Coca-Cola Releases a ‘Coke’ Smelling Makeup Collection

Amid lots of excitement, Coca-Cola is making a grand entry into the highly competitive cosmetics industry. The carbonated soft drink behemoth teamed up with The Face Shop, a recognizable brand from South Korea, to release the first of what’s now called the ‘coca cola makeup line.’

Coca-Cola is a renowned global brand having been operating all over the planet for over a century now. But over the recent past, this drinks giant chose to branch out and delve into industries that aren’t related to its niche. And so, the first in the Coca-Cola inspired makeup is an eyeshadow palette and over 10 different lip shades, all of them featuring the Coca-Cola logo.

The collection is pretty versatile as it consists of lip glosses, lip tints, powders, foundations and, of course, the eyeshadow. The lip colors come in three shades: red, coral and pink, while the eyeshadow palette comes with an impressive nine shades. To complete every package of these nine shades, you get blushes and bronzers.

These aren’t mere beauty products - there’s a secret catch!

For those of us who love the smell of a freshly opened can of Coca-Cola, we get to enjoy the same kind of smell when wearing any of these products. Each product, from the Coca Cola makeup palette to the foundations, lip glosses and eyeshadows, come with the fragrant smell synonymous with Coca-Cola. And lip tints even feature a polar bear on the lid.


Coca-Cola Eyeshadow Palette



Coca-Cola Liquid Lip Tint


Coca-Cola Blotting Powder



Coca-Cola Lipstick


Coca-Cola Bear Lip Tint



Coca-Cola Oil Control Water Cushion

The multi-million dollar soda maker’s collaboration with the Korean beauty brand, The Face Shop, is a high-profile move for both parties. But it reflects Coca Cola’s remarkable change of tact that will also see it enter the alcohol making industry for the first time in its 130-year history.

Coca Cola makeup price and where to buy it

The best thing about the Coca Cola makeup collection isn’t just the sheer size of it. All of the products are reasonably priced to appeal to anyone’s budget.

For just $21 you are sure to get their foundation called Coca-Cola Oil Control Air-Cushion, while Coca-Cola Oil Blotting Powder retails for $10.59 and the Mono Pop Eyes eyeshadow palette costs just $23. Lip balms are relatively inexpensive too.

It’s, however, reported that the Coca Cola Face Shop makeup will be a “limited edition makeup line” with no global shipping offered by the Korean beauty brand. However, you can get Coca-Cola makeup products though Parcl store, that offers international shipping to almost any country in the world.

International Shipping from South Korea

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