Borderlinx Suspended: Parcl is an Alternative

Borderlinx' US service suspended, but it doesn’t mean that getting what you want from the USA is now impossible. Parcl is here to help and is a great alternative to Borderlinx.   

What Happened to Borderlinx and Why Look for an Alternative Service Provider?

As of May 8, 2018, the Borderlinx US forwarding services have been suspended indefinitely. According to the official statement on the Borderlinx website, the company changed locations from Dayton, Ohio to Lockbourne, Ohio. With the change of the Hub came the need to change their local handler. Thus, Borderlinx shifted their handler from DHL Express to DHL Supply Chain.

Due to unresolved differences between Borderlinx and its new US handler, DHL Supply Chain, the latter terminated their contract. Thus, the cross-border shipping service from the US had to be suspended. In the absence of Borderlinx, online shoppers need sites like Borderlinx to continue enjoying an easy buying experience.

Shopping online American stores requires services of a US freight forwarder. Here is how the process works:

  1. Would-be online shoppers visit online boutiques located in the US. Reaching the online shops is easy. It might be via an advert on social media or an easy Google search. Whichever route is used, eventually, the buyer finds themselves what they desire to shop for.

  2. Many American shops do not provide shipping outside of the US and US territories (sometimes even to Canada and Mexico). Thus, at checkout, online shoppers need to use a verified American address and pay via an acceptable method of payment.

  3. The online shopper then enters a reliable verified forwarder’s address provided by their selected shipping service provider.

  4. The goods leave the American shop and are sent to the forwarder who has a location where the purchased items can be stored until they have been checked, repackaged and entered into the system.

  5. From this point, the freight forwarder puts a new address (the buyer’s original address) and ships the merchandise outside of the US.

  6. Buyer receives package images, if those have been requested, alongside the tracking code to keep tags on their parcel as it is shipped. The transaction ends when the buyer finally receives their package and it is marked as delivered in the shipping company’s system.

Finding the Perfect Borderlinx Alternative

Now that it has been confirmed that Borderlinx suspended their US cross-border shipping services, there are no two ways about it, online shopping continues, thus, new alternatives are needed. After checking the services provided by Borderlinx and Parcl, one thing is clear, their services and work mantra are very similar. This makes Parcl the number one contender and a perfect replacement for parcel forwarding from the US. When looking for an excellent Borderlinx alternative that comes with competitive prices and stellar services, you should consider ticking the following boxes:

  • Are there any registration charges and hidden costs that might be applied later?

  • Are their services customisable in such a way that you can place an order your way?

  • Is there a dedicated support service available around the clock?

  • Is an address for shopping in the US provided free of charge?

  • Availability of a personal shopping assistant in the country you want to buy your goods from.

After buying goods, the last thing you want is the stress that comes with shipping. With Borderlinx suspended, you can use Parcl as it is a notable competitor when searching for companies like Borderlinx.

Parcl is a perfect Borderlinx alternative in the UK as well, because they have more than enough shipping forwarders that ship packages from the UK using land, air and water routes. For shoppers from other countries, now that Borderlinx closed their US cross-border services, you might want to look into a freight forwarder that has access to most of the popular shopping destinations and that provides the best online shipping services.

With Parcl, you can expect goods purchased from just about any online shop to be safely forwarded to you. It is possible largely due to the fact that this company has Hubs in over 80 countries and an excess of 900 package centres.

How to Register with Parcl

To get started with your new forwarder, simply visit the official website and click on ‘Sign up free.’ There are no fees required to register. With Borderlinx out of action indefinitely, take advantage of Parcl’s global shipping network and low rates to get your goods shipped from the US to your home address.

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