Best Swiss Watch Brands & How to Buy Watches from Switzerland

How many of your items are marked as either Swiss Made or Made in Switzerland? If you can’t count them on one hand, then you’re definitely one of those who appreciate the finest items ever made. Switzerland is, without a doubt, the crème de la crème of richness and sophistication.

Back in the day, avid readers who didn’t have means to travel were told about Switzerland by bestselling authors like Sidney Sheldon and Danielle Steel. The mysteries and other stories based in Switzerland were captivating. And they still are. If you know something about the Swiss, it’s that they understand and respect time. Therefore, some of the country’s watchmakers are the best in the world.

We have taken the time – see what we’ve done, hmm? We have taken the time and initiative to compile the top ten Swiss watch brands of our times. If you are interested in learning about these brands and possibly owning a few pieces produced by them, start by learning more about international shipping from Switzerland. With an international shipping facility in place, buying your watch and other Swiss products becomes super-easy.

Here’s How You Can Buy Watches from Switzerland

There’s no need for you to apply for an entry visa unless, of course, you already have that trip planned. But if you would like to buy anything Swiss-made, it’s possible to shop for whatever you like without actually setting foot in the country. Read this section to find out how you can shop for Swiss-made watches like a local.

When buying from any of these top ten brands, there are two ways you can have your watch delivered:

  1. Meet the threshold value offered by the retailer in order to qualify for free international shipping.
  2. Get yourself a verified Swiss delivery address to shop and enjoy all the benefits like a local.

We’re exploring the second option. Instead of going over the budget trying to match the value of what meets international shipping regulations, you can shop as if you’re in Switzerland yourself. It’s easy. All you need is to select your watch(es) and then create a shipping request before making a purchase.

For you to better understand how you can shop online in Switzerland, we have details regarding the forwarding service provided by Parcl. There are no subscription or membership fees required. 

Here is how to get started with Parcl:

  1. Go to the official Parcl website and click on the Create a Request button.
  2. Fill in the details, including the website where you’re buying your watch(es), and select additional services if there are any that interest you.
  3. Your watch(es) will be delivered to a local Swiss address. Your forwarder will sign for the package and then find the most suitable shipping method to forward your items to you.
  4. Get the tracking number from your forwarder and use it to track your package until its arrival.

Top Ten Watch Brands to Shop Online in Switzerland

Here are the top ten brands to add to your online shopping wish list. Click on each link to get an idea of the pricing and shortlist your favorite pieces:

  1. Rolex
    Rolex is one of the biggest names to come out of Switzerland. The brand makes some of the world’s most expensive watches - and for a great reason. Having celebrated some of the biggest milestones in the industry, such as the Oyster case, which offers maximum protection, and the first-ever 360-degree circular winding mechanism, the brand has become an international darling. Successful, wealthy figures have been spotted wearing these watches, adding glamour to their fame. If you’re looking for the best there is and money isn’t a factor, then get yourself the watch of your dreams from the top collections such as Cellini, Sky-Dweller, Datejust, Yacht-Master, and Oyster Perpetual.
  2. Vacheron Constantin
    Based in Geneva, the company is one of the best when it comes to elite watches. The brand has been making reliable watches since 1755, so you can trust it. The group that falls under Cie Financiere Richemont SA is one of the oldest global watch brands and offers a broad collection of men’s watches that showcase prestige and status. Using the company’s traditional skill set as well as uninterrupted experience, its watchmakers continue to bring shoppers the best watches ever. The premium aspect is on another level. For example, the prices of watches from the Patrimony Minute Repeater Ultra-Thin and Patrimony Perpetual Calendar Ultra-Thin collections are shown only upon request! Be very prepared to spend.
  3. Audemars
    With a slogan that simply identifies the brand as The Art of Craft, it is evident that this brand, which is based in Le Brassus, is amongst Switzerland’s national points of pride. The company’s watches are defined as immaculate, premium, and luxurious and are the ultimate sophistication. Some of the brand's most famous watch categories include the Royal Oak Concept, Royal Oak and Royal Oak Offshore. If there are any watches that deserve to get package forwarding from Switzerland, then it’s no doubt this brand.
  4. Baume & Mercier
    And here is another excellent brand for your wrist. The best news is that Baume & Mercier is more on the averagely priced spectrum and thus budget-friendly. Based in Geneva, the brand started back in 1830 and has been coming up with some of the most amazing designs ever since. The company offers men’s and women’s collections in case you need gift ideas. You can get premium watches for less than US$800 from several of its collections.
  5. TAG Heuer
    TAG Heuer watches are part of the most relevant and game-changing creations. Just mention TAG Heuer to understand the brand’s influence and success. The top categories under this brand include Carrera, containing over 120 watches, Aquaracer, with approximately 90 pieces, and Formula 1, which currently has 59 watches in its collection. 
  6. Jaeger-LeCoultre
    This brand was created in 1931 and since then has been offering fashionistas some of the finest watches. Having survived World War II, the company’s founder and head designer Jacques-David LeCoultre continued challenging himself to develop clever designs for elite watch wearers. Most of the straps on the watches are made out of calfskin and thus last a lifetime. Shop the likes of Reverso, Master Ultra Thin, and Master Compressor, which are roughly priced at about US$6000.
  7. Omega Watches
    Known and respected for its accurate watchmaking skills, Omega Watches has celebrated some of the top achievements known to mankind. In the modern era, the brand presents so much luxury and grace without compromising on quality. Some of the brand’s most beloved watches include the Speedmaster Moonwatch and the Constellation Quartz 35mm.
  8. Piaget
    If all you want is a well-made watch, then buy Piaget. The brand’s watches are some of the best the industry has to offer. The company is the world record holder for producing the thinnest automatic watch – its Altiplano Ultimate Automatic, which retails at US$27,300. But don’t be turned off by the price; review the website to find more affordably priced watches and seasonal sales. 
  9. Patek Philippe (Geneve)
    Without a shadow of a doubt, this is one of the top brands to come out of Switzerland. Nautilus, MAD Paris and Calatrava are some of Patek Philippe elite watches with top price tags. If you know someone with a taste for fineness, then get them a branded watch from Patek Philippe. You can arrange to have a Swiss local address for shopping, get your watch delivered, and then have it forwarded to you overseas without worrying about logistics. The main store is based in Geneva, and the rest are scattered internationally in places like London and Paris.
  10. Breguet
    This brand is a master when it comes to crafting waterproof watches. The House of Breguet was established in 1775 and is stationed in L’Abbaye, Switzerland. Offering prestigious watches, the company has one of the longest histories as a fine watchmaker. Its timepieces can fit well into any era, generation, and time zone. Additionally, the brand makes fine clocks and jewelry. We can predict that once you fall in love with your first Brequet, this is where you will be buying most of your adornments.


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