Blanket-Hoodie: A Must-have This Winter

Summer 2018 was a bang! One of the best summers in recent years. There were no major youth celebrity mishaps, talk less of deaths or other losses. In a way, so far, 2018 has been a beautiful year. With only three months left until the end of the year, we’re about to enter the 2018-19 winter season. And, a change of season warrants a change in wardrobe. Since winters can be depressing and grey, the best way to make it through the season is by finding comfort in light and bright coloured warm clothes.

2018-19 Winter Season Fashion Trends

All thanks to the trendsetters and most importantly, the social media models who influence fashion, there is no need to walk around looking like a penguin on account of the weather. With the fall season comes back the hoodie. but now revamped and pimped up to give it a new look. The blanket hoodie is a hybrid, a delicious child whose parents are the original hoodie and the plain good old winter blanket.

Sounds crazy good, doesn’t it? The blanket-hoodie is as warm as it gets. It achieves the warmth needed as well as the style that we desperately need to keep us cozy during the crazy cold days. The couch is friendlier with a huge cup of soup or a round mug of tea as well as something warm and fuzzy, that is why all brands and leading fashion houses have seen the importance of a sweatshirt blanket. Still not convinced about these sweatshirt blankets? Check out the comfy sweatshirt in detail.



Meet ‘The Comfy’ An Oversized Sweatshirt and Blankie

The Comfy is a most-welcome invention for the incoming winter season. Physically, this blanket hoodie is a little roomier when compared to an ordinary sweatshirt. When using it, it's possible to curl up one’s body and lift the legs to tuck the oversized sweatshirt blankie under the heels. When using this blanket, superb levels of warmth are easily achieved.

So here is why this baby is popular and wanted in every warm home:

  • The Comfy is made out of extra comfortable wool to add that much-needed cuddly feel that a blanket must have.

  • There is no need to worry about selecting the right size: The Comfy is a high-profile, one size meets all product.

  • There is no age limit when it comes to The Comfy. Each unit is equipped with an extra large but secure pocket that easily fits any size tablet.

The Difference between The Comfy and Snuggie

Last winter season and several seasons previously, most consumers were going crazy over snuggies. It seemed like a good fitting snuggie was the way to go. So what happened to those consumers who swore to love and cherish their snuggies for winters to come?

We will tell you exactly what happened. Reality set in. With a snuggie, there isn’t room for movement. While these are excellent for those whose toes are the first extremity to experience the freeze, they are not exactly mobile-friendly. When wearing a Snuggie, it is uncomfortable and difficult to move.

In addition to making movement almost impossible, Snuggies don’t come with a back. The lack of a back leaves one feeling half-clothed. No, scratch that. Snuggies are the twins to hospital gowns. The only difference, hospital gowns are worn by in-patients and are made from thin material whereas Snuggies are made out of thick material. At the end of the day when wearing a Snuggie, there is a nagging feeling of being in an incomplete suit. So yeah, move over warm item that leaves the hind side in plain sight! This winter is a season for a hooded blanket for adults, not bum displayers.

The Difference between The Comfy and Onesie

Okay, so the Snuggie is not exactly bum friendly, but what about the Onesie? Again, there are quite a few reservations when it comes to the Onesie. Theoretically, the Onesie is perfect, exactly what is needed for winter companionship. However, in practice, the Onesie has been a huge disappointment for many of us. The major objection is that a Onesie is a warm one-piece overall that must be removed from the top down when one needs to use the restroom. In winter, this is honestly torturing.

Owners of Onesies end up trying to hold in their pee for as long as possible to avoid the stinging cold when they visit the restroom. With The Comfy, the creators took into consideration all these points and created a warm, roomie and comfortable piece that is not a trap and can be easily worn to the bathroom. Also, the Onesie is only meant for the home. Only super unconscious people will be okay leaving the house in a Onesie. But, The Comfy can be taken to a sporting event and even the movie theatre and worn as an oversize sweatshirt.

The Comfy Wins!

Sweatshirt blankets are affordable, and what is more, all family members can share the hoodie blanket. Yes, pink is also for males, and these hoodies look good on everyone. Since they can be worn outdoors, they are an economic buy for a fashionable, warm winter statement.

Pre-Order The Comfy and Get it Delivered via Parcl

Game of Thrones has long since threatened that ‘winter is coming.’ Well, it’s been coming for a while, and now it’s finally arrived. The hooded blanket for adults is the number one companion to keep the claws of winter off your back. Already available for order, this hoodie blanket can be bought from just about anywhere and delivered to your home. Here is how it works:

  • The Comfy, an oversized sweatshirt blanket, is already available from Amazon and the official The Comfy webstore, visit either of the stores and select the colour you like.

  • Go to and register for an account. Account registration is free and non-committing.

  • Fill in the pre-existing form with details about your purchase. A Parcl package forwarder will calculate the total amount due. This amount includes a verified local address, the forwarding and handling process as well as shipping to your home address.

  • Check out of the webstore using the address provided to you and The Comfy will be shipped from the merchant to the local address where a dedicated local handler will be ready to collect your package.

  • Once the Parcl handler has the package, they will use a reliable international shipping method to send your buys to your real address.

  • You will get a tracking code, and images if you want them, and will be able to track your parcel until it reaches its final destination

  • The transaction is complete when you mark it as complete.

Here is the thing, by signing up with Parcl, you are not committing yourself into anything. The account can only be used if and when you choose to do so. As a result, there are no monthly fees or any extra fees. You can use your Parcl account to purchase other products, not just The Comfy.


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