Apple iPhone X’s new feature Face ID raises questions

Apple iPhone X has just been released and the entire web is already buzzing over its facial recognition system or Face ID. It allows users to unlock their phones, authenticate downloads and make purchases with Apple Pay, it is always “on” and ready to read your face. 

Some of the questions being raised include: ‘Can it be fooled with a picture?’ - No, it can’t; and ‘Can someone else unlock your phone while you’re asleep by putting it up your face? - No, because your eyes are closed! 

Despite all the controversy, the fact remains - the facial recognition technology is here, it will only spread, and yes, it’s really that cool! By the way, did you know that it is cheaper to buy iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X in the US, rather than in any other country? For example, iPhone X costs 999 USD in the US, whereas in the UK it will be sold at 999 GBP (equal to 1350 USD). We are already getting pre-order requests and will be happy ship your smartphone to you!



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