Cool Products for a Magical Summer 2017

What is summer for you? In her book ‘The summer I turned pretty’, Jenny Han said: ‘Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August.’ We are not magicians, but we thought we could add some magic to your summer by sharing some truly beautiful products with you. Hope you like the Summer 2017 Collection by Parcl!



WOODWORD Wood Sunglasses for Men and Women

Would you like to look hip and extravagant this summer? Then you should definitely take a look at these wood-framed polarized shades by WOODWORD! Each pair of these great sunglasses is handmade from real wood, with a spring hinge made of stainless steel, and is sturdy and lightweight. They are guaranteed to fit great, feel comfortable and make you look stylish.  

Price: $69.90



Nostalgia Ice Cream Maker

This awesome device looks like the old-fashioned ice cream maker you may have seen at your grandma’s, but it’s definitely easier to operate. You can make 4-quarts of ice cream, gelato or frozen yogurt the quick and easy way. Just place your ingredients into the aluminum canister, put it in the bucket, add some salt and ice around it and let the electric motor take it from there. The sturdy paddle churns your goodies into a delicious frozen dessert, while the plastic liner ensures the cleanup will be fast and easy. And the best part is that you can add any ingredients you want to make a custom ice cream recipe: add berries, candy or chocolate pieces, cookie dough, or anything else you may like.

Price: $65.25



Floating LED Orb Set

Planning to host pool-side parties this summer? Then you simply must grab some of these floating LED orbs to decorate your pool with. Throw them in the water and they will light up to add special atmosphere to your night. The lights stay bright through the whole night, so you can party till sunrise!  

Price: $18



Otto Fan by Stadler Form

If it gets too hot indoors this summer, you will probably welcome any kind of wind, be it a light breeze or a powerful gale. The Otto Fan by Stadler Form can deliver either. The fan cover is made of beautiful African sapele wood, which looks a lot like mahogany and will go well with most styles of room decor. The height is adjustable and you get 3 settings to fit your needs. Otto is sure to be your best pal in the office or at home throughout the hottest part of this summer.

Price: $173.99



Succulent Lasercut Wood Journal

Succulents are in style these days, and it’s not very surprising, as they do look really cute. This beautiful journal has a high-quality wood cover with a laser cut succulent on the front. What a gorgeous way to get inspired for creative drawing or writing this summer!

Price: $29



Pink Inflatable Seashell

Relax in style in your pool with this super-cute Inflatable Clamshell Float. It’s really comfortable and may make you feel like a fairytale mermaid. The sides are matte and a pretty baby pink color, while the top side is all white. The Clamshell Float is thicker than most floats you’ve seen, which will help it last a long time for many days of fun in the sun.

Price: $70



Moxi Leather Roller Skates

These Moxi Leather Roller Skates are an Urban Outfitter Exclusive. With a mid-range price and top class looks, these skates are perfect for street skating and recreation. The boot is made of soft leather, which helps it form to your foot better than any synthetic material would. The skates are really comfortable and the pastel colors are sure to get heads turning your way at the park.

Price: $299



Dejaroo Beach Tote

Dejaroo, the maker of this tote, calls it ‘the BEST Beach Bag you'll ever own’. With a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon, the bag seems to be a customer favorite. Shoppers praise it for its perfect size, the multiple sections and pockets for storing beach accessories, and the durable mesh material it’s made of. The dirt, sand and water simply fall through the mesh helping your things stay clean and neat. It’s truly a beach must-have!

Price: $21.95



Indian Mandala Microfiber Beach Blanket

Being made of microfiber, this beach towel/blanket absorbs almost 7 times its own weight, which is more water than any cotton towel could handle. You can leave it hanging for a few minutes after each use and it will completely dry off and be ready for use again. The beautiful Indian mandala design makes this towel fun to carry to the beach or a pool.

Price: $19.99



Safe Sun on the Fly set by Sephora

In this five-piece set you basically get all the sun care products you may need for a perfect summer vacation. Sephora included convenient travel-sized versions of sunscreen, lip treatment, moisturizer, and CC cream with SPF, all stored in a reusable waterproof bag that’s easy to take along on a trip or keep in your beach bag.

Price: $22



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