Amazon Gave Big Mouth Billy Bass Second Life

Just over a year ago, Amazon did a major reveal where they introduced the world to Big Mouth Billy Bass, the talking fish. Of course, this tech reveal was met with a lot of reactions, mixed ones at that. Whereas an extreme end found Billy Bass to be the most ridiculous invention to come out of Amazon, another faction found it quite fascinating and took an immediate liking to the only talking fish on these tech streets.

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Following that big reveal, Amazon has made good on their word and are now ready to sell the controversial Big Mouth Billy Bass commercially. Given that the talking fish is meant to hang on the wall and comes with the latest tech to help respond to Alexa voice commands, most consumers are ready to say goodbye to loneliness. Big Mouth Billy Bass shows the level of seriousness with which Amazon intends to operate now and in the future. Following the September 2018 launch of Alexa Gadgets Toolkit into beta, gadgets can now pair with Amazon Echo via Bluetooth.

Talking Fish Part of the New Alexa Gadgets Toolkit

Amazon already revealed that Big Mouth Billy Bass would be part of the products that will debute using Alexa Gadgets Toolkit. And true to their word, the toys are already available from Amazon. Since Amazon doesn’t offer global shipping to all regions, you can buy your smart-fish via an international package forwarding company with local US shoppers to help you make the purchase.


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Using the toolkit, developers can build Alexa-connected devices that use specifications such as lights, motors and sound chops to work with Alexa interfaces like reminders, timers, notifications, wake-word detection and text-to-speech.

  • Big Mouth Billy Bass, the talking fish, will pretty much use any of the Alexa-connected devices to listen to Alexa.

  • The talking fish can react to notifications, times, alarms and even play Amazon music.

  • Big Mouth Billy will impress anyone with the rare skill of lip syncing to Alexa spoken responses when prompted for answers about the surroundings such as news, weather and other random facts.

  • Best of all, expect to be entertained by Big Mouth Billy when the fish sings the original “Fishin’ Time” song.

  • Loneliness is a thing of the past, as soon as the fish is plugged and turned on, it responds merrily ‘woo-hoo that feels good!’ From then on, it’s all bliss and noise with your talking fish that responds to Alexa voice. Also, the fish toy perks up and raises its head at the mention of ‘Alexa.’

  • Connect Big Mouth Billy Bass to Alexa to get all sound from the paired Echo devices instead of your adorable sea bass collectible.

  • The fully responsive fish also swishes its tail and wiggles around when an Alexa notification, timer or alarm goes off, so you get alerted and entertained all at the same time.

The new version of Big Mouth Billy Bass is unlike what your grandfather and father were used to, boring and predictable. Nope, no sir! We’ve been there, done that. With the new Big Mouth Billy Bass, Amazon takes technology to a whole new level and slaps us in the face with an interactive gadget that is hilarious and easy to integrate into our everyday situations.


If you’re not a big fan of wall mounting, then you can easily use your talking fish on top of a table using the installed tabletop easel.

Big Mouth Billy Bass Price and Availability

Ever heard the saying “don’t take yourself too seriously, after all, life is a game and we all exit at some point?” With this gadget, there’s no need to take anything too seriously. Big Mouth Billy Bass is as playful as it gets. The high-tech version of the talking fish comes with a ward of desirable qualities.


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Thus, it makes sense that the intriguing Amazon Alexa fish also comes with a befitting price tag. You can get your fish from Amazon where it retails for US$39.99. Amazon doesn’t offer free international shipping. They do provide local delivery with the purchase. To get your Big Mouth Billy Bass delivered, you need to sign up with an international parcel forwarding service.

You will have to either register or request to create an order with the parcel forwarder. Fill in the form on site and include the Amazon link for your Big Mouth Billy Bass toy. Local forwarders will send you quotations with the cost for both handling and shipping from Amazon US or Amazon UK to your local address. Remember, with an international forwarder you get access to more than 10 top international shipping carriers that have jurisdiction in your region.

Meet Big Mouth Billy’s Friends

As if a big-mouthed fish wasn’t frivolous enough, Gemmy also introduced some more way-out-of-the-box companions. In case you’d like to start stocking up for the next festive season as soon as possible, consider buying the talking fish’s cheeky friends.

  • Twerking Santa-Yeap, that’s right, this product is also by Gemmy and well, far from the traditional Santa who is all about morals and those who have been well behaved all year round. Redefine the meaning of December by purchasing twerking Santa who responds to the beats of Amazon music, notifications, alarms and times.
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  • Christmas Bear — well, Gummy Bear’s cousin is decorated with a festive scarf and hat, BUT these can easily be removed to have an Alexa notification, timers and alarms reacting bear all year-round. Use Alexa Gadgets Toolkit to the maximum and for the same price as both Big Mouth Billy Bass and twerking Santa.
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Consistent System Upgrade

Your Alexa gadgets can be your friends anytime. Since Amazon is all about tech and Alexa is here to stay, you have no reason to worry about tossing away your toy after a couple of months. If you have an Amazon and Alexa account, then you’re going to be A-Okay. Once you buy Big Mouth Billy Bass and take care of international shipping from Amazon to your country, then you don’t have to worry about repeatedly sourcing and paying for shipping. Systematic and online updates will help you enjoy your gadget from the comfort of your home.

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