A Guide to Canadian Clothing Brands

Many think that Canada takes a backseat when it comes to fashion, but the country is increasingly proving that notion to be false. While Canadian designers mainly favor function and rudimentary clothing principles over expensive flamboyance, they still fuse style and modern trends into their works. 

Weather conditions in the North American country are why you’ll notice sportswear and outerwear elements in most designs, which is a great way to know what clothing brands are Canadian.  

From the best streetwear brands to the most famous sports and outdoor clothing lines, this article will cover the country's top fashion contenders in no particular order. 

Herschel Supply Co 

Herschel Supply Co is a Vancouver-based brand that manufactures travel goods and other accessories. Its products include rainwear, backpacks, hip packs, wallets, crossbodies, totes, duffle bags, pouches, sleeves, jackets, pants, shorts, and messengers, to name but a few.  

Brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack founded the company and named it after the town where they grew up. The brand appeals to consumers of different ages but focuses more on 18-to-35-year-olds with its hipster retrograde products. 

Reigning Champ 

Athletes turn to Reigning Champ for premium sportswear that stands out when it comes to performance and style. The Toronto-based brand’s “Respect the details” mission statement is evident in its handmade pieces that are not only pure fashion but also time-tested. While Reigning Champ focuses on athletic undertones, its collections will no doubt give your wardrobe a dazzling facelift. 


Wings+horns deals in contemporary menswear. It is based in Vancouver. The brand produces streamlined outerwear and well-fitting trousers that are made to withstand Canada’s outdoor elements and match its landscape.  

While the brand is mostly inspired by Canadian ruggedness, Japan influences its detail-focused tradition. Wings+horns has achieved global recognition and is considered one of the best brands North America has to offer.


Canada Goose 

Canada Goose is the top manufacturer of winter outerwear in the country. Since its inception in 1957, it has risen to be one of the world’s most prominent producers of functional luxury clothing. The brand’s exclusive jackets and sweatshirts appeal to every age group, and there are vast collections for men and women. 

Zen Nomad 

Zen Nomad caters to sports and Yoga enthusiasts. The brand takes pride in its made-in-Canada collections that are made from organic materials. It successfully mixes sustainability and luxury, making its customers both comfortable and stylish.


Viberg has been in the business of making reliable casual footwear and work boots since 1931. Its unwavering conformance to decades-old high production standards sets it apart and keeps it relevant. Each boot results from more than 100 peculiar manufacturing processes handled by experienced staff. You can’t deny the superior craftsmanship and quality materials that make up each pair of boots when you walk in these products. While leather is sourced from different parts of the world, Viberg fully represents Canada’s authenticity. 

Raised by Wolves 

It’s hard to argue the fact that Raised by Wolves is the top choice when it comes to streetwear, and not just for Canadians, but also for streetwear enthusiasts across the globe. The brand has a strong reputation for breaking style boundaries, combining outerwear elements with artistic brilliance to provide comfortable and stylish clothing. 


Okakie continues to raise the bar in leisurewear with its sophisticated and classic lines for women. Every product goes through a meticulous manufacturing process, which results in beautiful little details and soft lines in each piece. The brand goes beyond style: it advocates individuality and confidence in women. 

Pure Balanxed 

Pure Balanxed is equally creative in its messaging and design. Every piece boosts the mental confidence of its wearer and makes a fashion statement. 


There you have it! You no longer have to ask “What are the top 10 Canadian clothing brands?”. You can now purchase and wear truly Canadian clothing without worrying about authenticity. If you already know what you want, go ahead and create a request with one of our canadian forwarders to get it delivered, no matter where you may be!


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