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Online shopping is one of the best things unearthed at the turn of the 21st century. With just the right ‘http’ and a couple of clicks you can order an entire collection of the Fenty line or a luxurious set of suitcases. Gone are the days when you needed to go and stand in line for a visa just to go shopping abroad. As soon as online shopping gained traction, stores also started building an online presence. The giants that have stood the test of time and proven to be relevant include Amazon and eBay right at the top of the table.                                              

The availability of Amazon as a webstore has altered the way we shop online, in a lot more ways than we care to mention. Amazon shopping offers buyers from all over the globe an all-in-one stop. Instead of visiting several websites to find what you need, you can just head over to Amazon and shop for everything you need from their store.

Amazon has arranged its marketplace into categories to make selection easier. There is also a search tab to help search for what you need directly. Even as a leading webstore, Amazon keeps on trying to improve their service and layout to get more customers and keep the existing clientele happy. Introducing Amazon Scout shortly after Amazon Storefront is arguably the company’s most brilliant development and it comes as a welcome feature. Welcome by both shoppers and retailers.

Meet Amazon Scout by Amazon

Amazon has launched a brand-new wing in the form of a webstore — Amazon Scout. Here is how it works:

  • At Amazon Scout, images of what Amazon sells are posted and shoppers get to view these items clicking ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ as they move along.

  • Liked items or ‘disliked items’ help Amazon to point out recommendations for you as you continue scrolling.

  • The new option is currently focused mostly on women’s shoes and furniture.

  • Visual shopping is fast becoming a trend, Instagram is about to leap on the bandwagon, thus, Amazon Scout is one of the pioneers of this new era with a fully active page.

Following Amazon’s amazing success and luck, it’s almost certain that Amazon Scout will be a hit. This new way of shopping the site comes with several advantages, which we will look at in detail further on here.


The challenge facing Scout is the same issue that has existed for decades, and that is the limited availability of Amazon international shipping. Without international shipping, shoppers from overseas might as well just be ‘window shopping’. Their visiting the store doesn’t account for much if they don’t buy anything at the end of the day.

Since Amazon Scout presents a new and better dimension to the way we shop online, there is no other option but to use it and continue using a trusted freight forwarder just as has been happening for a while now.

Here are some of the advantages that come with this hybrid form of visual shopping and discovery:

  • Everything is displayed in clear HD images over at Amazon Scout. This helps narrow down the search as shoppers see the exact product in real-time.

  • The ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ system helps individuals to customize their shopping experience as much as possible. As each site visitor continues liking or disliking items, Amazon will get better and better at recommending items that the potential shopper will like best.

  • Scout helps a shopper make up their mind. Basically, seeing an image is better than trying to look up a shoe with an exotic name to search for details on it. With Scout, you get assisted when making up your mind about what exactly you want to get.

  • At the moment, Scout is only limited to women’s shoes, furniture and home items. Shoppers know exactly the categories they will meet and head over to the webstore without wasting time or getting carried away over at

Amazon Scout is yet to become your favourite feature. With this new webstore, shopping will become easier and more fun. However, there are still obstacles such as the absence of Amazon international shipping. The only shipping routes available are very expensive and you have to deal with customs without prior experience.

Why Amazon Scout is the Option We Never Knew We Needed

For several years, Facebook was the leader of social media. With time Pinterest and Instagram were introduced, and these two each came with an option of using less text and more pictures. Instantly, the public became more drawn to the visuals over at Instagram and Pinterest. The same principle can be applied with Amazon and Amazon Scout. Because Amazon is a one-stop shop, we have only been too happy to have it and use it. Now that there is an opportunity to shop without words, we realise that Scout is here to make life better! We needed Scout, but never knew it until it became a reality. And just like Facebook, Amazon still remains the hub and centre for online shopping. Even without the provision of Amazon global shipping, international shopping goes on and actually thrives.

For years, part of the criticism that Amazon faced is their lack of interest in pushing and promoting small to medium-sized US-based businesses. In response to this criticism, the company recently launched Storefronts. When Amazon’s Storefront page went live, it had a broad range of categories including Home and Beauty. Now, Scout is focused on the home category alongside women’s shoes. As such, Amazon’s Scout will give more chances for the small and medium-sized businesses to be featured as images and thus increase the number of potential shoppers who see these businesses. In all essence, Amazon Scout helps the shopper to explore a wider range of products in a more alluring manner whilst giving all businesses a chance to prove themselves. It’s a win for everybody!

Amazon Worldwide Shipping Unavailable – Use Parcl Forwarding

Amazon Worldwide shipping is not always a possibility. Yes, Amazon has everything under one roof and it makes sense to buy from Amazon, but the unavailability of shipping poses a huge challenge to international shoppers. To have the best shopping experience, you need to work together with a trusted freight forwarder. Parcl is one of the best package forwarding services, with real reviews from actual customers. Having been in existence for over 5 years, Parcl has mastered the art of working with international shoppers to help them get their goods from just about anywhere.

Signing up with Parcl is an easy process. You just need to head over to the official site, enter your details and in a matter of minutes, have an uncommitting account – for life, or for as long as you want. The registration process takes place once and Parcl can save your shipping details (if you choose to), and this will help make package forwarding faster during your next purchase. Just like with Amazon Scout, there are no subscription fees at Parcl. You only pay for the service if and when you use it. Simple as that! Consider getting yourself a Parl account and shop Amazon Scout and beyond. There are no limitations. As long as you purchase from any of the 80+ countries where Parcl has a package centre, their forwarders will be available to help deliver your buys.

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