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Guest post by Ella Baker

These days, from fashion to electronics, many turn to online shopping in search of products they need. Even kitchen cabinets can be purchased online now. Some online retailers offer prices as low as 50% below big-box stores and local manufacturers.

The thing is, when asked whether they would purchase kitchen cabinets online, some people would be reluctant and would instead look for the physical stores to personally see the materials and overall design.

Even so, more and more customers consider shopping for kitchen cabinets online for various reasons, including positive reviews and feedback on good quality cabinets that online stores offer. Read below and decide whether shopping online for kitchen cabinets is for you. By the way, if you found cabinets that perfectly fit your interior decor, but the store is located in another country and doesn’t offer international shipping, use Parcl package forwarding solution to ship any furniture to your location. 

Compare Cabinets from Different Online Shops

The key to getting the best deals and bargains is to visit multiple sites. Take your time to compare offerings from online stores. You will find similar products, sometimes even with the same design and material, as those items might come from the same supplier. So, make sure you compare the prices to get the best bargain.

But don’t merely compare the prices. Also, take into account the finish, color, handles, materials, and hardware. Some kitchen cabinets may look the same, but they are actually different in size, materials, or hardware once looked closely. 

Obtain quotations from online stores that you are visiting. Online stores have online chat support that will help you get a better understanding of the cabinets available in their warehouse. Other online platforms send door and handle samples so you can compare them in person. Take advantage of this opportunity to make cabinets’ comparisons. 

Know Your Kitchen

Determine the needs of your kitchen before choosing the furniture. Do you need deep drawers? Or do you need hanger racks? How many pots and pans do you have? Will your spoons and forks be placed inside drawers or in containers on the countertop? 

Prior to getting quotes from online stores obtain accurate measurements of your kitchen space. However, if you are not confident in measuring the area, hire a contractor or handyman to do it for you. 

Do Your Research

You will have to shell out a considerable amount of money in buying kitchen cabinets. As mentioned earlier, many would opt in favor of well-known manufacturers, as they probably think it’s not very easy to trust the quality and service of online products. Good thing, you’ll know what other shoppers genuinely think by reading product reviews in real-time vlogs. 

Apart from these online reviews, you can run a background check yourself. If you don’t know what to look for, we’ve got you covered. Follow this: 

●       How long have the company been in the cabinetry business?

●       How experienced are the people who work for this online store?

●       What kinds of cabinets do they sell?

●       Are they the manufacturer, or the resellers?

Watch out for sudden price changes too! For instance, selling USA-made kitchen cabinets is a competitive business. That’s why prices tend to fluctuate and are subject to change. Prices might appear at a 70% discount during the initial online visit and then roll back to the original pricing at your following visit. So do your research, and whenever there’s a good deal, place an order right away. 

Get the address of the online store or your purchased product’s origin so that you can estimate the time of arrival and shipping costs. If the online store is based near your place, then delivery should be faster and cheaper. By contrast, if the online store is located in another state or distant area, then expect that the shipment will take more time and money. 

Shipping Costs 

Most of the time, the price of the cabinets that you’ll encounter online is comprised of the item’s price and the shipping fee. You should be aware that sometimes, shipping can be more expensive than the product itself. After all, it is costly to ship a huge cabinet. Many online stores, however, reduce per-item shipping costs if you purchase in bulk. 

Shop Kitchen Cabinets at Your Convenience 

The primary purpose of shopping online is not to make yourself exhausted by physically visiting one store after another. Online shopping allows you to buy products at your own pace and time. 

Instantly browse for cabinet designs on your phone or a computer. You can also take your time in choosing your perfect kitchen without pressure from others.

You can even shop during your coffee breaks, after studying or working, or any time since online stores operate 24/7.  You can communicate with the retailer or sales representative through phone, online chat support, or email. 


Get Inspired

In this day and age, everything can be found online. Are you still confused about what type of cabinets you want for your kitchen? Browse through different galleries of various online stores and get inspired to determine what kind of kitchen you want. Make use of this chance to assess whether you can see your kitchen having cabinets with the same designs or not. 

Talk with designers to get insights on what cabinets to choose for your kitchen. Let them visit your kitchen and give you tips on the right kind of cabinets for you. Online stores also have free design services once you provide your kitchen measurements, so you’ll be able to see the custom layout and designs that can be perfect for your home. 


Shopping for kitchen cabinets online is scary, but if you do your research on reputable online shops, the process can turn into a breeze. If you’re having difficulty, take advantage of online stores’ live chat support or sales representatives’ contact numbers.

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