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Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a fashion connoisseur eager to maintain your good looks, owning an airbrushing cosmetics kit is mandatory. You will need one for seamless airbrushing that would yield flawless, pearlescent and glowy skin.

But while there is a number of them, all made for either newbies or Pros, none is quite like Luminess Silk 4 in 1 ‘basic kit,’ both in its price and usefulness. A simple kit does the job of a Concealer, a Moisturizer, Serum and Foundation, ensuring you look glamorous. Buying Luminess Silk 4-In-1 will probably be the best decision you’ve made this year yet!

Four Rock-Solid Reasons Why You Should Buy Luminess Silk

1. Being a 4-in-1 makeup application brush, Luminess Silk suitably takes up all the primary functions of a concealer, moisturiser, anti-aging serum and foundation in a single go. It uses the same principle as spray-paint that in turn creates an even and superior coverage. Ideally, you will only need this light, handy tool to achieve a better-lasting glow and smooth, stunning-looking skin.

2. One excellent trait with Luminess Silk is how it manages to turn pale, tired skin into soft-looking, youthful skin. The 4-in-1 kit’s hydrolysed silk, that is contained in its unique formula, softens up the rough patches and wrinkles across the face.


3. Every small, pen-size tool holding the foundation is responsible for the gently sprays that conceal all the otherwise small noticeable brush strokes. In the end, your face will appear as if it wasn’t brushed in the first place. And this is the main reason why you will get a seasoned, professional makeup artist using it.

4. In a nutshell, after using Luminess Silk instead of your conventional foundation brush, you will achieve perfect complexion. All you’ll need is a little amount of your makeup enough to make you appear like you are wearing nothing and still cover the skin’s patches, pimples, acne marks and eruptions.

Why Luminess Silk 4-In-1 is better than its competitors

Before we even get to the manufacturer’s ‘30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE’, you have a lot of other reasons to trust this 4-in-1 makeup application brush.

In fact, there’s no real physical contact between the applicator and the skin. That means, you can use your Luminess Silk kit on any body part without having to worry about anything and still achieve a superb look.

Given that we all desire to achieve coverage that suits our unique skin types or personal preferences, this kit helps us get just that. And the coverage created is super-thin because of the airbrush type used. That’s the reason why you are bound to get an impeccable finish in the right tone and shade that will look almost like you are not wearing any makeup!


Get Luminess Airbrush Kit from the US

Luminess Silk: Where to buy and Information on International Shipping

You should get one at, although Luminess Silk Amazon is an equally good alternative place to get one. A new kit comes with the following:

  • Compressor, stylus & nozzle

  • Two 0.55 oz foundations

  • Blush

  • Bronzer

  • Glow

  • Primer or Moisturizer

If you aren’t located in the US, and you are hoping to have Luminess Silk shipped straight to you, you can use a package forwarding service.

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