Best Italian Handbag Brands

For as much as history remembers, Italy has always been a leader in handcrafting. Italian craftsmen have, for generations, passed down their expertise. And as more tools become available, these small businesses of families have expanded, and their operations enable them to create more products and ship internationally. As more and more mass productions keep on taking over the market, more people want to be and look unique. Thus, the demand for the limited edition, handcrafted handbags also increases, prompting more Italian craftsmen that were about to hang up their aprons to open their shop doors wider.

In most cases, these Italian handbags do not come with an option of international shipping. Thus, there is a need to get in touch with an international package forwarder when making your purchase. Working with a freight forwarder of your choice who has a proven track record will not only expand your range when shopping for Italian handbags brands but will also ensure that you receive your handbag in perfect condition.

Reasons to Purchase Italian Purse Brands

One of the factors that limit people’s buying range and options is the price tag. Now, it is no secret that anything Italian comes priced a tad higher than what the average consumer can easily afford. As a result, if you are to buy your handbag from Italy, you must take your time planning how to move around some expenses and buy within the budget. But this is all so worth it, because budgeting to make a purchase has a reward. Additionally, you get some valuable life lessons on how to budget.

As you shop for Italian handbags brands, you will find yourself becoming analytical and wanting to learn more. Since most Italian brands put immaculateness at the forefront, it will be an enjoyable experience for you to learn a little bit more on the Italian culture. Buying their handbags also comes with a longing to know more about Italian fashion and their style. Thus, this is more than just a purchase in the sense that it comes as a whole new cultural experience.


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Another reason to shop Italian is the mere fact that their products are authentic. Italian handbags are high-end products that are individually checked for quality and pass several stages. Although the price is high, in the end, your style remains yours. With Italian made handbags and purses, there is no risk of ‘carrying’ a uniform. If you want to have your own image and own it, then buying Italian bags is the perfect seal to your signature looks.

Some of the Leading Italian Brands to Check Out

We have already established that Italian bags are as authentic and unique as it gets. Here are some of the leading brands to give you pointers on where to look when searching for the best Italian brands to own:




In just less than a decade, Furla will be a century old. The brand creates top leather products and now has outlets in half of the world with over 400 physical stores. They create top of the range products that stay relevant for more than just a season.






Compared to other brands in the same revenue and tax bracket, Armani is still relatively a baby. Established in 1975 by Giorgio Armani, this brand has its headquarters in Milan and over 200 stores internationally. When looking for what to buy in Italy, Armani is one of the first things that come to mind as they also manufacture clothing. Armani bags can come with a whole new look in terms of a complete outfit.




The Gucci gang keeps on growing. The company currently has an estimated revenue of over USD 5 billion. Their genuine leather handbags propel them to the top and help ensure that’s where they stay.




Dolce & Gabbana

Since conception in 1985, Dolce & Gabbana has always been receptive to international buyers. Their brand is one associated with class, glamour, and exquisiteness. Anything that involves a D&G is top class and easily desired. Their handbags are some of the most beautiful and durable on the market. D&G Italian handbag brand designs new and latest bags to set new trends and yet their bags remain timeless and classy.




Established in 1925 as a partnership between Edoardo and Adele Fendi, this brand cuts it to the top of the list of most desired Italian bags. Made from genuine leather, these bags are the meaning of ‘timeless.’ Fendi regularly features in top brand lists and magazines in and out of Italy. Their baguette collection which was popular in the 1990’s and early 200’s shot Fendi into stardom, where they stay to this day.




Braccialini is one of the leading brands that come to mind when making a list of things to buy in Italy. It was founded in 1954 and currently has shops in over 40 countries. However, the original Italian located stores have the latest and widest selections. You can buy from Italy online and have your handbag forwarded from Italy. Their handbags are very elegant. Made from genuine leather, they last forever!




Ever heard the saying “the devil wears Prada?” Do you know how it came about? Well, not many people understand the statement, but it is simply a recognition of the prices and luxury that is Prada- the brand. This Italian handbag brand valued at a whooping USD 4 billion is internationally recognised. Prada is known for their genuine leather premium bags and they have over 600 classy boutiques and outlets. Of course, be that as it may, the Prada located in Italy has the most exclusive and top of the range bags.




Shopping in Italy would not be complete without considering at least one medium priced original local brand. Elizabetta is one such brand. As a small business that has mastered the art of crafting genuine leather bags for generations, this brand provides truly unique styles that are modern and up-to-date. They sell all kinds of leather bags including purses, wallets, satchels, and handbags.



Buy Your Handbags from Italy and Have Them Forwarded to Your Home

When thinking of things to buy in Italy, check out the list with some of the most prominent handbags manufacturers to ever come out of Italy. And since Italians love originality, it is quite hard to make it to the top of the list. Although these brands have international stores and they are successful abroad, it’s no secret that they will always pay homage to Italy. Thus, if you need the best Italian brands without limits on choice, head straight to your favourite Italian webstore, select your bags, then:

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  2. Fill in the form on the website and provide the link to where you are buying your Italian handbag.

  3. Parcl will provide you with a verified local address.

  4. Go back to the store and complete the payment process, check out using the address from Parcl.

  5. Once your local forwarder receives the handbag, they will use a trusted shipping method to send it to the final destination according to your specifications.

  6. You will be able to track your shipment and the transaction is only complete when you receive the purchase.

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Louise Seddon
2 years ago
I am looking at buying a Lisa minardi bag but cannot find much about the brand . Is it good quality? How does it compare with other brands ? Thanks
2 years ago
Hi Louise, thank you for getting in touch. It looks like Lisa Minardi manufactures upscale handbags, crafted with soft Italian leather. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews available online, we don't have more information about this brand.
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