Build and Command Your Own Droid Army with the New Lego Set

Warning, if you have a weakness for statues, action figurines, exclusives, droids and other Star Wars merch, turn around before going in too deep. Or rather, take a sneak peek...

We have all been waiting, patiently waiting and searching for toy robots that fully pronounce and announce the arrival of the future. Well, now, before you throw in the towel and lose all hope, hold on to that last ounce. The latest Star Wars Lego droids will leave you so awe-struck, you might need a speech therapist to help you talk again.

The Star Wars franchise has done so well, there are a lot of products built around the film themes. With so much merch to select from, at times the new inventions are somewhat redundant. But, not for Lego, their creations are always something to look forward to, even to the extent of creating a parcel forwarding account just to buy the new products unavailable in your location.


Now that that’s done and dusted, we can focus on the direction that consumer-focused robots have taken in the last couple of years. In recent years, consumer-focused robots have been experiencing some hard times fitting in the market. What’s more, with possible buyers also taking several steps back instead of rushing to buy their once beloved robots. You are not yet fully convinced of the struggle faced by manufacturers of consumer-focused robots? Oh well, how about the news of Anki crushed to its knees in the last week of April 2019 when consumers flat out refused to spend their hard-earned money on the purchase of the latest $250 automation. In more ways than one, the fault was mostly on Anki, this robot was cool and all, but at $250, it was overpriced because of the simple knowledge that this was automation that really did not do anything amazing.

Army of Lego Droids

One would have thought that Lego would take that as a sign and go big. Well, the latest invention was already under works. And it’s comforting to learn that there are a lot of consumers who would be more than happy to spread out Lego pieces on their living room floors and create some magnificent armies of droids.

With this new set of Lego Star Wars Droids, you won’t be able to do something as drastic as going to the moon, but you will most-definitely enjoy commanding your own army of miniature droid Star Wars fighters. As the first ever set from Lego to connect a licensed property to its Boost Robotics Platform (BRP), this Lego Star Wars Boost Droid Commander is a kid-friendly version of the company’s highly technical and capable robotic Mindstorm kit. If you, your friends or kids are creatives, then this is one Lego robot set that will help you all bond, connect and redefine fun. 


All Lego robotics kits to date have been nothing short of amazing. But we’ve got to say, last year, most Lego fans had to take several steps back to watch and observe. The 2018 Lego Star Wars toys which were essentially the Lego Boost Creative Toolbox were an excellent invention. However, it was lacking in more ways than it was groundbreaking. Using the same template from last year, Lego upped their game and designed interactive versions of some of the most sought-after robots of all times. And as a result, we’re all excited and looking forward to getting our hands on anything by Lego.

Pricing and Availability

The Star Wars Boost Droid Commander will be $200 and it’s going to be available from September 1, 2019. This set comes with a full list of instructions and there are 1177-pieces to build three of the franchise’s most recognizable bots, including R2-D2, Mouse Droid and Gonk Droid. There is an included Lego Boost Move Hub that can be swapped between robots to activate:

  • Robotic movement.

  • Music platform.

  • Sound effects.

This set of Lego is one of the ways that kids can learn Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths (STEAM) concepts. Companies are increasing the use of their robotic inventions to help middle-schoolers become more interested in learning these subjects. Whatever random thing you’ve always wanted your robot to do for you, well, now is the time and you’ll be ecstatic to learn.

Shop Lego Star Wars Droids from the US

If you’re to buy from the US, you are guaranteed to be among the first to receive their Star Wars droids. But most shops that sell these toys have failed to meet all the demands necessary for international shoppers to shop and enjoy just like American buyers. This longstanding problem has always been a stumbling block in the way of those purchasing products that are on demand and first released in the US.

In this section, we’re sharing information with you on how to get a US shopping address that you will use to purchase both in and out of the Lego Store. The logistics service of note, known as parcel forwarding helps international shoppers to purchase as if they were locals. When it comes to this $200-valued Star Wars Boost Droid Commander set, forget that it will be available later this year. International shoppers might even be able to locally purchase it a good 3 months after the initial release in the US.


If you’re a fan of Lego and Star Wars, there’s no need to wait that long. We have news for you. How about you get yourself a Parcl address that you can use to purchase the set at the same time as American shoppers? This is how the process will go:

  1. Visit and opt to register for an account. The new account is free and there are no subscription or monthly fees charged.

  2. Fill in the form to ‘Create a Request,’ with all details, when you get to the product description section, go to step three.

  3. Visit any Star Wars merch seller who already has the Lego Set on pre-order and copy the product link.

  4. Use the link and put on the details as requested. This way, Parcl will use bots on the system to calculate and come up with the estimated cost of shipping and delivery for the Star Wars Lego Set.

  5. If this is something in your budget, complete the request. As soon as the Star Wars Droids start shipping out, yours will be amongst the first to leave the store. It will be delivered to the local American address you were given after creating your request.

Once received, the local handler will follow your instructions to have the set delivered to you internationally. Parcl not only provides services of mail forwarding from the USA, but they also forward parcels and other items as well as novelty units. Buying this Lego set from the USA might just be the easiest purchase this year. 

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