Christmas Gifts Inspired by Frozen 2 Movie

In 2013 the kids and adults alike fell in love with an animated Disney film, called Frozen. And after the movie was out, no one could have predicted its impact on the world toy and merchandise industry; Elsa-inspired costumes, dolls, puzzles, calendars, school supplies and more. And now, six years later, Frozen 2 is bigger than ever, again featuring its beloved characters. Believe it or not, this time around there is even more Frozen merchandise to go around. And with the holidays just around the corner, act fast to get it shipped to your home using package forwarding from the UK

We’ve compiled a list of the top ten unique, out of the box Frozen gifts that will be loved by kids of all ages and hobbies. And If you have at least one favorite Frozen character, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be seeing him or her everywhere. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff, and Sven are on and off the screen, always inspire and delight. 

  1. Elsa Travel Kids Costume Set

Let’s start with Elsa, as she is the main protagonist of the story: a strong-willed girl gifted with magical powers. Play-pretend is one of the favorite pastime activities and what better way to do it than while being dressed up as your favorite character. Girls and boys will love this Elsa-inspired long-sleeved satin costume as it is durable and versatile for in-house parties and “night out of town”. And if the apparel can not be shipped internationally from the UK, consider using a UK package forwarding service.


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  1. Elsa-imprinted Pajama Set

And after a long day of ‘saving the world’, it’s good to change into something more comfortable, like a pajama. This outfit won’t feel like house apparel and can still prompt a young adventurer to seek out hidden gems within the house. This soft-cotton set includes a long-sleeved top and loose pants with a comfy elastic waist. 


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  1. Singing Elsa Doll

Both movies feature some of the best tunes. The beautifully written songs are performed by Elsa and Anna and have been admired by young audiences for years. The Frozen 2 Elsa doll is a perfect representation of beauty and vocals. Besides being a close Elsa replica, the doll performs the film’s main song In the Unknown. And what household goes without acquiring at least one Elsa doll this season?

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  1. Arendelle Castle Dollhouse

Inspired by Disney’s Frozen 2, the Arendelle castle is a four-stories, seven-room mansion including a princes’ throne, piano, and moving balcony. A kid’s imagination can go wild, pretending that this 5-ft tall dollhouse is a real nest for Elsa and Anna where they cook in the kitchen, read in the library, use the vanity room, and open the balcony doors to see the Northern Lights! It’s also fortunate that you can arrange to get package forwarding from the UK to anywhere in the world. 

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  1. The VTech® Learning Tablet 

Kids nowadays love their gadgets and a global manufacturer of electronic products VTech® didn’t wait long to launch one of it’s newest learning tablets, featuring the Frozen crew. The tablet is filled with Frozen 2-themed songs and activities for learning letters, phonetics, logic, and more. And for savvy adult shopper, be sure to use the economical methods of international delivery by going to our site,

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  1. Frozen 2 Coloring Art Kit

And for kids that like to be crafty with their hands, the coloring art kit is the perfect source of inspiration. Besides pencils, the kit contains wax crayons, chunky tip pens, stickers, and colored tissue, eraser, sharpener and more. 


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  1. Frozen 2 160 Piece Puzzle

And for those cozy home evenings, board games are a perfect family pastime and the jigsaw puzzle is no exception. If you haven’t got enough of Frozen 2 memorabilia lying around the house, you can always create your own, by completing the 160-piece set, depicting all five of our favorite movie characters. The problem-solving skills will help a child to conquer the unknown and navigate through life, just like Elsa and her team, who battled the enchanted forest.  

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  1. Frozen 2 Charades Game Box

Charades is another all-time favorite family activity. Immerse yourself in the Frozen 2 characters by playing out scenes from the movie. The game also tests players’ attention skills by asking questions about Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven. And we bet that the trickiest questions always relate to Olaf, our favorite supporting hero. 

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  1. LEGO Frozen 2 Treehouse Kit 

This super cool Lego set will take kids aged 6+ on the endless Frozen adventure, as they explore a treehouse set in the middle of the enchanted forest, filled with mythical stones and magical portals. With the help of the movie’s characters Anna, Olaf and Mattias, boys and girls will build the miniature tree trunk bedroom, dining room, camping, and fishing area. The set is  7 inches in height, 9 inches in width and 7 inches in depth and consists of over 300 pieces. 


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  1. Frozen 2 Kids Bike

And what better way to roam the trails of a live forest, than via bike? This Frozen-inspired bicycle is a perfect vehicle of choice for a little explorer. It comes with four removable wheels for better stability and assurance so that the little guy or girl will get to their destination safe and sound. It’s a perfect Christmas gift that will be just right for the summertime. But you still need to hurry as the bulky items are more challenging to ship and take some precise freight methods, like a trusted community-based shipping forwarding company.

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Everyone Deserves at Least One Frozen-Inspired Piece

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