Black Friday 2018: Early Apple Deals

Apple is undoubtedly one of the most widely loved and used brands not just in the US, but globally. With just days left before the world’s craziest sales, it’s only natural that quite some Apple Black Friday Deals have been leaked. The 2018 iPhone Black Friday deals leaked list includes some of the hottest products of the year. The Apple Black Friday deals are for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watches.

To save you time and give you the juiciest deals from Target’s 47-page leaked list, this shortlist has extracted only the Black Friday iPad deals, Black Friday iPhone deals, and Black Friday Watch deals. The list has been expanded by more deals from Meijer, Costco, Sam’s Club, Macy’s, Staples and Shopko.

With the Apple Black Friday deals trickling in from every direction, it’s proving too difficult to keep up. Should you see a deal that strikes your interest, don’t wait until the 23rd to clinch it. As you will notice as you go through these deals, some amazing deals have already passed. You see a deal, you like it, then click on it without wasting time.

But that’s not all, this list of deals will keep on expanding. Both Walmart and Best Buy are holding on tightly to their deals. Keep on refreshing your search as it will continually update leading to Black Friday. You don’t want to miss out on the best of the best, so stay current. Oh, and while at it, you should consider arranging the best international shipping method for your iPhone, iPad and Watch buys.

Recently Announced Apple Black Friday Deals

Most newly announced deals have an increase in year old and refurbished devices. By the way, these have been refurbished by Apple and are as good as new. The products have a lot of value, and most of them come with a warranty. Refurbished Apple products might just be the best way to keep yourself out of debt by buying for cash what you can afford.


Below is a list of the most recent Apple Black Friday Deals. They are from different stores and good for Apple Watch, iPhones and iPads. You can scan through the list to find deals that interest you.

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  • Just-in from Meijer - Apple Watch Series 3 + Get $100 OFF Your Next Purchase for $279 or more - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Meijer - iPad Mini 4 128GB + Get $100 OFF Your Next Purchase for $399 - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Meijer - iPad Pro 64GB 10.5 inches + Get $125 OFF Your Next Purchase for $649 - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Meijer - iPad 6th Gen Tablet + Get $100 OFF Your Next Purchase for $329 or more - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Shopko - Refurbished iPad Air for $179.99 (save $70) - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Shopko - Refurbished iPad Mini for $119.99 (save $70) - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Just-in from Staples - Apple App Store & iTunes Gift Cards for 10% Off - See Ad Scan Deal

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Keep refreshing your search for the just-in deals. Since these are from ‘some of the shops’ the list will definitely keep changing. Also, as the shops keep updating their lists, you might get a chance to purchase your iPad or iPhone on any other day with just as much discount as if it were on Black Friday.

Apple iPhone Black Friday Sales

  • Target - Free $250 Target Gift Card with qualified activation on iPhone XS or iPhone XS Max on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T package deals - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Target – Get Qualified Activation on iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 or iPhone X on Verizon, Sprint or AT&T, and a Free $150 Target Gift Card - See Ad Scan Deal - See Ad Scan Deal

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Apple iPad Black Friday Sales

  • Costco - save $70 when you buy an Apple iPad 9.7” 32GB for $249.99 - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Costco – pre-Black Friday Deal. Save $50 on an Apple iPad 9.7” 128GB priced at $349.99 (Nov. 6th-15th Only) - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Target - save $150 by purchasing the Apple iPad Mini 4 starting at $249.99 - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Target – you get to save $80 with this Apple iPad that starts at $249.99 - See Ad Scan Deal

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Apple Watch Black Friday Sales

  • Costco - (Between Nov. 6th-15th Only) Save $40 when buying Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 38mm Silver or 42mm Space Gray  - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Target - Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) for $299.99 (save $80) - See Ad Scan Deal

Image source:  apple .com

  • Target - save $80 when buying an Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) for $199.99 - See Ad Scan Deal

Image source:  apple .com

Previously Listed Apple Deals

Every year, Apple fans wait with bated breath for what their trusted manufacturer brings. 2018 Black Friday hasn’t been any different. Although there are a lot of pre-Black Friday deals that have already been handed out by Apple, here are the three that ended most recently.

  • Apple iPhone Black Friday Deal from Sam’s Club - Receive a Sam's Club Gift Card worth up to $300 with Purchase and Activation on Installment or Subsidy of Select iPhones (Nov. 10th Only) - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • For an Apple Watch Deal from Sam’s Club - Up to $50 Off Select Apple Watch Models (Nov. 10th Only) - See Ad Scan Deal

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  • Apple iPad Deal courtesy of Sam’s Club - Up to $150 Off Select Apple iPad Models (Nov. 10th Only) - See Ad Scan Deal

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If you would like to stay current, then keep on browsing for Apple deals as others are released for One Day Only and are only visible on the actual date of sale. You might actually save more when buying refurbished iPads, compare the best deals before buying.

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