9 Thoughtful Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Christmas is probably the best season of the year. Siblings take time off work to visit their parents and spend time together reminiscing over the golden days. For the matriarchs and patriarchs of the household, this is the time for appreciation and endless laughter. Getting presents is one way of showing love and gratitude beyond the act of spending quality time together.

Whereas grandfathers are the simpletons and either love a good old tobacco smoker, a tweed cap or a record player, getting the perfect Christmas gifts for grandma, is not exactly a walk in the park. When buying for nana, you must consider her personality. While some are warm, fuzzy, and matronly only requiring the ‘traditional’ type of presents, others still have the spunk and want the most unconventional gifts ever. Whatever is the case, the right Christmas present for grandma is something that will remind her of her position in your life.

As you continue looking for what to get grandma for Christmas, remember the simple rules of gifting:

  • The gift must come from the heart.

  • The best present should have meaning for the recipient.

  • Christmas is just one month of the year, life goes on, and your Christmas present can come in handy for the rest of the year.

  • If need be, you can buy your Grandma a gift overseas and have it delivered by a trusted package forwarder to her home just on time for the holidays.

9 Accurately Meaningful Gifts to Make Granny’s Christmas

  1. Fox Run 4050 Marble Rolling Pin and Base

If Grandma is into baking and pastry making, then this refined-looking rolling pin will be her new love. The main surface is marble, and it is compact, with enough support to roll out cookie dough or pie dough. When looking for Christmas presents for grandma, this pin should be number one on the list as it comes in handy when in need for something to smash up those candy and nut treats with. Best of all, this is a Christmas gift to last beyond the 24 days of Christmas.


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  1. Pix-Star Cloud Digital Photo Frame

What to get grandma for Christmas can also include a present that will be enjoyed by the whole family. With the Pix-Star photo frame, nan can select her favorite family portrait to decorate her bedside or living room table on a regular basis. The best part is you can set up the digital photo frame and send new pictures frequently directly to the frame. This way, everyone can communicate with grandma anytime, even if it's via pictures.

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  1. Brookstone Massaging Blanket

The best gifts for grandma are those that take functionality over anything else. With the Brookstone massaging blanket, you can now pamper grandma all year round. The massaging blanket can be used by both grandma and grandpa to work out those mean knots in the back. A thoughtful way of reminding the Grandparents of your love even in your absence.

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  1. Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery

Does your nana seem to be forever forgetting where she placed her cup or knitting sticks, then the revamped Tile Pro is exactly what she needs. The tiny tracker attaches to just about anything and connects to an Item Finding App. You might have ideas for gifts for grandma, but this one hands-down takes the lead. You can shop online in America for the Tile Pro and its replaceable battery, which only needs changing after a full year.

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  1. Long Distance Touch Lamp

The use of technology can also facilitate Christmas gifts for grandma even without Grandma being tech savvy. The Long-Distance Lamp is set up such that it only needs a Wi-Fi connection. It comes in a set of two, you keep one and let Grandma keep the other. Touching one lamp lets the other half know that they are being thought of at that moment. Available in pink, blue or green.

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  1. Aven Pottery Birdhouse

Grandma would love a gift that reminds her of the outdoors even in the winter. With this pottery birdhouse, she can use her imagination as much and as far as she wants. The pottery house can be shortlisted for best outdoors and indoors Christmas gifts for grandma and it can be placed anywhere. Grandma will be the one to decide how her birdhouse must be set up.

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  1. Birdie Yarn Bowl

The birdie yarn bowl is multi-purposeful. Grandma can carry it around and use it to keep her wool when knitting. Alternatively, she can use the bowl for cereal and when eating snacks. Get the best Christmas presents by buying the yarn bowls. These can be used all year round. At times, the bowl can be used as a decorative piece or centerpiece. Whatever nana chooses to use it for, you’ll always be in her mind.

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  1. Grandmother's Garden of Love Necklace

Perhaps, the best gifts for grandma are those that warm her heart and remind her of the love that is her family. With this eccentric piece by Kathy Bransfield, nana will know of the love that endures forever. It’s a dual layer; the gold plate rests atop a sterling silver plate inscribed: “A GARDEN OF LOVE GROWS IN A GRANDMOTHER’S HEART.”

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  1. Uncommon Goods Deep Sea Sand Art

You can take Grandma to the sea at Christmas without leaving the house. This deep-sea sand art is majestically hypnotizing and mixes deep art with temporary designing. Let the matriarch enjoy a peaceful evening gazing into the deep of the sea from her living room rocking chair. Shop online in America for this artsy gift to keep her happy.

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Use Trusted Package Forwarding from the US to Buy Grandma’s Christmas Present

Your grandmother deserves the best. Instead of being held back by distance and costs, there’s a way you can buy her presents from the US without even leaving the living room. Ever heard of shopping concierge? Parcl provides international shoppers with 21st- century shopping concierge that helps easily take care of issues such as traveling and visa applications.

Instead of going to the US, you can register with Parcl to receive a registered US address for shopping. Alongside the address, there is a local verified forwarder who is ready to become your personal shopper in the USA. Just use the form to create a request and enter details about your particular interests. From your local shopper, you can achieve the equivalent, if not more than what you would have had if you traveled to America.

All you have to do is continue to shop online in America, and your local Parcl package forwarder will follow your instructions to the extent of going to physical shops. In case this list doesn’t include a gift that suits your grandma, you can use the Parcl Store to search for more options. Whatever you buy, your local handler will ship it your way using an international package courier.

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