Affordable and Stylish Watch Brands in 2021

In 2021, watches are more than just about telling time. With our phones doing most of the heavy lifting, watches get to be about craft, art and aesthetics. And they don’t have to break the bank either.  

So, what are the best budget watch brands that can bring luxury into your life? This is what we are looking into today.  

What Are the Most Affordable and Stylish Watch Brands in 2021? 

There are quite a few companies on the watch market that make exceptional timepieces and won’t ask you to pay a fortune. These are the top watch brands you should know. 


Victorinox makes great Swiss Army knives. But this is not why the brand is on our list. The company also has a very nice selection of quality mid-range watches. The brand’s timepieces come in sharp and attractive designs and are very durable. Their functionality might be on the simple side, but you will get everything you could expect in a watch. Most watches are made from lightweight titanium, which makes the pieces as tough as they look.  


This brand has been making watches ever since 1883. In fact, they are considered pioneers when it comes to crafting modern-day sports watches. The company was the first to make a range of anti-magnetic, anti-shock and water-resistant timepieces. All the designs are made in-house, and  the brand is well known for its quality and innovation-based approach to horology. A lot of the brand’s pieces have been specifically engineered to withstand extreme environments and can even work at high altitudes and great depths. 


If you are even a bit interested in watches, you've probably heard of Seiko. The brand brings Rolex-like designs and quality into a much lower price range and is one of the best-selling labels in the world. 

There is a range of different styles with mostly similar dials and hands that make the watches look pretty high-end. However, the overall design is more casual. 

An interesting fact about this Japanese brand is that they grow their own quartz for their battery-powered timepieces, and everything else is also made in-house. 


Stuhrling makes very distinctive watches for those who want to stand out from the watch-wearing crowd. The company aims to create authentic, groundbreaking designs — and their watches speak for themselves.  

With Stuhrling, there is no need for flashy advertising. All of the brand’s watches are easy to spot and are relatively affordable for the looks they offer. With over 15 years in the industry, the company produces extensive, varied and memorable watches. 


Casio makes a whole range of timepieces, from bulky digital gear for the outdoors to classy dress watches and more.  

Casio is one of the most affordable labels on the market — and our list. Make sure to check out their stylish steel smartwatches or their selection of attractive leather-strap timepieces.  

Despite being one of the most budget-friendly watch makers around, Casio delivers great quality and aesthetics, making it one of the most popular watch labels in the world.  


Tissot brought the first-ever pocket watch with dual time zones into the world in 1853. The brand also created the first mass-produced pocket and anti-magnetic watches, which included timepieces made from plastic, stone, mother of pearl, and wood.  

Tissot has a strong reputation for innovation, and the brand’s watches offer elegant designs and premium quality. The company’s motto is “Innovation by Tradition”, and their watches are sold in over 160 countries.  


Triwa’s motto is “transforming the industry of watches”. The company was founded by four friends who wanted to change the watch market. In particular, they aimed to make the watch industry less elitist — and went about it in a very productive way. 

The brand makes watches that are affordable, tasteful and edgy. Most timepieces come in fashionable colors and feature interchangeable straps. 

Just like many Scandinavian companies, Triwa makes environmentally-friendly design and manufacturing the focus of every single creation. 


As a watchmaker, Citizen has a reputation for creating the most accurate watches — and at a fraction of the cost of more high-end designs.  

The company is eco-driven and has even released a line of pieces that run on natural and artificial light power batteries. 

Citizen was founded back in 1918, which makes the company over a hundred years old today. They keep every manufacturing step in-house, making everything, from dials and hands to movements, within their premises. 


G-Shock makes watches for the outdoorsy types.  

The brand’s watches mostly come in sporty designs and tend to be on the bulkier side. With that, they are also waterproof and shock-resistant. This makes G-Shock watches a perfect match for the elements: you can wear them while hiking, jogging in the rain, swimming, and even diving. Crafted to be exceptionally durable, G-Shock watches have even been dubbed “unbreakable watches” by engineers. 

The company was founded back in 1981 by Casio engineer Kikuo Ibe when he dropped and broke his watch. This led him to start on a journey of creating timepieces that would withstand drops, scratches and more. 


Timex makes remarkably attractive, diverse and surprisingly reasonably priced casual watches. Most timepieces look sharp and elegant — and you would expect them to cost much more than they do. In short, Timex lets you enjoy first-class functionality and aesthetics without losing a hefty sum. The company goes all the way back to 1854. Today, it offers a wide selection of watches for men, women and even kids. 

Daniel Wellington  

Daniel Wellington is a label gaining popularity day by day. The company was founded by Filip Tysander — and was actually inspired by his friend by the name of Daniel Wellington known for his simplistic style and love of vintage watches. The brand offers an extensive collection of well-priced watches with minimalist and refined designs and interchangeable straps. 


Fossil makes beautiful and distinctive timepieces — and the company is also known for its passion for sustainability. Aiming to reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing, the brand manages to make watches that look and perform great and are also affordable.  


Founded by Jakob Wagner, a designer who worked for Bang & Olufsen, Nordgreen is a Danish brand aiming to treat the world to all the beauty of Scandinavian design. The brand makes cool minimalist watches for both men and women and partners with several charities that customers can donate to. 


When cultures and concepts blend, great things are often created. This is exactly the case with TOKYObay. Founded in 1991, the company blends and mixes elements of the two cultures and cities of its creators: Tokyo and San Francisco. The watches are simple, stylish and come with interchangeable straps. 


Farer invites you on an authentically British adventure inspired by some of the greatest explorers in history. The company identifies their ambition as a simple one: making great watches at fair prices — and they have quite a collection. Drawing inspiration from the halcyon era of watchmaking, Farer produces designs that feature bold colours and contrasting textures. 

We hope that you’ve been able to find a few good ideas on our list and your best timepiece is just a few clicks away.  

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