Best iPad Accessories to Boost Your Tablet Experience

Anyone who has used Apple gadgets for a while will understand that quality is essential when it comes to the best user interface. Buying an iPad is the first step, but finding the right accessories to pair it up with is what warrants the maximum results. It can be something as simple as a spare lightning cable to an essential such as a keyboard cover, but if it’s carefully matched and fitted, the user experience is unbeatable.

We have compiled a list of some of the best iPad accessories. Take a look to find the ones you like best, including a carrying case for your Apple Pencil. Online, you can shop US and ship internationally using a US package forwarder.

10 Feel Good iPad Accessories for Best Tablet Experience

  1. Apple Smart Keyboard Folio for iPad Pro (11-inch)

If you’re looking for the best iPad Pro accessories for the latest iPad Pro, then this Smart Keyboard Folio is a must-have. Not only is it one of Apple’s most innovative creations to date, but it’s just the right dose of sophistication, class and functionality. Your laptop gets instantly turned into a highly capable laptop replacement. The keys on the board are perfectly spaced to give you room and agility. A slim profile makes it suitable for use on an iPad, and when travelling, this makes life easier.

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  1. Anker PowerPort II Wall Charger

iPad gadgets are technically lifesavers. It’s easy to travel with them, and they can adapt to different networks. However, when it comes to charging, they could do with a little boost. The Anker PowerPort II is what the doctor ordered. Just pair it up with Apple’s USB-C to Lightning cable or USB-C to USB-C cable and watch it super-charge your iPad and even iPhone. When travelling, this is the most sensible accessory to carry along, most especially if you’re going to another continent.

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  1. ZAGG Rugged Messenger Keyboard Case for Apple iPad (9.7-Inch)

This keyboard is arguably the best keyboard case for any iPad. The ZAGG Rugged Messenger comes with a superb detachable keyboard and full-size backlit keys. The case has a military tough Snap-On closure that passed the drop test. To activate, use Bluetooth pairing to connect to the iPad and voila, a workstation in an instant. There’s no need for you to spend all your time cooped up at home in front of your computer, buy this accessory and spend your summer days typing away in the garden.

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  1. Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL External Battery Pack

If you stay in an area with an unstable power supply, then the stylish Mophie Powerstation USB-C XXL universal battery pack can help solve your problems. It can fast-charge any iPad or iPad Pro via an Apple USB-C. You can also charge another gadget using a standard USB port. This power station is not like your ordinary power bank; it houses a battery capacity of 19,500 mAh to charge your iPad more than three times. If it’s not available locally, shop US and ship internationally using a trusted US parcel forwarder.

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  1. Apple AirPods

Apple is known for their aesthetically breath-taking gadgets. With the AirPods, the brand outdid itself. They have an iconic design, great sound quality and a seamless fit. Each set comes with up to 5 hours of battery life. The Apple W1 chip is used to pair your AirPods to your iPad. They are stored in a carry case with a built-in battery and a lightning connector.

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  1. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive

The lightning connector on this flash drive enables it to connect to an iPad. You can opt to buy it and ship internationally from the US to have a multi-purpose flash drive.

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  1. SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless Gaming Controller

Turn your iPad into a mobile gaming station with this SteelSeries wireless gaming controller. It comes with 40+ hours of battery life and is also compatible with an iPhone and Apple TV devices.

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  1. Satechi Aluminum Type-C Mobile Pro Hub for iPad Pro

For the latest iPad Pro accessories, sign up with Parcl for international shipping from the USA. That way, you can buy the likes of Satechi aluminium type-C mobile hub. When connected, it gives a standard audio jack, 4K-compatible HDMI, full USB port and USB-C connector.

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  1. Belkin Case for Apple Pencil

The Apple pencil needs to be protected to prolong its functionality. This carry case is stylish, durable and custom created to store your Apple Pen, so it’s easy to use the iPad or iPad Pro even on the move. You can use package forwarding from the US to purchase it overseas.

Belkin F8W792btC00 Carrying Case for Apple Pencil
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  1. Anker PowerLine+ Lightning Cable

The best iPad Pro accessories are those that give you room to maximize the way you use your gadget. With this 6-feet Anker, you get more versatility than you normally would from the standard Apple cable. You can easily fold and carry your cable with you as it has a nylon exterior that prevents it from tangling.

Anker PowerLine
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Apple Smart with Smart Parcl International Shipping

The best iPad gadgets are found in the US all year round. If you’re somewhere in Algeria and using the latest iPad, but also want that top-notch service that comes with the right accessories, your only option is turning to online shopping. The official Apple Store and the likes of Amazon and eBay have everything, but the only issue is that most don’t offer international shipping — even for a fee.

Parcl is about letting you be who you are, and their services bridge the gap between your online shopping experience and receiving the purchase. If you visit Parcl, you’ll realize that in addition to being able to ship internationally from the US, you’ll also be able to ship from other world capitals of shopping including Hong Kong, UK, Italy (think of all the fine wine and leather bags) and France.

With a Parcl account, package forwarding from the USA becomes a natural task. All you need is to provide them with the following:

  • Your basic personal details. Delivery address, name and surname. These are needed as the company needs to forward your iPad accessories to the right person and place.

  • Details about the purchase. Specifications such as the dimensions and weight of the accessory(ies). Needed to estimate the cost of shipping as well as the safest carrier to use in shipping. You can provide the URL of the product you’re buying.

  • Payment option. You need to specify whether you would like to pay for your purchase as well as shipping via Parcl or separately – i.e. pay for the purchase by yourself and pay the Parcl shipping and handling fee in another transaction.

Parcl’s package forwarding from the US service enables you to spend within your means. The shipping fees are relatively less if you buy more items to be shipped once. Thus, you might want to look around and purchase more than iPad accessories from the US. You can Create a request with Parcl and ship other items such as makeup, jewelry and even furniture.

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