Adobe and Moleskine Have Teamed Up Again to Launch a Truly Magical Tablet

In the world of tech and inventions, there are very few perfect marriages. One such is the latest coming together of Adobe and Moleskine. These two brands have teamed up to launch the Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine Paper Tablet. This brand-new invention is perfect for turning hand-drawn sketches into vectors in Adobe Illustrator and it does this in real time. Moleskine expanded its Smart Writing System by adding The Creative Cloud notebook into the mix. The Creative Cloud notebook works together with the standalone Pen + Ellipse to track the drawings on the pages.


With the Moleskine smart notebook, the company seeks to eliminate the extra steps artists must take between sketching out their ideas on paper and getting to the finished digital product. This is the highest level of innovation, thanks to which artists can get everything done in one step without the monotonous processes. It’s possible for artists to purchase everything they need online from the US and have it delivered to their doorstep.

Artists only need to download the Moleskine + for Adobe Illustrator extension which adds an option in Illustrator’s Windows tab to connect the pen. As amusing as it is to watch the pen strokes displayed as they move up and down on the screen in real time, there is no need to have the Illustrator pen while working.  When it comes to sketching away from the desktop, you can easily do this by using the Pen + Ellipse connected to the companion Moleskine Notes application on either iOS or Android.  

Sketches can be made away from the desktop and saved under pages as an image, PDF, text, or SVG file, which can later be opened up in Illustrator or Photoshop at a convenient time. The ability to save in a number of formats is an added bonus and makes the Moleskine Paper Tablet Adobe Creative Cloud Connected illustrator worth the effort. 

The Adobe + Moleskine Relationship

The very first Adobe-Moleskine collaboration was launched into the market four years ago. It was the Creative Cloud Connected Moleskine smart sketch album. This smart sketch album came with a scanning app that could be used when taking photos of drawings on the Moleskine notebook. The notebook also worked very well with regular paper. From the scanning app, users are able to automatically fix the contrast and brightness to vectorize images which can be saved to the Creative Cloud or sent to Illustrator. Using the new Creative Cloud Smart Notebook, you save yourself the job of taking a photo, and the lines appear automatically in Illustrator.


Adobe Illustrator Draw is one of the apps that is already on the market and favoured by a significant following. This app vectorizes strokes drawn on a tablet automatically and makes it easy for artists to scan or take a photo of their hand-drawn sketches before digitally working on it. Artists are also catered to by Illustrator as there is an Image Trace feature for them to use and turn images into vectors. Artists prefer using Illustrator and saving some money while at it, because the app is more affordable compared to the $180+ Pen and $35 Notebook combo. If you’re really looking to save more, you could instead just use the free Moleskine for Creative Cloud app to get your sketch into Illustrator hustle-free. With such cost-saving solutions, the Adobe + Moleskine relationship is proving to be worth its weight in gold. As a result, it’s rather difficult to place the notebook in a niche.

Other Ways of Using the Moleskine Notebook

The Moleskine notepad was designed after identifying all the gaps in the market. It’s the latest project and its solutions are indicative of this fact.

  • This notebook can also be used in the same manner as other Moleskine smart writing sets when digitizing notes and transcribing text.

  • It can be used by artists to increase their creativity and work smarter to produce the best results with less time taken.

  • You can use it in addition to Creative Cloud Connectivity as a new notebook for smart vectorizing and it will reduce the time taken.

Availability and Pricing

This Creative Cloud notebook is an excellent deal for every creative looking for a cost-saving deal. It is available from authorised online retailers at an extra $5 compared to a regular smart notebook. If you prefer a direct buy, then head over to and buy your Creative Cloud Connected Moleskin Paper Tablet for $35. Of course, even if it’s just a couple of bucks more than the other smart notebooks, for most buyers, this is somewhat a steep price. If you can afford it and all factors considered, the Moleskine Paper tablet Adobe Creative Cloud Connector Illustrator is an excellent purchase, go ahead and arrange for a service with a trusted package forwarding from the US. If you’re paying such a hefty amount, also ensure that you protect your purchase by going with a reputable shipper who will give you value for your money.


Watching pen drawings on paper go live in real Adobe Software is an amazing and magical experience that is worth the effort of getting and paying for international shipping from the USA. This Illustrator works like a dream and the strokes are replicated accurately in real time, which makes it more valuable than we can explain.

International Shipping for Smart Gadgets

You can buy anything online and get it shipped to your country using the services of a parcel forwarder. All you need are the services of a trusted and verified forwarder who will offer you the following:

  • A verified US shopping address that can be used to check out of any shop in the US, for both physical and online shopping.

  • A local personal shopper who can go about completing all shopping tasks for you in case you cannot find what interests you in the online departments.

  • Information on handling customs and whether or not the selected carrier will help you in completing the customs forms.


And any other service you might require when shopping online from an international store. The best part about having a verified shipping account with a package forwarder is that you can buy your Moleskine notebook from the US, and if you desire something else from another American store, you can add all your items to one shipping order at Parcl. Once you have signed up, the account is a lifetime one that can be used in any manner as long as you pay for the services rendered. And who knows, Moleskine and Adobe may keep on bringing more cool notebooks. If you create an account to purchase Illustrator, the next purchase is just a repetition of the current one using the same account.


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