8 Websites to Shop for Vintage Jewelry & Accessories

Shopping is an activity that provides so much joy. Whether it’s online browsing, window shopping, or actual purchasing, the experience brings some therapeutic sense of relief.

Take that joy and add the euphoria that comes with smelling vintage fabrics and running your hands through old intricate pieces of jewelry. The combination is a winner. Vintage pieces are incredible and are one of a kind as they have survived generations and lasted past what was expected.

And instead of waiting for the neighborhood vintage store to stock up, you can shop for new unique looks online. In case you only know shops that sell modern apparel and accessories, we will point you in the direction of unique vintage shops.

Are you interested in vintage handbags, jewelry, shoes, and scarves? Then keep reading. The list we’ve compiled is made up of eight unique online boutiques. Each store sells exclusive pieces that can only be found in one place. Check them out one by one to discover your exact taste in all things fashionable.

Top Eight Vintage Stores in the US

This list has been carefully selected to give you a wide variety of options. Each of the eight retailers has distinct fashion items. Visit them all and then get a US shopping address to get started with online buying and forwarding.

  1. When Decades Collide
    True to its name, When Decades Collide is where you find the most exclusive and stunning pieces of vintage and antique fashion from several eras. In the market of vintage memorabilia, the store is a dominant player and clearly holds on to its top position. Its most notable and leading items are the floral and bubbly dresses from the 1950s. Among the store’s most popular items are bright, floral earrings and the matching brooches. For the sake of variety, the shop also carries skull caps and suede purses from the 40s.
    Visit When Decades Collide on Facebook.
  2. La DoubleJ
    Are you ready to look and live like an Italian? Well, like an Italian from back in the day? Then La DoubleJ should be your newly found treasure. It stocks up on the most fabulous feathers and fascinating frills, not to mention their stacked sequins that are nothing but fabulous. To turn up the heat, the store also makes and sells brand new clothing collections with vintage prints and modern touches. The store’s extensive range of vintage jewelry means that there’s always something for everyone no matter the taste.
    Shop at La DoubleJ online.
  3. Peekaboo Vintage
    This store is easy to find as it is also listed under the ASOS brand. And Peekaboo Vintage enjoys a huge international following as its dresses are simply to die for! If you have searched the marketplace, you must have come across Peekaboo plenty of times. The site is loaded with affordable vintage items ranging from scarves to bags, so you will come out with a full cart. The store offers super affordable deals as most of the inventory is priced below $100. And it makes perfect sense to buy from this online department store and make the arrangements for a US parcel forwarder to send you your shopping haul as a combined package. The store is listed on Instagram, and you can also bypass ASOS and visit its website directly.
    Shop Peekaboo Vintage online.
  4. Persephone Vintage Shop
    The store was registered on Etsy in 2007 and has recorded over 15,000 successful sales transactions to date. Persephone Vintage Shop is a curated modern vintage shop that sells vintage dresses, skirts, tops, jumpsuits, pants, coats, shoes, boots, jackets, and accessories. If you hold yourself as a unique fashionista with a taste for fine things, then this is the store for you. These vintage items can last forever if handled with care. And to answer your curiosity, yes, Persephone items can be shipped internationally - you just need to make arrangements with your parcel forwarder.
    See Persephone on Etsy.
  5. Farfetch
    This is one of those brands that sell high-quality products at reasonable prices. This luxurious online store stocks up on the likes of YSL, Dior, Chanel, Prada, and Gucci. Looking for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime fashion piece? Then visit the Farfetch vintage section. You might also find yourself enticed by the contemporary designs and end up purchasing something modern as well. 
    Shop Farfetch online.
  6. Archive Vintage
    Archive Vintage is the leading online shop when it comes to vintage clothing and accessories that were manufactured between the 1960s and 1990s. Based in Austin, Texas, the brand has become a global success, with international shoppers falling in love with its online collections. The shop also carries collections of high-end designs from Chanel, Valentino, Adolfo, Fendi, Comme Des Garcons, Ferragamo, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. As a result, prices tend to be above average, but the style is for anyone who loves classy and sophisticated items.
    Shop Archive Vintage online.
  7. Adored Vintage
    Adored Vintage is another stockist of vintage clothing and accessories. Its timeless feminine clothing will leave you looking like the modern Marilyn Monroe without even trying. Be inspired to stand out from the crowd, where everyone else is fighting to look like the next person. In case you need directions and some fashion pointers, the website showcases a fashionista dressed in vintage attire to give you an idea of how to pull off that look yourself. 
    Visit Adored Vintage today.
  8. What Goes Around Comes Around
    Exactly as the name suggests, what once was fashionable will be trendy once again. This is one of the biggest online stores that sell the finest luxury vintage apparel and accessories. You can shop by category and brand name. What Goes Around Comes Around also overhauls old looks by giving them the modern finish and making them more desirable. Get a US shipping address to enjoy unique items from this store.
    Visit the store’s website.

How to Ship from the US

Are you interested in buying and shipping from the US? Have you noted down your favorite vintage shops and ready to start spending? Do it with ease using Parcl, a platform designed and developed for you and other online shoppers to help facilitate international delivery.

With Parcl, there’s no need to pay subscription fees. And you only pay as you use its services. For example, you can buy your mother a stunning pair of earrings from Adored Vintage and get the earrings delivered to her home or office. If you’d like for these to be sent as a gift, you can request this service from the Parcl forwarder working on your package.

And here is the list of traditional services:

  • providing you with a verified US-based address for shopping,
  • helping pick up or sign for your package in the USA on your behalf, and
  • sending the locally delivered items your way using a trusted shipping method so that you get everything on time and in good condition.

Parcl forwarders can also give you advice on what to buy and where. They also offer pick-ups from physical stores so that you don’t have to apply for that entry visa. Buy anything from anywhere - as long as there are Parcl forwarders residing in that area. 

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