Board Games For Bored Days In Lock Down!

The Resurrection Of Board Games
With the advent of the internet and computational development, it has seemed to many that board games are on the way out. But they’re not. A recent television series called Stranger Things has as its plot a D&D game which serves as a sort of metaphor for the larger plot. The Netflix TV series is chock full of eighties nostalgia.

D&D became popular in the eighties, and it led to RPGs, or Role Playing Games, on a variety of video game systems. Final Fantasy, Chrono Cross, and many other classics on the original PlayStation have as their root D&D board games. Accordingly, as those who grew up in the nineties learned this, a mild resurrection of old-style D&D began.

Soon this was a game that became quite prominent among young adults in the earlier part of the twenty-first century. Now it’s become so mainstream that there are entire franchises in terms of retailers who sell—almost exclusively—D&D games and paraphernalia. All these things took place before the novel coronavirus out of Wuhan, COVID-19, backhanded the world into lock down.

The Peacemaker Of D&D

Presently, millions of families are stuck in close company. Roommates must deal with one another on a daily basis where before, they basically shared an empty apartment in shifts. Sometimes electricity isn’t available in some parts of the world, or it comes and goes. Sometimes food supply chains are being interrupted. What does this mean? An even stronger D&D resurgence.

Now is the perfect time to wage long-term, multi-month D&D campaigns with complex characters going on complex adventures. Even the simplest D&D adventures can last a month. The more complex options can develop into nigh-endless adventures in imagination, exploration, intrigue, and very real adventure.

D&D is the perfect board game option for a lockdown. If you’re an investor, pay close attention. Right now, Hasbro, who owns D&D, has had their stock drop 29%. Why is this? Well, nobody is buying action figures and other toys right now.

However, D&D sets are poised to inject some needed economic energy into Hasbro, and since the stock is presently down, now could be a fine time to buy. Or…this could be a terrible bet. Which way should you go; should you invest, or not? Well, it’s all going to be something as determinate as the roll of the dice.

Getting The Dice Right

Luckily, when it comes to D&D, dice are a core component of the bigger picture. You’re going to need the right dice for a good game of D&D; the little six-sided cubes most are familiar with aren’t quite going to cut it. You’ll want the right sort of D20, and there’s more to such dice than just purchasing them. Consider this DND dice from D20 Collective.

There are some serious options available in terms of dice makeup, storage, size, durability, and weight. Different materials make different dice more or less desirable. It all depends on the sort of D&D games you’re playing. Sometimes what you want to do is match your dice to your adventure. Sometimes that isn’t the best idea. Different scenarios have different best practices.

One thing is sure: you don’t want to purchase any cheap, cut-rate dice. These are going to be rolled a lot. They’re going to get finger oils and other detritus on them. There’s a high likelihood varying snack foods may eke their way into the depressions where numbers have been impressed into plastic, metal, stone, or whatever material the dice are made of.

Getting Set For A Fine Role-Playing Adventure
In summation, right now, board games like D&D are ideal for our present lockdown conditions. Such games were already experiencing a surge; now they’re poised to truly make a splash in pop culture. If you’re an enthusiast, or interested in learning what “role playing” is all about, now is the time to do it. But you want to be sure you’ve got the right dice.

A good set of D20s is fundamental to D&D; any DM (Dungeon Master) will tell you that. So get your dice, get your party together, and have a long, deep, rich, fun, exciting, frightening, entertaining and diverting adventure—the kind that will perhaps make you forget there’s even a lockdown going on.

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