Best Online Home Decor Stores in the US: Part 2

Best bet is that you read Best Online Home Decor Stores in the US: Part 1, loved the US homeware stores recommendations and now you’re looking for more. If you haven’t read the first part, be sure to check it out for a world of glitz, glamour and inspiration. But if you have, then let's look into more webstores. Your home doesn’t have to look dull and boring using the same décor.

In Part 2, you’ll find the most intriguing, unique and timeless home accessories the US has to offer. No doubt, your home will look like it’s straight out of an NYC high-spread magazine. You can live the Californian dream in the comfort of your home country without stressing about the likes of visa application.

And just so you know, there’s no reason you cannot get your beautiful décor pieces from overseas. Finding the best international shipping from the USA service provider shouldn’t take you long. That is if you’re looking for the best of the best, which is

Ship Internationally from the US Using Parcl

As already discussed in Part 1 of the Best Online Home Decor Stores in the US, Parcl offers customizable services. You can have just about anything (given it’s compliant with the rules of import-export in your country), and Parcl will deliver.  International shipping from the USA using Parcl is effortless. You can redecorate your home, from the comfort of your living room. Here is how it works:

  1. Visit the pages outlined in the list below to find your unique USA-made home accessories.

  2. Visit the official Parcl page ( and register a free account. Or ‘Create a request.’

  3. Enter all the details about your selected home décor pieces that you’re interested in buying to get an estimated calculation on the cost of delivery and handling.

  4. You’ll receive a quotation with the actual price, and the service is customizable giving you the opportunity to get your accessories reinforced in more or better packaging.

  5. To get a better price on shipping, you might want to consider combining your furniture and accessory shopping haul from different stores, then everything gets shipped at once.

Once you’ve made up your mind to search homeware stores in the US, create a Parcl account on standby. Since the company works with a long list of registered parcel carriers, you’ll get the best option in terms of cost and urgency in shipping to the final destination.

In the meantime, here are more online stores for your best home accessories and statement décor pieces.

  1. Article

Best patronized for: outstanding Scandinavian designs

Most items picked from homeware stores US have a certain level of uniqueness that makes them stand out from the crowd. The same can be noted for all mid-century and uniquely Nordic pieces bought from Article. Their furniture is unlike what most shops offer. You’re bound to stand out when you buy certain furniture and house décor from Article. They also have an entire section with outdoor furniture and accessories. Your home can have a Scandinavian look and feel to it, without you having set foot in either America or any of the Scandinavian countries.


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  1. Terrain

Best patronized for: special finishing touches

When looking for home décor, it’s imperative to keep in mind that it’s the smallest of pieces that make all the difference. The Terrain is a home décor US genius. Their talented team of designers is always working hard to pick the items that will make your house or room pop without being overbearing. As a subset of Urban Outfitters, this brand focuses on making your garden and outdoor space looking prim and proper in a rustic-chic way.


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  1. PBTeen

Best patronized for: everything home and comfort

If you’re interested in a mini home makeover and would like to get everything from one store, then PBTeen is your best bet. Whereas most homeware shops US have a defined specialization, at PBTeen, they are interested in having your entire home done from top to bottom. You also get free in-house design consulting, which will no doubt come in handy and save you time. This young and chic shop stocks bedding, furniture (for all rooms and outdoors), as well as accessories. You can buy the entire look of a living room and throw in accessories to help switch it up when it becomes too familiar.


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  1. MoMA Design Store

Best patronized for: Cultural designs that relate to the history

Some US home goods teach history better than textbooks. For such items, the webstore to visit is MoMa. The gigantic department store boasts of their uniquely informed historical relationship to design. They have the best, mind-blowing practical accessories and furniture for both your home and office. As a museum shop, MoMa store gets to showcase well-designed home goods that can be used every day.


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  1. West Elm

Best patronized for: well-made and reasonably priced furniture

Some stores that stock home accessories US also have the best furniture to accompany those accessories. At West Elm, you’ll get to shop room accents, table tops, wall art and mirrors, as well as bedding and rugs. The USA home décor online store also offers free design services, they have a room planner plus offer ideas and advice to give you the ultimate shopping experience.


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  1. cB2

Best patronized for: Starting Home furniture

If you’re a first-time homeowner, then you can shop the US and ship internationally via Parcl, and buy everything you need from CB2. The cool, younger and chic sister to Crate & Barrel has sleek furniture. A Lookbook on the site is there to help you pick and match the best pieces for a beautifully designed home.


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  1. All Modern

Best patronized for: sleek home décor

In a long list of homeware stores US, All Modern has the ever-popular mid-century look that most of the other shops are trying so hard to move away from. This shop is for creatives, and their sleek-shaped, retro silhouette pieces take a certain level of art appreciation to understand and appreciate fully. Everything in the store is designed by leading designers to give the illusion of a full room without the need for a crowded furniture arrangement.


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  1. Jayson Home

Best patronized for: sophisticated, timeless furniture

Jayson Home offers shoppers a myriad of home décor US options that are suitable for that grown and cool look. If you’d like to upgrade your home or apartment with unique furniture and home décor, then Jayson Home is your home (see what we did there? Cool, huh?) Ok, fine, moving on. The online furniture store has the best gift guide. In case you’re stuck on what to get your sophisticated friend as the ultimate housewarming gift, then visit Jayson Home. They offer the best of the best ‘As Seen On’ deals.


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Shop the Look, no Need to Travel

The internet has a collection of all types of home décor stores US you’ll need in a lifetime. Set up your Parcl account for their package forwarding from the US services and get shopping. Your house can be transformed into a home almost instantly with uniquely cool furniture and accessories all bought online.

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