Blue Blood Eyeshadow Palette Launched in March and It's 'Very' Blue

Jeffree Star, the star that keeps on shooting for the galaxy and beyond, has just done it again! In one swift movement, we have ourselves the winning makeup palette for the year and it’s not even half-year behind. Think of how far the brand is going in this current year. The new palette called Blue Blood is really icy.

It comes with the best type of packaging, and it’s too beautiful not to get for yourself or your loved ones. The palette is housed in a clutch-like baby blue box that was inspired by the shape and looks of both a coffin and jewellery. Jeffree Star actually loves his concept and it shows in the way he broke the news: “The packaging is a hybrid of a luxury jewellery box & a coffin ????⚰️ Hi Blue Blood, How Are Ya???”



This palette joins an already long and impressive list of the best Jeffree Star eyeshadow palettes. When it comes to the Jeffree Star makeup, we always expect fire, but this time around, his colours are mild and more subdued. It comes with 18 shades that are described as ‘18 shades. Extreme payoff.’ Let’s take a look at some of the eyeshadow palettes released by Jeffree Star over the years:

  • Thirsty eyeshadow palette.

  • Blood Sugar — his best ever palette of ‘colours-oh-so-fine.’ This palette houses the brightest of reds and purples.

  • Alien — one of Jeffree Star’s most iconic palettes in recent times. This palette has been the best on the market with high ratings and loved by thousands, because it was sold out, none left on the shelves. Oh, and if you were to check out the rave reviews, they are totally 10’s, so out of this world.


Since we got treated to one of the best Jeffree Star new palettes for Valentine’s day, we didn’t expect to get something else as soon as March. So, yes, you’re right, we’re ‘abso-freakingly’ excited about Blue Blood.

Blue Blood Palette

Wondering why we love Blue Blood? You would too after meeting this palette. Keep reading to find out all the details about the best Jeffree Star new eyeshadow palette after Alien. Because of his undying love for social media, Jeffree Star took to his YouTube channel to reveal the palette to the world, and we cannot get over it. Never has there been a bluer eyeshadow palette in all the history of makeup. If you’re looking to make a statement in Blues then you should consider buying this palette.


Still wondering whether Jeffree Star shipping is worth it or not? Don’t think further, buy Jeffree Star makeup online and get it delivered by a trusted parcel forwarder to your country.

Jeffree Star threw in a few good nudes for measure and balance. So, yes, of course, you will be blue and nude all at once, does that make sense to you? Just buy the Blue Blood palette and experience the colour pop for yourself. It comes with a disclaimer though, if you’re really not into big colours, then this might not be for you.

The True-Blue Blood Cousins

This reveal was delicious and scandalous all at once. Turns out Blue Blood is coming in full force. There is a set of 8 mini Blue-Blooded liquid lipsticks. Anyone that has been craving extra looks and extra colours, this is the way to go. Once in a while, it’s good for the soul to go rogue and buy makeup from the US, not just makeup but the Jeffree Star palettes, because they can help you achieve the highest type of confidence.


There are five new shades of the Liquid Frost highlighter and three Velour Lip Scrubs that are part of the new Blue collection. This all makes it interesting and exciting.

Now Available in Stores Online – Get Yours

We all know, Jeffree Star is a star in his own right. After all, his products speak to clients and clients act. Available since the 29th of March, time is already ticking and these products are already flying off the shelves. Available from, these are ready to fly off the shelves and you should be getting your shelves stocked up!

Get Blue Blood to Ship Internationally from the USA

This is one of those ‘feel good’ makeup palettes that will help you go a long way. All you need it to get a US address for shopping and start putting them in your shopping cart. The delivery and shipping will be handled on your behalf by your logistics company of choice. So yes, you must choose wisely. Everything else depends on the logistics company’s efforts and their ability to follow instructions. Going with a logistics company when buying makeup from the US is a great choice because:

  • You are provided with an estimated cost that helps you to calculate the total amount that you will pay for both your makeup and shipping costs.

  •  As America is always the first to receive products, Blue Blood will quickly run out of stock like all other catchy Jeffree Star products. But ordering it using a verified American address while it's still available assures you that you stand a chance of getting your Blue Blood palette.

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This year, don’t let your Halloween be as basic and boring as the previous years. Go with more clear and vibrant colours. This overdone look of black, white and red is just that – overdone and basic. With Blue Blood, you can have your Halloween blood being super blue and thick. Who wouldn’t want that? No more blending with the rest of the celebrants. If you’re creative, surely, you must be feeling all stifled and limited in repeating and recycling the same looks every year.

Start compiling all your Jeffree Star makeups now before you wake up and realise that it’s “quarter-to-October.’ The earlier you buy your Jeffree Star high-quality makeup, the more you will save in the long run and better yet, the more options you will have when it comes to dressing up. And because you’re buying quality, you are certain that your products are going to last you a lifetime. But then, who are we kidding? Jeffree Star is too good to last beyond two months.

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