chinese-made, it definitely would be more practical to get them straight from the manufacturer, and we will teach you how.  

With the help of trained parcel forwarders who love shopping as much as you do, you can own anything you desire. Parcl is a verified online package forwarding service, and it can help you buy anything from China and have it delivered to your address.

What Exactly Is Parcl, and How Does It Help You Shop Internationally?

Here are some Parcl-related facts that you need to know and keep in mind when shopping online from China or any other country for that matter:

  • This online platform is a peer-to-peer service developed to assist shoppers who need to get goods delivered from overseas. 
  • The platform hosts over 1,900 verified secure forwarding addresses. They belong to our forwarders and can be used for delivery and forwarding.
  • Every single day, there are approximately 80 to 100 new shoppers who register to use the site’s services.
  • Parcl’s forwarders consistently partner with over 230 local and global freight companies whose services can be used to forward your goods. These include DHL, Aramex, USPS, DPD, TNT, and Parcel Force, among others.
  • With Parcl, you can ship anything - from small makeup products to large furniture items to automotive parts. For example, the heaviest item ever shipped by Parcl’s agent was The Superior Bed by The Luxury Bed Company, weighing a grand total of 210 kg.
  • You can trust Parcl agents to ship your valuables as the most expensive item ever delivered was the Gibson Custom Les Paul electric guitar, priced at $5,800.

There are a lot of other amazing facts about Parcl, but for now, these should suffice to help you make up your mind about its services and whether or not you’ll be using them. There are no usage restrictions as Parcl has forwarding agents in 115 countries. As long as what you need can be accessed and bought, you can shop for just about anything. The forwarders love a challenge, so, yes, you can buy something above the current maximum weight or price and become a new titleholder.

Top 8 Chinese Brands to Shop Online

The list below is comprised of the leading Chinese brands that are worth your time and consideration. Pick and choose, and your trusted Parcl forwarder will help you to complete the purchase:

  1. Elegant Prosper
    As one of the oldest clothing brands in China, Elegant Prosper, fondly known as EP, has been around for over 30 years. If you’re considering buying and shipping from China, then EP has to be at the top of your list. Although fashion trends tend to change over time, quality only needs to remain consistently high, and that is exactly what EP has managed to achieve.
    Using a unique business model, EP has managed to import foreign capital and join forces with notable fashion names, making the brand even more successful. The brand offers unique designs and earned its spot at the annual Chinese Fashion Week. As a result, the company’s success is celebrated both locally and internationally.
    Shop online at Elegant Prosper.
  2. Li-Ning
    The company was founded and named by Li Ning, who is one of China’s most decorated athletes. Since its foundation in 1990, the company had been the country’s leading sports apparel brand until it interchanged places with Anta Sportswear at some point in time. 
    After successfully listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2004, the brand grew too big too fast and, as a result, lost power over its quality control. Since then, the brand has been working hard to regain trust, and we believe that the new management is keen on quality and it’s only a matter of time that the company will be back to its former glory. 
    Visit Li-Ning online.
  3. Urban Revivo
    If you don’t have Zara in your country but would like to buy from a Chinese alternative, then consider Urban Revivo. The company’s headquarters are based in Guangzhou, with several stores scattered throughout the country. If you would like to enjoy a variety of designs and accessories, then Urban Revivo is the way to go.
    Pay for package forwarding from China and get to enjoy it. The company’s website is just as modern as Zara’s and those of other similar brands. The only possible downside to wearing this brand is that your look is unlikely to make you stand out from the crowd as the brand produces mass-market apparel that is similar to what many other brands sell.
    Visit Urban Revivo.
  4. Anta Sports
    Anta Sports is the leading Chinese sports clothing brand, and it can easily compete against the biggest international brands, like Adidas and Nike. Founded in 1994, the company has managed to achieve its recognition, and since 2007, it has been listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The company has also been a major sponsor of Chinese sports initiatives, especially the 2008 Olympics Games.
    In 2009, the company acquired the rights to Fila’s Chinese operations and thus gained 600 Fila’s retail stores across the country. This move cemented the company’s place as the industry’s leader and allowed it to continue its sponsorship of major Chinese athletes. You probably came across the brand at some point without being aware of its impact on Chinese sports. The brand features white and red as the main colors, and its designs are easy to spot from a distance.
    Visit Anta Sports online.
  5. PeaceBird
    If you want to shop from China, then start by looking at the PeaceBird website, where you can purchase several popular brands, including Mini Peace, PeaceBird Women, Ledin, Material Girl, and PeaceBird Living. The company has more than 20 years of experience, and its harmonious and open working environment makes it possible for it to be productive and satisfy its shoppers by producing high-quality items. The brand’s designs always remain a wonder and leave shoppers and watchers at the New York Fashion Week craving for more.
    Shop PeaceBird now.
  6. Ochirly
    Its name literally translates as European Fashion Charm, and Ochirly is a trendy and globally successful brand that has managed to unite Chinese and European eccentric styles. According to the brand’s story, Ochirly was founded in 1999 with the idea to provide a sophisticated, stylish and distinct way of dressing to the ever-improving Chinese middle class. And this idea was more than enough to make the brand a global hit.
    Ochirly designers mix and match different styles and patterns and create truly unique and desirable outfits that are inspired by Chinese and European fashion trends. Local celebrities have found themselves wearing these beautiful garments and singing praises to the brand. And you too can fall in love with it and experience this luxurious mix of cultures.
    Visit Ochirly online.
  7. MJ Style
    One exceptional aspect regarding Chinese clothing brands is their attention to detail and quality. MJ Style is no different. The company gets its inspiration from global fashion trends and activities, allowing the brand to create extremely desirable items. Also, its competitive pricing means that you can afford a sophisticated look without breaking the bank.
    Create your unique fashion style by visiting MJ Style’s online store and get your Chinese Parcl package forwarding address to enjoy shopping like a local. 
    Shop at MJ Style online.
  8. JNBY
    This Chinese company has a unique sense of style. The brand first hit the market in 1994 and has been working hard ever since to keep its leadership position. The success came quickly, and in 2006, the company opened its first international branch in Moscow, after which more stores were established in multiple locations, such as Thailand, Canada, the USA, Singapore, and France, to name but a few. Also, JNBY is a leading clothing brand in Japan.
    If you need a new wardrobe with a style that stands out, then JNBY is where you must start looking, no debate.
    Visit JNBY.
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