Brace Yourselves, MAC Summer Makeup Collection is Here

MAC’s Electric Wonder makeup collection is the best thing we’ve been waiting for without knowing!

Can you believe it? We’ve been waiting without even realising that something aesthetically breathtaking and indescribable is coming. The MAC Electric Wonder makeup collection has made us come to the staggering realisation that the best of the good life is all about looking and feeling good. And this can be achieved thanks to the makeup collection of the year. Ready, set, go! Get your US package forwarder on speed dial.


Do you know anything more beautiful than rose? The rosy-pink colour always gets us excited and ready to run to the store and collect until we fall. With the MAC Summer 2019 collection, the work speaks for itself. It’s a beauty for the beautiful. The latest launch by MAC is all about beautiful marbled pink and gold Electric Wonder. And yes, there is no doubt that this collection is a wonder and a joy that one can spend their entire day admiring. There is nothing to be singled out. All of the products are a work of art. Even those who can hardly be called makeup enthusiasts would love to own a couple of the products just for the beauty they represent. Since they are a collection of masterpieces, they can be posted on Instagram for rave reviews and just because, hey, why not?

Just in time for the European summer 2019, eager makeup lovers can start preparing to sweep everyone off their feet. It’s been a long and dreary winter as usual. Just in time to help us dust off our summer stilettos is the incredible MAC new collection. As if in agreement with the current year, the new MAC makeup presents nineteen pieces. The beauty galore is a combination of everything good and nice. Select your choice from a combination of:

  • Five lipsticks

  • Five lip-glosses

  • Two art-library inspired eye palettes

  • Highlighters

  • Bronzers

  • Cheek Palette

Each of the art-library inspired eye palettes comes with the most adorable and gorgeous neutrals you’d want to fall in love with at first sight. Any skin tone will go alive on contact with these gorgeous neutrals.

MAC Summer 2019 Collection on Social Media

This makeup collection is already making the rounds on social media. For anyone who’s big on the use of Instagram and other social media pages, it becomes evident that just like all of us, MAC loves summer. The rush to get reliable logistics companies that ship internationally from American stores is about to start. Get ready for the scramble. The entire collection is laid out bare on the @trendmood1 Instagram page. There is a long list of the products and the names of what to expect.

Dominic Skinner, the MAC Global Senior Artist, also shared swatches of the eyeshadow palette on his Instagram account. During his mini show session, we were able to view mixtures of shimmers and mattes. With a verified IG account and over 160k followers, there is already a large following and people are interested in getting their eyes looking the best version they possibly can get. You should get your package forwarder’s quotation to get the estimated price of getting the makeup collection and delivering it to your address.

The Instagram reveal also let us in on a huge secret. This package for the MAC Summer’19 collection is accompanied by two cute brushes. There is an incredibly fluffy brush that makes makeup application a natural thing. You will most definitely be attracted to the fluffy large face brush. For your morning routine and weekend bedazzled looks, the fluffy, as we’re calling the brush, will get you looking all prim and proper.

  • If you’re a long-standing fan of MAC cosmetics, then you’re updated on the latest collection.

  • Most fans of makeup are excited about getting a makeup selection of goodies that look good enough to eat.

  • International MAC fans are either waiting for their local distributors to start selling the new makeup or they are expecting the mailmen to deliver it after completing the online purchases via trusted parcel forwarders.

Obsessively Adorable Packaging

We won’t be doing justice to the MAC Marble Electric wonder makeup collection if there is no mention of the packaging. Gone are the days of ‘not judging a book by it’s cover.’ It’s time to take a look at the packaging that these new makeup babes come in. It’s clear that MAC took their time and the best of the team to come up with the wonder makeup collection.

This is what fits the description of ‘Instagrammable packaging.’ It’s most definitely something you would be proud of when putting on display. This is a pink and gold combo that makes one able to say they are chic and bold all in one. It’s not the David Attenborough program type of pink, but it’s an admirable pink alright. And in this packaging, shades were not neglected. They are all named after something earthy, and this makes us think that MAC was inspired by nature in coming up with the collection for this season, so look out for the Coral of the Wild lip gloss and the Desert Lightning and bronzing powder named Canyon Dreamin.  

Release and Reception in the Market

When it comes to the MAC beauty and cosmetic products, we’re always ready for the best and to be presented with nothing but quality. It goes without saying that everyone is waiting in anticipation. There is a long list or traffic of shoppers waiting to get services of package forwarding from the USA so that they can get their makeup products as soon as they are released. These are already on the market in Ireland and the UK as of April 4th. Thus, buyers can get anything they want from the US and have it delivered from the store to their international address. At this rate, with the positive response and people indicating their interest in the marble collection, it’s evident that MAC fans are queueing up to buy from the US.


The summer collection is available for buyers. You can get it as it’s already on the MAC official website. What you decide to do in terms of buying individually or the entire collection is entirely your decision. The only factor to be considered is getting affordable service providers who will ship internationally from MAC cosmetics to a verified American shopping address and then to your country of residence. Finally, with regard to beauty and looking your best, a girl can never have enough. If you’re able to get your makeup as soon as it arrives, you can keep looking your best, the best way you know how to.

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