Apple iPhone X Price Around the World and How to Get It Without Overpaying

The highly anticipated Apple iPhone X can be pre-ordered starting October 2 and available for shipping from November 3. For those who live in the US, it will cost $999, but how much is it going to be for everyone else around the world?

We all know Apple charges more for their devices outside the US, so let’s see exactly how much more. While countries like Canada and Japan will only overpay around $100 compared to the US price, for some other countries, like Ireland and Italy, it will be a whopping $400 price jump. In the UK iPhone X is priced at £999, which is about $1,327.

According to Apple’s website, with prices converted to US dollars, here are some of the countries and price tags:





Where How much iPhone X costs Where How much iPhone X costs
Japan $1,024 United Kingdom $1,327
Canada $1,082 Germany $1,375
Hong Kong $1,099 France $1,387
Singapore $1,224 Russia $1,387
Australia $1,266 India $1,391
China $1,285 Ireland $1,410
New Zealand $1,311 Italy $1,423
Mexico $1,325    


Historically, countries where iPhones cost the most include Brazil, Turkey, Sweden, Hungary, Russia, and China.

So what can you do if you happen to live outside the US, really want to buy an iPhone X, but don’t want to pay the exaggerated price? Beat the system and get it directly from the USA! It is the smart way to shop and Parcl can help you make it happen. Our network of forwarders will ensure you get it no matter where you live. You can order your iPhone X from the US right now - it’s free and doesn’t require any commitment, so give it a shot, see how much is the total and make the right decision!


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