Best Gift Shops in the US: Part 1


American Retail Hidden Gems of Midwest and East Coast

Ah, America, the beautiful. With its natural resources, breathtaking views, kind-hearted people and a steady economy, the USA is one of the most progressive and economically stable countries in the world. Consumerism is a good indication of that. Although big retail chains are taking over the country, there are still plenty of mom-and-pop shops that make the day and provide the most distinctive and unforgettable merchandise. In this list, we will touch upon just a few of its rarest secluded shops. 


Unique Gift Shops in Chicago - the Jewel of the Midwest


Chicago: Neighborly


It’s no coincidence that we start our list with a privately owned shop located on the Northwest side of the city, called Neighborly, and it’s exactly that. This venture, founded in 2012 by a graphic designer, provides Midwest-inspired memorabilia, letterpress prints, soy wax candles, decorative pillows, and paper goods, among others. The shop is known for ethically made, one of a kind home items and artwork. Space is also used for after-hours pottery classes and watercolor painting workshops. 


Check out Neighborly website 


Chicago: Embellish


Chicago is full of indie-inspired ideas. Hey, the city has entire neighborhoods, catered specifically for the creative and quirky types. And our next store is located right in the heart of it.  Embellish is filled with eco-friendly jewelry, soy-based candles, quality handmade leather bags, and accessories. Before the items get to the store, they are hand-picked by the company’s designers. But you don’t have to live in Chicago to get your hands on the good stuff. Although the store only ships within the continental USA, a trusted US package forwarder can have your purchases delivered to your home overseas.


Visit the Embellish website


Chicago: Foursided


With four different locations scattered throughout the city, Foursided is a little bit bigger than a regular trading post. Nevertheless, the company is keen on its core values to cultivate communities through art, and it prides itself on supplying custom framing, handcrafted cards, and vintage gifts. 


There is something for everyone at Foursided

And although Chicago is the third-largest city in the USA, the state of Texas is another story. Did you know that at one point in time, Texas was its own country for a whole nine years? So, to this day, Texans distance themselves from others in terms of personalities, apparel, and values. And being creative in Texas is a little bit different than being creative anywhere else. If you’re looking for out of the box, never seen before pieces, Texas is a great place to shop. 


Unique Gift Shops of Lone Republic - Texas


Texas: Blue Elephant


Blue Elephant Boutique opened its doors in 2005 in the city of Austin, the state’s capital. It has a unique twist on the traditional Southern style, but is loyal to the American made merchandise, as most of the store’s items are created locally. Its apparel represents indie-inspired, bohemian and ultimately super cool collections. The store also sells quirky home accessories, like ice cube forms, Rockin’ Cutting Board, and cocktail glasses. It also sells kids’ books and beauty products, like Gentleman’s Beard Kit, and Mario Badescu facial spray. This all sounds amazing, but you don’t have to visit a country within a country to get any of this stuff. It’s plausible to shop in the USA and ship internationally without paying a fortune. 


Shop at Blue Elephant now. 


Texas: Neighborhood Goods


They say that everything is bigger in Texas and this chic eclectic department store is no exception; located in Plano, Neighborhood Goods occupies 14,000 square feet and features its own full-service bar, restaurant and lounge areas for meeting and working. It also carries over 30 brands like Fossil, Milk & Honey, Rothy’s, Topo Designs, just to name a few. 


Shop at Neighborhood Goods and see what it means to be Texas-big. 


Texas: Stanley Korshak


Located in the heart of Dallas, Stanley Korshak is a local legacy and the largest independent department store in the USA, taking its roots in Chicago and then transitioning to Dallas in 1986. This luxury goods store sells just about any high-end apparel for both genders, leather goods, jewelry, and shoes. The store is fully staffed with style advisors and even has its own bridal salon. With over ten thousand items sold, anyone can find something fancy for themselves or their loved ones. And although the company offers international shipping, some restrictions apply for certain countries. So, in case you’d like to feel like a Texas oil tycoon, but still keep most of your money, go with a trusted community-based forwarding company, Parcl


Visit Stanley Korshak


Unique Gift Shops of the Tropics - Florida State


Miami: Glottman


And now we’re moving to sunny Florida, where the ocean is warm, the beaches are golden and the palm trees are everywhere. Glottman, located in the Miami Wynwood Art District, is the mecca for anything unusual: monkey-depicting chandeliers, plastic cubes filled with exotic flowers, and a color-changing umbrella, among others. If you want to experience everything that Miami has to offer when it comes to its tropical artisanship, then Glottman is the right place. 


Shop Glottman now. 


Miami: Books & Books


Another great store, known by the locals and visitors is Books & Books. There are several locations in South Florida, including the airport, Miami Beach and Key West. Unlike its name, the store is filled with stationery, journals, calendars, and toys. And some of the shops are simply more than retail, but a unique tropical experience, featuring in-house cafes, live entertainment, wine appreciation classes and more. And whether you need a new book for your time on a beach or for a cozy night admiring the Northern lights, Parcl will facilitate your international shipping.  


Shop Books & Books to experience Southern Florida hospitality  


Unique Gift Shops in the Big Apple


New York City: MoMA Design Store


Our list could not have been complete without mentioning a few stores in NYC. The city, with over 10 million in population sure knows how to be versatile; in fashion, cuisine, theater, and art. The Museum of Modern Art is a sought-out place where visitors from all over the world are drawn to its exhibits, installations and of course the gifts and memorabilia. The MoMA Design Store, located on the museum premises is filled with cotton tote bags, glassware, cookie cutters, holiday cards, apparel and much more. And if you can’t come to NYC yourself, the MoMA items deserve the effort that might go into securing an affordable and reliable international parcel forwarder from the USA to your home. 


Visit MoMA Design Store now


New York City: Catbird


Catbird is a jewelry-box of cool and eclectic Manhattan kind-of-gal items. The retailer carries pieces of fine jewelry, including engagement rings, personalized pendants, chic earrings, just to name a few. The store also sells stationery items, beauty novelties, face masks, and trinket trays. If you want to feel special by wearing a custom made jewelry piece that is made right in the epicenter of the American fashion scene, be sure to visit the Catbirds website and explore your options. And when it comes to international shipping, Parcl has it covered. 


Shop like the posh New Yorker you secretly are


New York City: Flying Tiger


And to conclude our list of the most unique and unexpected shops throughout the Midwest and East coast, we could not go by without mentioning Flying Tiger. The name itself draws mystery and surrealism. The store originated in Copenhagen, and is a hybrid of Scandinavian design and all American naivety. You can find anything for your home, such as gadgets, utensils and ice-cube molds, as well as picture frames, makeup bags, party supplies and candles, all with vibrant seasonal motifs. If you’re a big fan of clean Scandinavian design, but want to add color to your life, this store is worth your time and money. 


Check out Flying Tiger, USA today    


How to Ship Gifts from Any US Store Internationally

So, before you go exploring what this country has to offer in terms of unique, one of a kind merchandise, check out peer to peer forwarding service facilitated by Parcl

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