Brand New Amazon Alexa Devices Announced

Since the release of Amazon Alexa back in November 2014, shopping on the trillion-dollar site has been much easier. Alexa, the virtual assistant, developed by Amazon Lab 126 is a multi-functional component that works through voice interaction. Developed to assist the modern homeowner, this virtual assistant can single-handedly control the smart home while in automation mode.

Alexa is also capable of providing feeds on real-time events such as weather forecast, traffic controls, sporting events, and others, reporting news, playing back music, creating to-do lists, playing audio books and many other functions. The virtual assistant is almost an all-rounder and operates on the following platforms:

  • Amazon Echo,

  • iOS,

  • Android,

  • Fire TV, Fire HD,

  • Cortana.

The success that has followed Amazon success has prompted the retailer to become even keener on developing hardware from a strategic approach. Amazon is using the trial and error method when it comes to their hardware department. Eventually, they are bound to come across what works and will stick to it. Last week, Amazon hosted a private event to check out the latest Amazon Echo devices, microwave, clock, sound systems, and others. During the event, Amazon mostly announced the launch of this new Alexa hardware, but most importantly, they let everyone in on the secret: Alexa is getting some seriously cool new updates including Hunches.

This is of significant importance because Hunches enables Alexa to learn about certain smart home habits and take this further by occasionally throwing in suggestions based on a ‘hunch’ that you forgot something. Additionally, the upgrade also comes with the Guard mode, which functions when the owners are away from home. Guard mode does exactly that, it guards your smart home, listening in on the smallest of noises including glass breaking and doors opening.

For those with Alexa, there is no need to start thinking about changing, upgrade using the latest developments and you will be as good as new. Now, let’s take a look at some of the Amazon Alexa devices that were revealed during the big announcement.

Devices Released at the Amazon Hardware Event


Revamped Echo Dot 

Since this device is relatively cheap, tiny and compact, for most, the Echo Dot was their first brush with a gadget home assistant. The Echo Dot revamped comes back with an all impressive 75% more powerful speaker. More than anything, this assistant can keep the owner company while at home, or at the office. It retails for $49.99 but is usually under discount. Buy new Echo Dot from Amazon>>>



An Echo for the Car

This device is specifically developed to help with the hands-free functionality while driving. This accessory also retails for $49.99 and easily fits into the dashboard without occupying any significant space. You can use the Echo Auto to automatically control several functions including picking tunes, answering phone calls and even turning off gadgets you might have left on at home. Buy Amazon Echo Auto>>>



Booming Echo Sub

Built to resemble the HomePod, the Echo Sub Alexa gadgets are specialized in providing a booming bass such that no additional speaker might not be needed. To increase the power, the booming Echo sub may be paired with other Alexa compatible devices such as an Echo. This speaker is now available from Amazon Prime and goes for $129.99. Buy Echo Sub online>>>



Slicker Echo Show

This device cuts it to the list as one of Alexa smart devices that are most desirable. Having been fully hauled and refreshed, the Echo Show is back and much better than it was when it first got introduced. Adding on to the click nature is the 10-inch screen and ability to work on Skype fully. Say goodbye to voice calling from the Alexa app by getting the upgraded Echo Show which sells for $229.99. Purchase Echo Show>>>



The Live-Recording Fire TV Recast

This device is exactly what Amazon has been looking for to help their quest of taking over your home. The list of Alexa smart home devices is better with the introduction of the live-recording piece. Using the Fire TV Recast, the family can record live TV and project the video to other smart devices you have. It’s now possible to watch the Living Room TV while cooking in the kitchen. This Fire TV Recast goes for $229.99. Buy new Fire TV Recast>>>



An All-New Ring Security Camera

The Stick-Up Camera comes from Amazon after buying Ring at the beginning of this year. Set-up as both an indoor and outdoor security camera, the Stick Up is quite the flexible security gadget. The camera has both batteries powered and wired versions and sells for $179.99. Buy Ring camera from Amazon>>>



Speaker-less Echo Input

From the list of Alexa controlled devices announced last Thursday, the speaker-less Echo Input was not exactly expected. Using the device, it’s possible to output audio to an existing speaker system. There is no need to manipulate the Echo Dot, replace it with the Speaker-less Eco Input to achieve the same. It is available for $34.99. Buy Echo Input from Amazon>>>



Updated Echo Plus

This device is very much like its predecessor. Alexa bumped it up and gave it a fabric redesign. Also, it now has the power of working with offline commands. The upgraded Echo Plus can be used outdoors and in areas where there is no Wi-Fi. Most importantly, owners of the new Echo Plus will be able to determine the temperature so you can know your surroundings. It is sold for $149.99. Buy new Echo Plus online>>>



Pluggable Echo Smart Plug

The first smart plug from Amazon and it joins the already impressive list of Amazon hardware. This plug can be used with any Alexa product, functions just like any other smart plug from other smart home companies. Buy Amazon Smart Plug>>>



Alexa Microwave

Out of the recently announced Alexa devices, the Alexa microwave might be the most out of topic. The other devices are in line with what Alexa represents, but a microwave is a whole new arena and might be viewed by most as an outlandish gadget. The microwave doesn’t come with built-in voice control (which defeats the purpose), but it can be connected to an Alexa Echo nearby. The Basics microwave has a Dash button functionality as well as some Alexa controls. Its price is more on the friendly side at $59.99. But still, consider the other devices before buying a microwave that bears the name but carries half the functionality. Buy Amazon Microwave online>>>

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