Black Friday 2016: Tips for International Shopping

Black Friday might sound like another horror TV-series name, but in reality it is the annual retail shopping bonanza. This year it falls on Friday November 25, which means that there are only a few days left before the world’s largest sale begins. It’s not surprising that US retailers offer the best deals and the most attractive discounts. But how do you shop for these deals when you live outside the US? We know how to help you score a brilliant American-style deal without the need to travel to the USA!


Best time to shop online stores on Black Friday

You probably know that the term ‘Black Friday’ refers to the Friday after Thanksgiving Day, which in turn is celebrated in the USA on the 4th Thursday in November. You do some simple calculations (or simply google it) and find out that this year’s Black Friday is November 25. However, you aren’t the only person who knows this. Millions of shopping enthusiasts around the world will be hitting online stores on November 25 too. Google’s stats show that web-traffic is normally the heaviest in the afternoon on Black Friday, and not in the morning. The lightest traffic is observed between 2AM and 6AM EST (Eastern Standard Time), with the loads starting to go up around 8AM.

If you are located in Africa or Europe, you may want to browse Black Friday deals from around 8AM to noon your local time. If you plan to shop Black Friday from Australia or Asia, do it in the evening to around midnight your time.


Things to shop for on Black Friday

Retailers offer the best deals on electronics and electrical items for this biggest shopping day of the year. If you know some device will have a new model released soon, chances are the older models of it will be offered at a huge discount, since stores need to make room for the latest release.  

Game consoles: You may expect to snatch good deals on PS4 and Xbox One (both have new models coming out), as well as other consoles. Oftentimes stores will throw in a game or two with the console.

Smartphones: Smartphones were a popular Black Friday sale item last year. Millions of shoppers ended up grabbing a new phone at an awesome discount. We expect that this year’s offerings may include iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 deals.

Electricals: Last year, some of the most popular electrical offers included Nutribullets and Coffee Machines. Kitchen gadgets will most likely be among the top deals on Black Friday this year too. 

TVs: Large stores like Amazon, Currys, Best Buy and also eBay offer outstanding deals on TVs every year on Black Friday, so you can definitely expect this to be the case in 2016. Deals may include Chromecasts too.

Gadgets and toys: Looking for a discount on things like GoPro, Kindle or Fitbit? Watch this year’s Black Friday announcements for deals on all sorts of gadgets and kids’ toys. There may even be decent discounts on outdoor play equipment and furniture that retailers had left over from the summer.

Clothes: Although we know Black Friday as the best time to shop for technology items, clothing retailers don’t want to be left out. You may see some great fashion deals on things that didn’t sell last season.


Things NOT to buy on Black Friday

If you tend to get over-excited seeing lots of deals everywhere, you need to keep in mind that not every offer is worth grabbing. The reason may be insufficient discount or bigger discounts expected later in the holiday season. Here are some items you may want to keep out of your virtual shopping cart on Black Friday.

Gift Cards: The Black Friday deals you may see on gift cards may seem good, but they most likely aren’t as good as what will be available in December. You may even see free gift cards offered with a minimum purchase around Christmas time.

High-End and Gaming Laptops: This kind of laptop that has high-end graphics and a faster processor is usually a better bargain in July or September than on Black Friday. The biggest shopping day of the year is a good time to shop for mainstream laptops instead.

Used Gaming Consoles: With the new Xbox One S from Microsoft and PlayStation Pro from Sony prices on older generations of gaming consoles are sure to drop quite a bit. That makes buying a second hand console not a very smart decision, since you will most likely be able to grab a new one for just a tiny bit more.

Latest Generation Video Game Consoles: Since the new PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One S are expected to be really hot gift items during this year’s holiday season, retailers are very unlikely to offer significant discounts on them. The prices won’t be going down for at least a few months, so you may want to stick with the original PS4 or Xbox One, which still perform well and will most likely offer great discounts.

OLED TVs: Deals aren’t offered that frequently on OLED TVs, so we wouldn’t expect a lot of them for Black Friday this year. The prices may start sliding down little by little in the new year though.

Cold Season Gear: Regardless of how good Black Friday clothing deals may seem, the best time of year to shop for cold weather gear is January. You should see dramatic discounts on winter clothes during after-Christmas sales and especially in the first couple of weeks in January. It may make sense to wait till then to do any major shopping for such items.

Holiday Decorations: As a general rule, holiday decorations cost more before the holidays for obvious reasons, and may become available at huge discounts once the holiday passes. There may be exceptions to this rule though. For instance, Target once offered $50 off any $100 purchase of holiday decorations on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving Day. Who knows what kind of offer they may come up with this year.

Amazon Echo Dot: Although the pre-order price of $50 for the second-generation Amazon Echo Dot may not seem like a lot of money to you, this hot holiday buy will most likely cost even less after the holiday frenzy is over.


Where to find Black Friday deals

Almost every American online store will have a special Black Friday deals page. However, to simplify your search we found a few websites (located in the US and UK) that offer regularly updated lists of hundreds of deals. Not only do they offer an exhaustive selection of discounted goods, but also make it possible to search for particular products via various catalog categories and filters. You may start browsing through these Black Friday deal aggregators for specific offers you are interested in:  

How to shop for Black Friday deals from outside the USA

Discounts of up to 70% or even 90% make us click the ‘Add to cart’ button almost automatically, but when we go to checkout we often face the sad reality - the store doesn’t ship to where we live. What can be more frustrating? We believe everyone should be able to enjoy Black Friday deals American stores have to offer, no matter where they live. That’s why we offer reasonably priced, safe and fast shipping from any US store that doesn’t ship internationally. The process is pretty straightforward:

  1. Find the discounted products on store websites.

  2. Go to, click on ‘Create a delivery request’ and complete the delivery form with the following key details: your country, product page link and some basic product information, your contact email.

  3. Get delivery offers from verified US forwarders and accept an offer that works best for you.

  4. Get your personal secure US address for shopping and place orders at stores you like using this address at checkout. You may ask your forwarder to help you with purchasing the items if the store doesn’t accept your card.

  5. Wait for the forwarder to receive your buys.

  6. Have your package shipped to your country (tracking and insurance are available).

But shipping will probably cost more than the products’, you might say. We understand your concern, because international shipping can be quite costly. However, the huge discounts you get during Black Friday sales will justify the amount you end up paying for shipping. In the end, the total amount you spend will not exceed the original price of the items.  

By the way, you may use Parcl for shopping in the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Australia, Japan and many other countries.


     Ultimate Tips for Black Friday Shopping

  1. Have some favorite online stores or brands? Sign up to their newsletters and get notified of the upcoming Black Friday deals. You may even get some special perks that are available to subscribers only. Another smart idea is to subscribe to Black Friday deal aggregators we mentioned above, so you will get updates on the latest deals added.

  2. Think of presents you may need to be giving throughout the year - for other holidays or birthdays - and get them now when they may cost much less.

  3. Shop from the comfort of your home instead of fighting the crowds at local malls. Deals are much easier to find this way and you can hit more stores in a much shorter period of time.

  4. Put together a list of things you need to shop for along with the sites you can look for these items on. This simplifies the whole process and helps you spend less time shopping.

  5. Some retailers start offering Black Friday deals a few days in advance, so watch for those and be the first to grab them while selection is good.



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