CES 2017 products you can buy this year

CES (formally known as the Consumer Electronics Show) is a huge annual event organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Tech companies from around the world arrive in Las Vegas at the start of each year to show off their most amazing innovations and cool products that prove the future is now.

The 2017 CES was held January 5 to 8 and presented hundreds of new devices and gadgets from just about every innovative manufacturer on the planet. Although a lot of these products aren’t going to hit store shelves anytime soon and many may remain just concepts, the show is a highly anticipated event followed by audiences in many countries around the globe.

Ok, concepts, futuristic ideas and innovations are all great, but we all live in the present and really want to have the chance to use these cutting-edge technologies today! To help you discover and possibly get your hands on the newest consumer electronics releases, we prepared a selection of CES products that will actually be available to buy in 2017.



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This is one of the coolest exhibits from 2017’s CES that will actually be available this year. PicoBrew (priced at $200) is basically a homebrew kit that lets you get 5 liters of freshly brewed beer in only a few hours. This device ran a campaign on Kickstarter last fall, so it’s great to see what it turned into. It offers over 40 beer options one can choose from. You can sanitize components in a breeze using the included cleaning system, which is extremely important in home brewing.

Kuri robot nanny


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If you have kids or pets whose well-being is a major concern, the Kuri robot nanny presented at CES by Mayfield Robotics can be a huge help! This cute little robot can roam your home like a high-tech security gadget helping you keep an eye on your kids and pets from whatever remote location you may be at. The robot (born thanks to a former animator at Pixar) will be priced at about $700 and will be selling later this year, but you can actually pre-order the device on the manufacturer’s website.

Lenovo Miix 720


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With Lenovo Miix 720 you get a 12-inch Windows 10 tablet combined with a keyboard dock, similar to the Surface Pro by Microsoft. The Lenovo tablet is just about 780 grams, plus a 320-gram keyboard attachment. It sports a 1-megapixel infrared front camera that lets you log into your Windows using face recognition technology.You also get a 5-megapixel camera on the back for taking snapshots or video and a stylus you can sketch with. When they are not long term house sitting and on the road, our friends from The Travelling House Sitters Brittnay & Jayden recommend this handy laptop. They describe it as versatile, fast and really strong.

The tablet starts shipping in April of 2017 and is said to be priced at $999, including the keyboard dock.

Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT


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It is hard to believe, but this DataTraveler Ultimate GT flash drive from Kingston lets you store 2 terabytes of data in such a compact package, which makes it the largest capacity flash drive in the world today. The price tag is a secret for now, but the metal-bodied gem is going on sale very soon - in February of 2017.

Lego Boost coding kit

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Lego Boost lets you create a variety of very cool programmable robots from regular Lego blocks using various motors and sensors. At the CES Lego demonstrated the innovative building and coding set that brings movement to Legos. With the sensors and motors included in the kit, children (or adults for that matter) can build 5 unique smart toy models, including a robot, a cat and a guitar. The set uses a special app that features sixty coding activities. You can even record voice and have your toys speaking to you or to each other. The bad news is that you will have to wait till August to get your hands on this set, but this can make a great $160 gift for your child for Christmas 2017.  The original instructions let you build a few models, but Lego encourages kids to experiment and put together any moving thing you can think up.

Kerastase Hair Coach


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Wait till Fall 2017 and you’ll be able to grab this innovative gadget that looks like a regular hair brush. The Hair Coach really is a brush, but the fact that it was created by Kerastase (L'Oreal-owned brand of hair care products) in partnership with Withings, which is a smart home company, kind of tells you that it must be more than a regular hair brush. It will analyze your hair health and help you brush properly so you can avoid damaging your hair and enjoy a more beautiful mane. That’s a great way to put technology to real use!

Mangoslab Nemonic printer


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The Mangoslab Nemonic is probably one of the hippest inventions presented at the CES this year that can actually become popular with a wide crowd. It’s a tiny printer for sticky notes that lets you write notes on your smartphone or another device, use templates or take photos, then print the content right then and there on a sticky note.

The Nemonic uses the same thermal technology used to print store receipts, except that what comes out is a sticky note. One note takes only about 5 seconds to print and can only be in black & white. We should expect it to go on sale with a price tag of $120 sometime in June 2017.

ProBeam HF80J by LG


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The compact ProBeam HF80J from LG is advertised as the brightest laser projector you can get. It is made specially for backyard movie watching, so we will have to wait for proper weather conditions before we can test the image quality. The company is probably waiting for that too, as the device will only go on sale later this year, with the price tag still to be announced.

Zenbook 3 Deluxe


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The Asus Zenbook 3 Deluxe fits a 14-inch screen into a frame that could normally only accommodate a 13-inch screen at most. You get a larger display in a very lean body, so no more hauling around a heavy laptop.

Besides the screen power, Zenbook 3 Deluxe sports an all-metal case and mighty Intel chips on the inside. You can easily take care of all your work or other tasks using this sleek-looking gadget. Grab it for $1699 starting in May of 2017.

SNOO smart sleeper bassinet


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The Snoo bassinet promises to become a lifesaver for a lot of new parents of fussy babies. This robotic device offers a number of ways to soothe a child and help them sleep better. Developed by renowned designer Yves Béhar, the Snoo can rock your newborn and make a soft humming sound imitating the conditions a baby may experience in the womb. Your little one will sleep much better, so you can get the much-needed sleep too. The innovative bassinet also comes with a sleeper you can put on your baby and clip to the sides, so the baby won’t roll over in their sleep. When you think of all the benefits, the price of $1,160 isn’t that much to pay.

We look forward to helping get these and other awesome gadgets delivered to you anytime!

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