10 Canadian Fashion Brands, and How to Ship from Canada Internationally

Sometimes, all it takes to immerse yourself in fashion is the right brand – the one that allows you to get great things on a budget. And sometimes, those wonderful discounts prompt you to shop from high-end, exclusive brands – the types of brands that are featured in fashion magazines. 

We have taken the liberty of compiling the top ten Canadian fashion brands to inspire your online shopping. You can select and buy anything you like from the brands outlined below. Work with a trusted Canadian parcel forwarder to ensure that your Canadian purchases make their way to wherever you are.

  1. Kotn

Are you looking for the softest fabrics oozing with love? This brand takes the lead on our list of the top ten Canadian fashion brands for a reason. According to Vogue, “At these prices – and with ethics woven into every cotton fiber – you can feel good about stocking up.” The company works with Egyptian cotton farmers to harvest and use premium cotton, which results in stunning outerwear for those who prefer quality to the ever-evolving concept of style. Find a Canadian forwarding service provider who will help source Kotn products and deliver them to any address abroad.

     2. Jenny Bird

Are you looking for a jewelry designer whose work speaks for itself? Interested in high-quality products that are worth bringing to your country from overseas so you can rock a unique look? Then Jenny Bird is exactly what you need. Meghan Markle is a fan of the brand, and she has been spotted several times wearing Jenny Bird accessories. This top designer is based in Canada but also has stores in the US. Orders that are above CAD$100 or USD$75 are shipped for free within the North American continent. Your forwarder can combine your purchases into one large package before forwarding it your way. Alternatively, you can buy some items from Canada and some things from the US. You will still be able to find dedicated forwarders who will send you all your purchases. 

      3. Fortnight

This is the only lingerie brand on our list. At Fortnight, the focus is on creating one-of-a-kind pieces that are meant for women who want to embrace their bodies. The swimwear and lingerie essentials made by the brand are developed and created with functionality and femininity in mind. The Toronto-based company focuses on inspiring women by creating a diverse range of beautiful designs in all sizes.

      4. Hilary MacMillan

Hilary MacMillan is a top Canadian brand that specializes in designing and selling vegan and cruelty-free products. This designer is loved globally for consciously moving away from the use of fur, wool, feathers, leather, and silk. Animal rights activists have been the designer’s biggest support group. It’s all love at Hilary MacMillan, and even the website represents the designer’s soft mood, using soft pastels and baby blue hues. The brand’s current highlight is the Spring Collection, with new styles launching every week.

      5. Maguire

The Maguire boutique offers free delivery to local addresses for orders that are $100 and over. You can get the assistance of a Canadian forwarding service provider to have your purchases delivered to your home. The main reason why you should shop at Maguire is that they are experts in different hues and their collections always come in several colors to give shoppers more options to select, mix and match. Offering a wide selection of shoe and accessory styles, this brand provides top quality meant for the shopper who appreciates fine things in life. 

      6. The Stowe

For those who love supporting hard workers, The Stowe was the best shop to explore and purchase from  – until it was gone for good. Founder and head designer Molly started the business in 2009 out of her house, experimenting with fabrics and colors. And as time passed, her talent blossomed to a successful company. However, Molly and her partner Matt decided to take a break from running the business, marking 2019 as the release of The Stowe’s last collection. Thus, at the moment, you can only get what’s left of their “GOODBYE FOR NOW” sale. If you love looking unique, then this is your last chance to buy items that no one else will be able to purchase after all their elegant pieces have been sold out.

      7. Warren Steven Scott

Being nominated for the Swarovski Award in the Emerging Talent category is no child’s play. The effort and work that go into it get truly appreciated when one understands the level of professionalism and intensity needed for simply being considered for this prestigious nomination. And the nomination is even more precious for this young brand, which was launched in 2018. After working as an apprentice to the famous brands of Comrags and Jeremy Laing, Warren Steven Scott garnered enough experience to launch his own designs. Find a Canadian forwarder that will deliver Warren Steven Scott products to your preferred address outside of Canada. 

      8. Comrags

It would be true to say that this brand is a baby of two fashion comrades who met and fell in love with each other’s work. The label was founded back in 1983 when two fashion students Judy Cornish and Joyce Gunhouse met at Ryerson’s fashion house. The brand’s website is very friendly and welcoming and features earthy colors that are warm enough for the shopper to get acquainted with the brand. In case you’re confused about what you’d like to buy, you can start by viewing the lookbook to find possible inspiration. Find the right size and arrange for package forwarding from Canada to your country.

      9. John + Jenn

Another genius collaboration that took place on Canadian soil is the John + Jenn brand. This brand was founded in 2000 by John Muscat and Jennifer Wells. It rose to higher levels of success in 2017 when Meghan Markle decided to wear one of their coats to announce her engagement. The coat was subsequently renamed The Meghan and with good reason. Visit the website to enjoy 75% off for clearance items. This is one of the best websites for you and your family, offering deep discounts for high-quality products.

    10. Eliza Faulkner

Presenting a stunningly unique website that welcomes visitors with a baby pink background, this store is just what every woman needs for retail therapy. At the moment, you can enjoy 50% discounts on selected merchandise. It’s truly a beautiful store to start searching for women’s clothing. The site offers a size chart to help all shoppers (local and international) to find any outfit in the right size for their body type. The Eliza Faulkner brand specializes in women's clothing, changing their design collections according to the season and fashion trends. 

Quick Tutorial: How to Shop in Canada without Actually Going There

Canadian fashion brands are a great mix. There are those that specialize in high-end fashion, and then there are those that design clothes for the average consumer. The Canadian online shops we have listed above definitely offer something unique and memorable, and you are sure to find a few items that are a perfect fit for you. Use the services of Parcl to have your purchases delivered to your door wherever you reside. 

With Parcl, you have the option to choose from a list of top forwarders who can offer you additional services for an extra fee, which include, but are not limited to, the following: 

Running around locally to get deals that are only offered in physical stores and not online.

Combining your multiple purchases into a single large package that will be shipped to any address you provide.

Sending your parcel through the freight company of your choice in a most economical manner. 

The most important service offered by Parcl is providing you with a verified local Canadian address so it can be used for purchasing anything in Canada. Your purchases will be delivered to and received by your forwarder, who will then act according to your instructions and get your purchases delivered to you.


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