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Since its initial release in October 2011, American Horror Story (AHS) has resounded greatly with its audience. Every year, TV audiences eagerly await the news of a new instalment in the following year. Unsurprisingly, AHS Season 8 – Apocalypse was the most anticipated release this fall. And released episodes did not fail to deliver. As usual, viewers were left paralysed on their chairs as the twisted madness unfolded in the hour-long instalments.   

Currently, in its 8th season, the series enjoys unparalleled attention. With the success of Season 7- Cult, Apocalypse comes as an even bigger season. So, the Season premiere in the US already happened, and it was a good two weeks ahead of the UK release set for September 27. This gap has several interpretations depending on how you view it:

  • Early release in the US helps to ‘plant’ spoilers for international audiences who are also huge fans.

  • The creator of the show, Ryan Murphy is in a hurry to get AHS out there way before Halloween as a build-up, and have the series neatly wrapped up way before Christmas to make way for a ‘calm’ festive season as has been the tone since Season 6.

  • The demonic creatures haunting the Harmons have so far shown and recreated 7 out of the 9 circles of hell. Those that have been shown over the years are; Limbo (Murder House), Lust, Gluttony (Hotel), Greed (Freak Show), Anger (Roanoke), Heresy (Cult), Violence, Fraud (Asylum), Treachery (Coven). Thus, Apocalypse will be centred mostly around the theme of lust or violence.

  • ‘Apocalypse’ comes as a complete surprise to fans because all along, the trademark was ‘Radioactive’, giving fans and the media the idea that Season 8 was going to be known as American Horror Story: Radioactive.

Some of the notable AHS Merchandise in POP Figures

Following the success that has always come with each AHS release, it comes as no surprise that there is a whole market dedicated to creating and selling funko pop figures. But then of course, with only a couple of episodes of Apocalypse having been released, there aren’t any funko POP American Horror Story figures for it yet. This fact aside, here is a list of AHS funko pop figures 2018 to consider getting your hands on:


Tate Langdon (AHS: Murder House)

Tate has been present right from the beginning of the series. The funko POP figure is a well-deserved attribute to the typical American charmer boy. Tate, the psychopathic son of Constance, is a charming ghost that comforts Violet in ways better than her estranged parents can.



Rubberman (AHS: Murder House)

This pop figure easily passes as a mystery because very few can actually pinpoint Rubber Man. Those who can successfully identify him will understand the value in having the figure up on display. It is available for purchase from Amazon.



Blood Splattered Fiona Goode (AHS: Coven)

From season 3, the scene where Fiona gets blood splattered all over her stands shines as one of the most iconic and outstanding from the entire series. Having Fiona Goode bloody American Horror Story merchandise will complete the collection for the most-remembered parts of the series. Available for purchase from Amazon, this POP figure looks exactly like the TV character.



Marie Laveau (AHS: Coven)

This vinyl POP figure brings to life one of the underappreciated witches to ever grace our small screens. Marie is adorned in her priestess inspired outfit and has her favourite reptile slithering draped around her neck. The figure makes the character look smaller and adorable – as if Marie could actually be tamed.



Misty Day (AHS: Coven)

Clearly, Season 3 has some of the best moments from the show, and the POP figures remain as a testimony to the success of the season. This Miss Misty Day figure is one of those that completely makes you change your mindset about witches. It is rather pricey and available from Amazon and other webstores. For anyone who buys this figure, it can be forwarded through the services of a trusted freight forwarder.


Vampire Holden (AHS: Hotel)

From this season of American Horror Story, Vampire Holden is the ultimate showstopper. Even more so is this POP figure that has a bloody face, the mouth totally reddened after gruesome vampire sucking blood action. This ravenous vampire child is an excellent collectible, especially for Halloween and display collections.



Bette and Dot Tattler (AHS: Freak Show)

Who can ever forget the tragic story of these conjoined twins that gripped the hearts of many and became the centre of attention in the fourth season? This American Horror Story merch can continue retelling the twins’ story from your display at home. It is available from Amazon and other resellers on eBay.



Mr March (AHS: Hotel)

This American Horror Story pop vinyl figure is of the sadistic serial killer who terrorised the night dreams of many fans in Season 5. Beautifully brought to life by actor Evan Peters, James Patrick March stands out as one of those characters we are glad only belong to Television. The pop figure has been brought down several notches and is not as scary as the actual  AHS story action.

Buy your favourite funko American Horror Story Merchandise

These funko American Horror Story recreations are the best way we can retell the series and what it represents. The long window from the end of one season until the next can be unbearable. Fortunately, there is some AHS merch readily available and easy to purchase. These POP vinyl figures can be set up on display to help stay close to the story during the break.

Most of these figures are available from Amazon and don’t come with international shipping. Thus, there is a need to come up with a solution to bridge the gap. Opening an account with Parcl not only brings the benefit of paying for exactly the service used, but you get a dedicated local forwarder from Parcl. Here is how it works:

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  • Once you have entered all details pertaining to your purchase, you will receive a verified local address to use at checkout.

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  • The forwarder will follow your instructions to ship the figure to your home address.

  • You will receive a tracking number and will be able to use it to check on your funk figure until you receive it.

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