Best Websites to Buy Limited Edition Sneakers from

There’s a thing about exclusive sneakers. As soon as they are released, regardless of your bank status, you may want to own a Jordan Air pair or two. The only Challenge is usually the fact that they run out almost as soon as the official date of release. You wait for your Dope Yeezy to be released and almost overnight it seems like they have been snatched off the shelves and you haven’t been able to buy a pair.

There is a solution to all these problems, and that is pre-ordering, buying, bidding and putting in requests with trusted websites that sell limited-edition sneakers. In this article we will tell you about the best marketplaces when considering where to buy exclusive sneakers. And with leading international package forwarders you can have your exclusive sneakers delivered to any corner of the world.

8 Leading Websites to Buy Your Limited Edition Sneakers from

  1. Saints SG

Offering a jaw-dropping haul of the rarest, limited editions of sneakers, Saints SG is easily for the top shoppers who have their cards lined up right. The shop offers to get their scout to search for those sneakers that are hard to find without putting in any struggle.


The prices are most definitely on the upper end. But no one is going to complain, because they have the best products. Getting the rare productions is a specialty of Saints SG.

  1. StockX

This website is the best there is on the market. Serving the general public as a middle-man, StockX provides their platform for the young and trendy shoppers to be able to meet each other and buy the rare sneakers that are otherwise impossible to scout on other sites.

Of course, to stay current and be able to provide their young buyers with deals that matter, StockX collects sales data. This data is also used to determine the current market value of the sneakers, but then again, eager buyers have the opportunity of raising their bids to increase the chance of ownership.


  1. GOAT

What’s that thing they say about The. Greatest. Of. All. Times (GOAT)? Yes, you guessed it, this site is just the creme de la creme of websites that sell limited-edition sneakers. Best of all is that they have a phone app for those comfortable using mobile apps. GOAT and StockX operate using similar concepts. On the website, a series of limited-edition kicks are added, those interested can either opt to buy the sneakers at the current price or make an offer until someone takes up the offer. It’s a site for the young and hip who know exactly the trends of the moment.


  1. RMK Store

When looking for where to buy limited edition sneakers, start with RMK Store. This Hong Kong-based sneaker store has sneakers that are simply amazing. Out of this world to say the least. Their highlight is the monthly specials that offer mega discounts. Hong-Kong is the capital of fashion and trends in Asia. Thus, the sneaker collection at RMK Store has the best of both worlds—Asian brands and international brands.

RMK Store has a long list of payment and shipping options. Online shoppers can select whatever sneakers they want online and have a parcel forwarding company get their purchase delivered to whatever address – internationally.


  1. END Launches

Are you one of those shoppers that simply can’t get enough of the most hyped and exclusive releases? Then you might have just found your match with END Launches. This store is where most people find the likes of the ever so rare Off-White x Nike Collaboration and Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang BBall Low sneakers. If you ever wondered why you aren’t able to find them anywhere else, it’s because they are exclusive and such exclusive stores are where you find such releases.

At END Launches, there is a ticket system where shoppers can enter for a raffle draw ahead of time. All that is required are your details, i.e. name, debit card details, sneaker size and colour, and email address. As soon as you win, the shop will send you a notification email.

If you don’t win the raffle, then the company does not deduct anything from your debit card. Only the winner gets the shoes dispatched, and the funds are automatically withdrawn from their debit card. You only go to END Launches if you want a fun, interactive shopping website where they have the craziest of raffle draws every now and again.


  1. Sneakersnstuff

The online store of Sneakersnstuff has quite the inventory. Thus, to make searching somewhat easier and the items on display more organised, there are six main categories. The store offers both men’s and women’s apparel. Of course, their main attention is focused on limited edition sneakers. Sneakersnstuff manages to hold their own in an industry that is very steep. Given that they have been around since 1999, they are perhaps the most experienced on this list and can easily produce any vintage pair without breaking a sweat.

At Sneakersnstuff, they try to accommodate both the old and new shopper. The store also has a huge social media presence, an active page on Instagram and Twitter. Shoppers can find everything ranging from the Latest collections to the ‘not so in demand’ under the Sale section. Although the site takes a while to load, it's not too shabby and can be used by shoppers looking for a store that’s not too extravagant.


  1. Flight Club

Flight Club is undoubtedly the love of many sneaker aficionados. Having established and opened their doors in 2005, this store has served the likes of Victoria (Posh) Beckham, Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson and Neymar Jnr. As such, they stand amongst the legends and deserve the title of a legendary limited-edition sneaker store. Of course, as any other well-oiled established store, Fight Club also offers a Price Drops section where shoppers can buy shoes at significantly reduced prices.

If you want to put the statement ‘whatever sneaker you want, Flight Club has it,’ to the test, simply visit their online store. The Flight Club’s list of limited edition and vintage shoes is unparalleled. Only high-end collections grace the shelves of this store.


  1. Stadium Goods

This website makes it to the list of where to buy limited edition sneakers all year round because of its mega incredible selection. Although Stadium Goods is relatively new when compared to the other stores on the list, they know what they are doing and seemingly have a good understanding of the term ‘limited edition.’ Upon loading, the site has a smooth interface and loading speed is fast enough, but there is room for improvement.


Of course, the online store is organised into categories to make the selection processes somewhat easier. This consignment store harbours the likes of Adidas, Nike, Jordan, and Supreme. Stadium Goods has a Trophy Case. The price tag also speaks volumes, all the items displayed in the store are on the upper end of the pay grade. Visit Stadium Goods for those super limited editions, but be prepared to shell out quite a fortune for just a pair.

Buy your Exclusive Sneakers Using Parcl

Of course, it must be quite an experience to walk into any of these stores’ mortar and brick establishments in LA, Singapore, Hong-Kong, and NYC, but international shoppers can join the mix by visiting the online stores, which are just as packed as the physical stores. Visiting the online stores is more than enough for shoppers who love to be hands-on and do everything by themselves. Parcl can be used to simplify the shopping process by providing shipping and handling services. If you want to shop in any of these rare-edition stocking sites, register for a free account with Parcl. Your shopping experiences are bound to extend beyond the initial purchase of sneakers. If you decide to use Parcl:

  • First, tell them what items you need and where you would like them shipped.

  • Select a forwarder from the list provided to you and receive a free verified local address.

  • Check out, have your footwear delivered to the local handler, after which they will be shipped to your final address.

Online stores are the solution for most shoppers. The massive inventory is an advantage in addition to the impressive list of their celebrity patrons. Use Parcl to patronise these shops selling limited editions; you too can look like your idols in original footwear.

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