Candles for Wine and Where to Buy Candles for any Occasion

A couple of days ago we shipped a large package with various candles and wax melts from the US to the UK. Ok, you might ask: What is there so special about candles? There are already hundreds of scents: from traditional fruit and berries scents to candles that smell like beer, cinnamon rolls and leather. But there is something special. As wine enthusiasts and household lighting experts (oh really?) we were surprised when we found special candles for different types of wine! Get ready to take your wine addiction to the new level (Warning: excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health)!

1. Spiced Honey & Oak Candles + Chianti


Our first pair: Spiced honey & Oak candles with Chianti. A rich, warm scent that mixes woody oak with sweet honey and vanilla. These candles will add subtlely and magic to the romantic evening atmosphere. Manufacturer recommends to pair the wine and candles with Reggiano Parmesan cheese.

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2. Olive Oil & Thyme Candles + Sauvignon Blanc


Thyme and olive oil remind us of the traditional Mediterranian cuisine, which can’t exist without wine. In this layered scent its creators managed to combine tangy oil with citrus notes, thyme and fresh lemon blossom. Even though we thought these complex scent would be perfectly paired with red wine, the manufacturer offers to choose classy white Sauvignon Blanc. Add to all these Italian Asiago cheese and you will feel how sunny rays and warm Adriatic wind touch you.    

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3. Fig & Black Currant Candles + Garnacha


Black currant itself has a fantastic scent be it a candle, shower gel, or a cupcake! Combined with fig that has  greenish, dusty and lightly milky aroma, black currant scent turns into a complex bouquet with hints of cedar and citrus. The candles are paired with red wines, Spanish Garnacha in particular.

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4. Apple & Candied Walnut Candles + Riesling


White wine is always perfectly matched with fruits. The manufacturer has layered a freshly-sliced apple and warm candied walnut to make a fragrant harvest platter. Pair it with a Riesling and Brie cheese and you’ll get a fresh and crispy atmosphere.

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You may purchase these or browse other products on Yankee Candle site and use Parcl as an international shipping provider. We’re also happy to share with you a few more websites that offer authentic candles:

P.S. Stay tuned because we’re preparing our next article devoted to various wine glasses!
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