Anastasia Beverly Hills Has Launched an Eyeshadow Palette Vault

Just in time for the season to be jolly! The inimitable Anastasia Beverly Hills has released what might arguably be the best eyeshadow palette vault in all of the brand’s history. This release has set the bar high for other brands yet to launch their festive eyeshadow vaults while at the same time giving those that have already released Christmas 2018 palettes a run for their money.

A happy entourage received the majestic vault that holds the Soft Glam, Modern Renaissance, Sub Culture and Prism palettes in their individual black, sparkly drawers. The Anastasia Beverly Hills launched in a one-time only event on Black Friday! The excitement of everyone who wanted to buy Anastasia Beverly Hills was almost palpable.


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In case you’re wondering and pacing, asking yourself ‘where can I buy Anastasia Beverly Hills?’, we have good news for you, the sky spirits heard your silent probe. The highly-sought after brand and its fantastic new eyeshadow palette vault is available from both Anastasia Beverly Hills USA and Anastasia Beverly Hills UK distributors. For buyers, such availability means buying and getting their hands on the palette vault, and any other Anastasia Beverly Hills products is just a matter of comparing the distance and international shipping costs.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Haul of Fame Collection

The Haul of Fame Collection by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a celebration of the hardworking individuals in the glitz and glamour industry. And it came at a beautiful time, just excellently placed for the Emmy 2018 as well as the 2018 holiday season. The collections are a series that bring together the most successful and sought-after Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

For example, the Renaissance palette which is one of the four palettes in the vault usually retails for US$42 alone. The vault retails for US$98 for all four palettes. If this isn’t mega savings, then we don’t know what is!

An ‘Insider Look’ Into the Vault

The vault mothers all four of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ signature eyeshadow palettes. As is the signature of ABH, you’ll get a very cute and well-packaged vault that is easy to carry around and is practical when traveling. Here’s a look at the vault’s contents:

  1. The ABH Soft Glam eyeshadow palette—traditionally known to be the ultimate essentials palette. The Soft Glam palette has 14 ever so gorgeous shades that can transform one for both day and night neutral looks. The shades have gentle mattes and soft, gorgeous shimmers including the rare, highly-sought-after charcoal noir.
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  2. ABH Modern Renaissance palette—the 14-pan eyeshadow palette draws inspiration from Renaissance art just as the name suggests. All the colors in the collection resemble the paintings and resins from the Renaissance era. To merge seamlessly with modern standards, the palette colors have a blend of berry and neutral tones. However, what makes this Anastasia Beverly Hills item an outstanding palette is a healthy mix of matte and metallic finishes.
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  3. The ABH Sub Culture Palette—this palette is arguably the funky and edgier sister to Modern Renaissance. Also, trends show that this is the number one palette for the young, hip and happening makeup wearer looking to wear the edgy, dark look using bold pigments. The palette has duo chromes, bold metallics and ultra-mattes. You want a spectrum of edgy, then the Sub Culture palette will be your friend.
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  4. ABH Prism Palette—the palette of the hour award goes to the Prism. Identified as the ultimate luxe festive 14-shade palette of prismatic metals and universal neutrals, the colors are the perfect marriage between subtle and loud which makes the vault the chosen festive season companion.
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If you closely study the palettes in the Anastasia Beverly Hills vault, it’s easy to realize that you can use this vault throughout the year. There are the most layered pigments all tailored to suit the seasons, venues, functions as well as time. In case you’re not interested in gifting the ABH palette vault, then at least, buy the vault for yourself and know that all of your 2019 makeup sessions are covered.

What Makes the Anastasia Beverly Hills Eyeshadow Palette Vault Desirable?

Have you ever wanted to reduce your holiday season shopping? Or perhaps purchase a 1-for-4 type of gift for you and your ‘crew?’ Then the Anastasia Beverly Hills vault is the perfect buy. It has four individual palettes that can be used in different settings. Also, the vault corresponds to more than one character, meaning it can be shared between a maximum of 4 individuals.

The shadows maintain the loved Anastasia Beverly Hills easy-to-blend formula for easily creating any look. Less time is spent trying to even out the shadow and get consistency. Thus, for the price of the four palettes in one vault provided by Anastasia Beverly Hills USA, you should consider buying quality over quantity.

International Shoppers – Use Parcl for Parcel Forwarding

If you’ve had the joy and pleasure of walking into any Anastasia Beverly Hills UK establishment to check out the palette vault, good for you! Otherwise, if you’re an international shopper who has been drooling over this ‘makeup set for the gods’ online, it’s time you knew that you too could own a vault, or two.

Visit Parcl to register for a free account. Or you could opt to ‘Create a Request’ to check out of either the Anastasia Beverly Hills UK or Anastasia Beverly Hills USA with your vault. The system will use the URL you provide, alongside your Postal Code to calculate the shipping and handling fees. Here’s the best part. In case your region uses payment methods that aren’t accepted by either of the ABH webstores, you can use Parcl to pay for everything, i.e., your purchase, shipping and handling fees.

The process is straightforward. And, there are no surprises, what you get quoted when creating a request is exactly what you’ll pay. Of course, the service is customizable to suit different shoppers across the spectrum. To reduce your shipping fees, you might want to buy more than just the ABH palette vault. Make it a shopping haul, and you’ll save a significant amount.

Here are some of the reasons why shopping and shipping your palette vault from the US or UK using Parcl is an excellent idea:

  •  Parcl offers a user-friendly site with customizable services that can be changed all the time

  • There are no subscription or registration fees; you only pay for the service as and when rendered

  • Your Parcl account affords you the luxury of buying items that are not available in your country. For example, the Anastasia Beverly Hills vault only available in the US and UK

  • Using the same Parcl forwarder can help you save on your shopping and shipping fees

  • You get dibs on newly released products

The site offers a PayPal integrated system. If you are not able to pay the store directly, you have the option of paying through Parcl when creating a request.

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