CES 2019: Keep Track of Your Household with Bocco Emo Robot

There’s a new little smart robot in town! The new robot goes by the name of Bocco Emo and it responds to the emotional context of messages it receives and broadcasts. Whereas it’s easy to get side-tracked into making fun of the amusing name which most likely reminds you more of your moody teen years, it will do you good to check the robot’s tech specs.

The Bocco Emo has a pretty impressive list of characteristics. Behind the simple design, the robot is a sneakily useful device. It functions as a communication robot and relays voice and text messages for family members to keep in touch even without mobile phones. The robot connects via Bluetooth to toy block-like sensors to monitor vitals in the smart home. Through this function, the Emo can monitor home activity, temperature and any motion.

The Brains Behind Bocco Emo

The Bocco Emo is a charming smart robot toy from Yukai Engineering, engineering company based in Japan. The company is famous for their state-of-the-art intelligent robots that come with more functionality than other robots from competitors at the particular time. In case you need more details about the robot, they are the same company behind the Qoobo a headless wagging cat tail pillow.


Yukai Engineering has their products in shops and warehouses in the US. If you’re interested in buying the Emo or other robots, consider getting an American shopping address.

The ‘Emo’ part of the smart robot’s name comes from its unique ability to ‘express empathy’ and is thus closer to humans than other AI toys. The latest robot is an updated version of the Bocco robot launched in 2015 in the USA as a Kickstarter. The Bocco Emo has been redesigned into an adorable snowman and upgraded by the addition of a few new features.

The Bocco Emo in Detail

The emotionally responsive robot is all metal and bolts. Thus, it cannot give one a hug or cry like humans to show the utmost emotion. But, it can also do remarkably well. Owners of the robot need to learn the colour coordination to be able to read the emotion behind the response.

  • The red colour flicks in response to negative messages and words such as ‘tired.’ Expect to see the cheeks glow red for messages containing negates and the robot’s head also bows down at the same time letting out a sad whining noise.

  • In reaction to positive messages the robot lets out contagiously happy chirping sounds, nods its head enthusiastically and at the same time, its cheeks glow green.

  • That’s not all, The Bocco Emo smart robot toy can also respond to a user’s presence and understands or recognises voice. Taking it a step further, the robot can interpret messages based on just emoji.

The smart robot has been upgraded and redesigned. It’s now being launched as an adorable snowman who has a lot of cooler features compared to the first version.


This smart robot is meant for everyone but the ones who’ll better relate are parents looking for an easier way of keeping track of their younger children or the elderly family members who don’t like or use smartphones. The Bocco Emo has easy to understand channels of communication.

You could set up your phone to receive notifications from the Bocco Emo connected sensors. That way, the robot keeps you updated on everything happening at home.

The smart robot from Japan has four housed sensors.

  • Motion sensor to detect movement in the house so you know when a person or pet is near the sensor.

  • Vibration sensor that works in detecting when there is motion and the door is opened or closed. You get to track all movement in and out of the home.

  • A lock sensor which detects the magnetic field change for you to know when your door is locked or unlocked.

  • Temperature or humidity sensor which can be used to prevent heat strokes especially among the elderly relatives in the home.

These four sensors run concurrently and all notifications are sent to the companion app as a timeline of all activity happening in the home. You can pair up as much as eight sensors in one instance.

CES Gadgets 2019

The Emo is one of the leading CES 2019 gadgets. It became a possibility after CES saw the addition of new and old gadgets into the smart home. In addition to the most-sought and bought such as IKEA, Honeywell, Sony and LG. There was an addition of new and exciting faces. The robot from Yukai Engineering is one of the exciting new faces showing off in 2019.


Most brands have used 2019 as the year of expanding out to more gadgets and more inventions. At Yukai, it’s going to be a year of upgrading the smart home and how we live and function both inside and outside of our home.

The general public is not allowed to attend the CES showrooms, but as soon as the smart gadgets hit the stores, they become available for Northern American shoppers and other select regions. With online shopping, you can have the gadgets delivered your way, and in a manner that suits your time, budget and preferences.

Bocco Emo Date of Release and Cost

This smart robot will cost you a cool 200 bucks (US$200). It will launch in the US sometime in the Fall of 2019. Buyers can pre-order the smart home device before Fall. International shipping from the US is not available and it’s not offered by the shops selling the Emo smart robot. All of them have shipping locally.

You will need to create a shopping account with an international forwarder to help you complete your purchase and get it shipped to your home address. If you prefer it getting shipped to your work address, your colleague or as a gift to the recipient, a globally reachable forwarder will get this done on your behalf.


The Bocco Emo is worth budgeting for and purchasing it as soon as it is available for public pre-orders and purchasing. Go a step further and ensure that it gets delivered to your home without any damage by paying for insurance if you use Parcl, a leading parcel forwarding company that offers such a service at a reasonable price. You will also get help with package consolidation. And in the event that you choose to get your smart robot from the US to a giftee, you can get Parcl to send it directly, with a personalised message.

For such a smart robot, you need to get a smart international shipper to complete the purchase without problems or challenges. Also, if you would like to get other smart gadgets from the CES 2019 smart tools list, then you could have a local shopper in the US go to the shops or departmental stores on your behalf to complete the shopping process.

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