Top 5 Rare Anime Figures to Buy From Japan

Japan is home to some of the most expensive and hard-to-get anime figures and figurines. They are an international hit - most of them are easily customizable, stunningly cute and irresistibly charming. That is why anime fans find themselves navigating Japanese sites, searching for where to buy anime figures. Fortunately for you, we have picked out the top five figures that collectors would want to own. Go through the list and select the ones you like best. Actually, since this list only has five figures on it, consider going for all of them – if your funds permit.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 exclusive collectible anime figures available for shipping from Japan with the help of Parcl.

5 Most Valuable, Unique and Hard-to-Get Anime Figures

While it is now super-easy to get one’s hands on most anime figures, some are rare gems. If you ever come across any of the anime figures presented on our list, you may rightly consider yourself a very lucky person.

Without wasting too much time and killing you slowly with curiosity, we present the five most expensive and unique collectible anime figures to get from Japan:

  1. Life-Size Neon Genesis Evangelion Figures

If you are a fan of Neon Genesis Evangelion, you have to plan your budget thoroughly since getting any of the Neon Genesis Evangelion figures may break the bank. With each item retailing at around 5000 USD, these life-size figures feature Japanese television and entertainment characters such as Asuka, Rei and Kaworu. Well, you have to splash out a hefty sum for one figure, to say nothing of the shipping expenses. And what if you want to have them all?

        2. Vintage Life-Size Astro Boy

The Astro Boy anime figure stands as the most expensive on our list. The character has been around for a while now, serving as inspiration for other anime series, such as Mega Man. This anime figure is one of the most expensive creations a collector may ever wish to get. It costs a staggering US$25,000 - and the shipping fees are yet to be added! You can use your Parcl account to check how much it will cost for this life-size, world’s most expensive anime figure to be delivered to your overseas address.

         3. HY2M 1/12 RX-78-2 GUNDAM FIGURE

The Gundam replica by Bandai is 5 feet tall and is one of Japan’s coolest and most expensive creations to date. Of course, given the size, this robot statue cannot fit in the centre of your living room. Even for collectors, this is more than they can chew. The best bet is to buy the Gundam figure if you are going to open up a museum and install it in a huge outdoor hall. The model is also not everyone’s friend when it comes to price.

          4. Victorique de Blois Porcelain Doll

Inspired by the Victorian Era fashion, this figurine is a copy of the female lead character in Gosick. Everything about the figurine is 1800s-themed, which makes it even more desirable. The doll retails at about US$800-1000 - which won’t break the bank compared to the cost of the other items on this list.

          5. Life-Size Anime Figures of Levi and Eren

These figures are popular with Attack on Titan fans, and they are stunning. If you're in the market for something close to reality, you’ll love these items since they stand at 5’7” tall. They became popular after being gifted to the winners of a Japan lottery as limited-edition awards, and many overseas anime fans love and want them. If any of these have piqued your interest, go ahead and look for a Japanese forwarder.

How to Get Anime Figures Delivered from Japan

When looking at high-quality collectibles, there’s no need to limit yourself to just one or two of them. Our list has covered the top five anime figures for the most demanding collector, so do yourself a favour and use our trusted method of shipping to get all your favourite figurines delivered from Japan. When working with Parcl’s forwarders, you can get access to shops in any of the leading countries, which opens doors for you in the UK, the USA, Japan, China, Russia, France, and Israel, among others. All these countries offer high-quality goods that can be accessed with the help of Parcl forwarders.

Since Parcl is a community, all forwarders are given a chance to determine what they think is fair in terms of pricing. Order details are negotiable, and you can select the best deal and forwarder. Our community is growing every day, and as long as your delivery address is on planet Earth, we can help you.

Without any upfront demand for membership, Parcl provides the opportunity to shop with flexibility and only takes a small fee from active orders. With Parcl, you can choose from

  • over 230 shipping methods offered to global shoppers,
  • 1900+ package centers in various regions, cities and towns,
  • high-quality items sold in over 115 countries, and
  • numerous items legally sold online - and even offline in local stores if you order offline shopping services.

Using Parcl is straightforward. Find the item you want and create a request, then select your forwarder and settle your shipping details.

In addition to enjoying the opportunity of shopping from any big retailer or small exclusive shop internationally, with Parcl, you overcome the limitations surrounding international shipping. This community offers solutions to the most common problems online shoppers face each time they want something sold overseas. With Parcl, you get

  • a free verified shipping address in the country of your item’s origin;
  • the opportunity to have your parcel signed for on your behalf;
  • the opportunity to pay securely with PayPal and the ability to shop even from countries that don’t accept foreign cards;
  • full customs compliance support, which should be helpful, especially for shoppers whose local customs authorities are tough on import;
  • full package tracking so that you can monitor your delivery from A to Z.

Using Parcl, you can buy all the anime figures you need and enjoy them. There is no need to waste time or stress over how to get your items delivered since Parcl has you covered. 


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