Colourpop Has Released a New Skincare Line

A naturally glowing and healthy skin is the perfect foundation for any makeup foundation. Agree? Also, the prefect foundation is the best favour you can do for your facial skin especially if you are into makeup. Basically, you need a clean and healthy skin to easily apply makeup foundation (which is the base to a well-baked makeup look), and on the other hand, you need the best foundation to match your skin tone and type. All confusing right? Well, at least there is one that that doesn’t require rocket science for you to understand, and that is the simplicity behind the Colourpop skincare range.

Designed to take care of your skin with and without makeup on, this range is Colourpop’s best invention following their No Filter Complexion Collection with an impressive 42 shades released in mid-June.

Affordable High-quality Skincare Range

The headline of this Colourpop new release relies on quality over everything else. At Colourpop, it seems like the makeup line understands that their makeup has to be excellent quality to match your skin and be worth it. What better way of doing quality control than coming up with a skincare range to complement their makeup. Based on their earlier releases and makeup that has been in the market for a while now, it is evident that at Colourpop, all skin types are catered for.

At Colourpop, affordability seems to be the headline priority. However, this does not take away the quality of the products. If anything, their products are a perfect merge of quality and affordable. With gel cleansers that sell for under $15 who wouldn’t want to become a part of the Colourpop family and find what works for their skin type as well? And that’s not all, this range basically has everything needed to take care of the skin and find the right makeup while at it. So anything ‘Colourpop’ easily passes the score as far as ladies are concerned.

With the latest release of their skincare line Fourth ray Beauty, there are some products that stand out. Take a look at these products to understand why they should be in your shopping list this season:

1. Colourpop Fourth Ray Beauty AM to the PM Gel Cleanser – this gel cleanser is the holy grail of cleansers. Retailing at only $12, it is bound to be hot property, popular to say the least. As the name suggests, it can be used when washing the face at any time of day. The gel cleaner easily removes dirt and dead skin cells especially when you remove your makeup at the end of a long day. It has enough layer of moisture to leave your skin moisturised and glistening for fresh application the next time. Main ingredients are lotus, jojoba protein, and Hawaiian ginger. You want your skin to breathe? This gel cleanser is the solution.


AM to the PM Gel Cleanser


2. Fourth Ray Beauty BDF Cleansing Oil – this oil is a perfect combination of Meadowfoam seed oil, camellia, and juniper berry. Available at just $14, it can be bought from trusted suppliers such as and delivered to your home address by a verified and experienced parcel forwarding company.


BFD Cleansing Oil


3. Fourth Ray Beauty The Lightweight Hydrator – definitely coming to become a girl’s best friend. There is only so much hydration one can do carrying a water bottle around. With this cute and compatible lightweight hydrator is all one need to achieve a silky smooth skin that is fresh and ready for makeup. In case you want to use after makeup, it is oil and grease-free and will not leave any residue on the skin. Sold for $12 a bottle.


The Lightweight Hydrator


4. Fourth Ray Beauty Rose Quartz Roller – crafted from real rose quartz that will resound deeply with the millennial makeup artist, this roller is what our skin needs for some TLC. It has enough sponge pressure when massaging the skin to leave it lightly compressed but breathing. Has a neat price tag of $18.


Rose Quartz Roller


5. Fourth Ray Beauty Later Hater Spot Treatment – take this spot and pimple undertake as seriously as the name suggests. Meant for overnight use, this soothing spot treatment is made by combining salicylic acid, calamine, and sulfur. Soft on your skin but mean on those ‘hater’ spots. It is affordably priced at $14 for a 30ml bottle.


Later Hater Spot Treatment


Now that you understand how widely diverse and necessary the Colourpop new line – Fourth Ray Beauty is, next stop, then ‘where to buy Colourpop cosmetics’? There are several providers that can help you buy the Colourpop skincare range directly from the supplier and get it shipped. One of such service providers is the esteemed freight forwarding company Parcl.

Buy your Colourpop Cosmetics and have them shipped your Way

Given that there are a lot of shipping and forwarding service providers that provide false services in a bid to scam people, it makes sense to only buy from trusted distributors. You can opt to have your cosmetics directly from This presents a challenge since they don’t provide international shipping. Yes, now the question ‘where can you buy Colourpop makeup range’ has been answered. What about the shipping challenge?

Well, that depends on how simple you want your entire online shopping process to be. The best solution will be to buy from Colourpop via a Makeup shopping and shipping service. At Parcl, they can facilitate passage for you to buy your Colourpop cosmetics directly from Fourth Ray Beauty and have them delivered to your home.

The process is actually pretty simple. You only need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Colourpop skincare range site at their Fourth Ray Beauty website and shop as normal. You can select as many products as you want.

  2. Visit the Parcl official website page for makeup shopping. Fill in a form that’s already pre-filled on site to determine the type of service you require from the forwarder.

  3. Check out from the skincare purchase and use the verified address provided by Parcl to get your skincare purchase delivered to the local address.

  4. As soon as the goods get to your forwarder, you will receive confirmation alongside images if you require them.

  5. The forwarder will act on your instructions and either wait for more purchases or forward the current one to your specified address.

  6. After the goods have been sent your way, the forwarder will provide you with a tracking code to allow you to check your package until it gets delivered.

  7. When you sign for your delivery, the process is complete.

Getting this new skincare range is as simple as you choose for it to be. If you select a competent freight forwarder, it goes without saying that your online shopping experience will be pleasant. In addition, your skincare products will be handled with care and if they need repackaging into a bigger box for shipping to your final address, they will also be handled with care. Choose a verified forwarder and your skincare range will automatically be taken care of in your absence.

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