Best Online Stores for Vintage Jewelry Lovers

There’s something about the right fashion accessory that can bring a bland outfit to life in just a heartbeat. Well, this is almost always the case with jewelry. Lovers of jewelry understand the feeling of being almost naked if one doesn’t wear at least a pair of earrings. Well, we do grasp the full picture and have taken the time and pleasure of compiling a list of some of the best vintage jewelry stores hidden in plain sight all over America.

International shoppers can also enjoy these one-in-a-million jewelry pieces all thanks to internet shopping and international parcel forwarding provided by leading companies. This is your chance to explore all those stores that have always looked like a dream to you. And well, they were right to be a distant memory and dream, after all, you’d need to obtain a travellers’ visa before seeing and touching any of these. Is that what you still think?

International Parcel Forwarding When Buying from Vintage Jewelry Websites

The time and luxury of applying for a tourist or travellers’ visa are long gone and replaced by technology and a way of living in the 21st century—delegation. This form of online delegation is facilitated by companies that are specifically created to handle such issues. Popularly known as parcel forwarders, these companies offer the world and the industry of e-commerce shopping top-notch solutions.

  • Jobs are created for those who enjoy shopping and handling purchases. As local handlers for parcel forwarding companies, individuals receive all sorts of requests including usage of their verified American shopping addresses, package consolidation and physically going to the store to shop for someone else.

  • International online shoppers also receive help with their customs, selecting the best shipping method to their country and liaising with the local handler.

  • Access to the best products as and when they are released to the US market, even from the comfort of your home in a country abroad.


The internet makes it possible to view the world as one tectonic plate. Package forwarders make the world appear as one plate from which all global citizens can share a meal. In that spirit, there’s no need to limit your desires. If you see something you love online, go for it!

Buy Vintage Jewelry Online from these 8 Classy Stores

Come to think of it, unlike trendy bags or shoes, jewelry rarely goes out of style. It’s highly possible that your grandmother’s heirloom has become the family signature and a treasure among the female members. Just like you wearing your mother’s prom jewelry set to your own prom. Most pieces are so dainty and beautiful, and original material remains candid even after decades. When this happens, such jewelry becomes classified as vintage.


There are so many reasons why vintage jewelry shops remain popular. These include:

  • One piece of vintage jewelry can give your entire collection a revival and make all the stones shine brighter and differently.

  • It’s easy to get vintage jewelry for sale even to the millennials. They love the unique and edgy look they can achieve with these pieces that aren’t easy to replicate.

  • The vintage jewelry section always has options to easily support your chosen decade.

  • Unlike fast fashion, vintage can help you identify and establish a style that is unique to you and your personality.

You can shop USA and ship internationally from any of these stores below:

  1. Victorian Trading Co.

Suitable for royalty, the Victorian Trading Co has some of the best vintage jewelry pieces. You can enjoy their crazy looks by signing up for special offers using your US shopping address provided by a local forwarder. In addition to jewelry, you can increase your purchase by selecting gifts, office and fashion vintage looks from other departments. This way, you also save when shipping using a USA package forwarding service.

Shop Victorian Trading Co online.


  1. Heroine

The Heroine, not in your Cersei Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen type of way. No. This female-focused version of Grailed has some of the most amazing vintage looks. You can dig up as far as you want and your search will prove interesting when you find the likes of Givenchy pieces. The most-sought-after pieces from Heroine include the classic gold chain necklace that is simple in appearance but adds style to your look.

Shop from Heroine.


  1. Alxndra

One of the young vintage stores online. But that doesn’t mean that Alxndra is not as good as the competition. Offering a plethora of vintage gold pendants oozing with personality and some dynamic, possibly life-changing rings, this shop is amazing at vintage. They also offer a clothing section where you can grab a couple of t-shirts for memories sake.

Shop Alxndra online.


  1. Arrow and Anchor Antiques

If you want to prove to the love of your life just how unique they are, then arrange with a parcel forwarder to pick up the gems from Arrow and Anchor Antiques. They operate one of the most thriving Instagram pages in modern day social media and they always broadcast where to find the next big thing. For now, we’re happy with their services. Especially the unique rings from @acurrentaffair displayed in San Francisco a little while ago.

Visit Arrow and Anchor Antiques.


  1. Doyle & Doyle

This vintage brand set in the US was established by two stylish sisters. As such, Doyle & Doyle offers lovers of jewelry the best of the best dating as far back as possible. Get yourself a verified American address for international shipping from a local handler that you can use when buying the next family heirloom. Visit them for all antique, vintage and estate jewelry that’s guaranteed to make fashion statements.

Shop Doyle & Doyle online.


  1. Erica Weiner

If you’re a perfectionist, a seeker of the unique, then Erica Weiner is where you need to shop all your special vintage and antique jewelry looks. If you’re searching for a vintage engagement ring or looking for a good unique ring to define your fashion taste, then Erica Weiner should be your friend. Visit the online store for the widest collection of jewelry ever.

Visit Shop Erica Weiner collection online.


  1. Etsy

Perhaps the most unlikely contender in this list. Etsy is known for selling thrift jewelry and contemporary art pieces. But, turns out they also have a thriving vintage section. And well, let’s admit it, we’re breathing easier at this point because the prices offered by Etsy are the most affordable on this list. 

Shop Etsy for jewelry.


  1. The RealReal

You always hear about how real something is if it offers an original product. Well, that’s the concept followed by The RealReal. This vintage jewelry seller is worth all the insurance you can pay during international shipping from the USA as their products are the real McCoy. Pick and choose from the finest Chanel and Gucci. 10,000 people will be complimenting you, so go right ahead!

Visit The RealReal.

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