10 Designer Clothing Brands from Poland

They say in Poland, you will find great hospitality and see stunning women. The country worked very hard to recover from WWII, endured an economic depression, and was finally able to restore the quality of life it once had. The Slavic nation is now famous for its friendly people, delicious cuisine, overachieving sports clubs, and beautiful creative designs. 

If you're an active Internet user, you might have already noticed some stunning Polish designs online. If you haven’t, this article will serve as an introduction to Polish fashion. First, read the following tips on how to get amazing designs from our list of the top ten Polish clothing brands.

Shopping and Shipping from Poland

Do you want a wardrobe full of stunning, beautiful outfits? Would you be happier wearing clothes that are not offered by stores in your country? Read on to find out how this is possible with shopping and shipping from Poland via Parcl.

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To get started with Parcl, all you need is to create an account or a request. There are no monthly subscriptions or memberships fees. With Parcl, you only pay a small fee when you create an order.

There are Poland-based forwarders who will provide you with quotations based on what you want to be shipped your way. Here is what you can ask of them:

  • You can request the full-service package, which includes using their local address, having them go around physical stores to find items that aren’t available online, and using the most affordable shipping method, among other options.
  • You can get ideas about what else to buy from Poland since locals know best what great things are available in their country.
  • You can find out what new collections the top Polish brands are releasing soon and be among the first people to wear them. 

Parcl is the future. The platform is your solution to shopping from Poland and many other countries. With Parcl, goods can be delivered to a local address and then shipped to wherever you are. 

The Top Ten Polish Brands Headed by Young Designers

We didn’t just pick out some brands. We took the time to select ten brands headed by young designers who are the pride and future of the Polish fashion scene. Explore this list to find your favourite clothing brands from Poland and start shopping with a Parcl account:

  1. Local Heroes

Created just for fun, this brand has managed to hook the attention of regular folks and celebrity wearers who recognize, appreciate and love fun. Rihanna, Justin Bieber and several Poland-born celebrities have been spotted wearing the brand. This is truly a feel-good story where a group of people decided to create beautiful designs and share them with their community. The creators did such a great job that the company took off and is now an international brand. The talent behind the brand recognizes themselves as a lifestyle provider and avoids design stereotypes.

      2. Julia Kaleta

This is one of the top Polish brands, the kind that makes one proud to be Polish. The designer, Julia Kaleta, is a graduate of the Fashion Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Her collections are innocent and adorable, always showing off a burst of summer colors. Kaleta is one of the top Polish designers, and her choice of materials and the time taken to complete each piece show how talented she is.

      3. Dream Nation by Luiza Jacob

This is one of the most vibrant Polish brands. Founded by Luiza Jacob, Dream Nation focuses its attention on coming up with some of the most beautiful designs. The collections are full of bold patterns, strong colours, and top-quality organic fabrics. Jacob garnered most of her experience working for a clothing corporation before falling pregnant out of the blue, which forced her to leave. This was all good as the result was her coming back into the industry as a brand owner. Her dream is to see her outfits being worn by ‘urban individualists’.

      4. Joanna Hawrot

This is one of the most unique brands to come to fruition. It’s popular not only in Poland but internationally as well. It started off almost accidentally when Joanna Hawrot decided to showcase her artistic side by creating a couple of outfits. Evidently, her aesthetic message was well-received, prompting her to go deeper - fully into tailoring and designing. Her style is evidence of the time spent working with artists from Kraków's bohemian circle.

      5. Kaaskas

This is a brand full of love, fight and the protection only siblings can manage to exude. It was founded and is run by sisters Julia and Kasia Skórzyńska. Their projects are the right mix of pure professionalism and efficiency. The projects are run and monitored by Julia, while her sister always keeps them in cheque, meeting deadlines and releasing new designs. Through their brand, the sisters manage to be diverse, collaborate with other like-minded creatives, and continue to grow. Their collections are always inspired by something or someone fresh and captivating.

      6. Jakub Pieczarkowski and ODIO

This is another successful collaborative brand. This one was founded by friends Aleksandra Ozimek aka ODIO and Jakub Pieczarkowski. According to the designers, their creations are meant for wearers who want to express themselves as they go about their daily life. Therefore, their style tends to be mostly excessive and kitsch. It can be worn as it is, or you can find something to tone it down - that’s exactly what the designers were aiming for when they came up with the brand. Collections always rival their previous, not other designers’ works.

      7. Zosia Ufnalewska

If you would like to work with a Polish parcel forwarder to purchase clothes from a designer who has enjoyed a place in fashion shows, then this is your brand. Zosia Ufnalewska focuses on expression more than on superficial quality and trends. Her designs are more aligned with what matters to her and those around her. The quality is astounding, being clearly visible in most of the items she exhibits. Have no doubt, when shopping for anything by Ufnalewska, you’re buying the work of someone who truly believes in themselves.

      8. Michał Szulc

This is a one-man-show type of brand that started back in 2005 with the launch of the IAPAN collection. The brains behind the creative sketching, actual designing and fabric selection belong to none other than Michał Szulc. He is a creative who worked as a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź while being a PhD candidate. Multi-tasking is what he does best, and his designs show just how hard he works and how he manages to remain relevant.

      9. ZUO Corp

This brand is another example of what teamwork can help achieve. ZUO Corp was founded by Bartek Michalec and Dagmara Rosa alongside Łukasz Laskowski, who focuses mostly on the brand’s PR and business growth, with the former two being on the forefront of designing and creating. Their entry into the Polish fashion scene brought many breakthroughs for other brands. Since appearing at the 2011 Łódź Fashion Week, the brand has managed to set tongues wagging in and outside of Poland. Go ahead and purchase from ZUO Corp with the help of a Parcl forwarder. Its outfits are well worth every penny.

     10. Joanna Wawrzyńczak

Our list of the top young Polish fashion brands wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the talented Joanna Wawrzyńczak. Going from a struggling first-year student to being one of the most respected designers the country has ever produced is clearly something worth admiring. So is her style and taste for fashion and design. Wawrzyńczak’s biggest inspiration is her essence, what’s true around her and her traditions. Her styles are fashion-forward, Lego-block-like, with unique geometrical cuts. There’s no way that her designs can be mistaken. She is on another level, and rivals have no choice but to follow and try to copy from her.

Hopefully, armed with our guide, you will find navigating the Polish fashion world much easier. The best thing is, Parcl has got you covered: search the web for the best outfits by awesome Polish designers and use Parcl to have them delivered to your door wherever you are in the world.


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