Create Unique Sound with the Seaboard Block Multitouch Keyboard

The Seaboard keyboards have come a long way. From the original, plain band that solely gave out corresponding sounds with the press of keys to the assisted board, and now the multitouch, technology in music has surely improved. And with such improvements come genius creations that redefine the field, such as the Seaboard Block.


The brand new Roli’s Seabord Block is a multitouch keyboard that works with your smartphone. A work of pure genius to say the least. To use the multitouch keyboard, you need to have prior experience with the Seaboard to easily get all the adjectives straight. Instead of your traditional keyboard that has separate keys, the new Seaboard block is all one continuous, multitouch, pressure-sensitive, slightly squishy surface with ridges in place of the piano keys. This is a bonus to the aesthetic appearance of the keyboard. It’s a beauty and owning one will undoubtedly boost your self-confidence as a music maestro.

The Build-Up to the Seaboard Multitouch

When the Roli Seaboard Rise was released in 2015, the keyboard rallied up a lot of interest. The best of tech journalists wrote amazing pieces on the latest musical instrument. One such inspired article was penned by James Vincent for The Verge. Vincent poured his heart and soul into the article titled Feeling The Music With Roli's Squishy, Pressure-Sensitive Keyboard. What intrigued and amazed most enthusiasts is the mere fact that the portable Rise targeted digital flexibility to the piano and gave new meaning to creating simple, beautiful music without the hard labour, and yet it cost a cool $799 for the 25-key more responsive unit when tallied against the 61-key Seaboard which was priced at $2999 in 2013.


Even with such steep prices, these Seaboard keyboards enjoyed amazing success. International buyers would order online choosing to buy from US shops. The rest of the work is always completed by an international forwarder who offers international buyers a chance of selecting from a long list of services including choosing the best freight carrier to deliver the keyboard from overseas.

And it keeps on getting better. With the new Roli’s Seaboard keyboard block that retails at a cooler and more affordable $299, all music enthusiasts that had taken a young break can rightfully jump back on the bandwagon.


With the Seaboard Block, it becomes all the more evident that every Roli keyboard has mad technology backing it. With the Roli’s Seaboard technology, you get multi-dimensionally expressive outputs. Of course, this means that unlike most keyboards, learning the Seaboard is never a walk in the park. It is difficult and requires discipline alongside dedication.

Since Roli’s Seaboard is a little hard to learn, then it’s a good thing that the unit is now available in a much more portable and affordable form factor.

How it Works – The Roli’s Seaboard Block

Basically, the new Roli’s Block system allows the user to mix and match components and connect them wirelessly to the keyboard’s companion app known as Noise.


A practical example would be in an event whereby the Seaboard Block’s 24 keys aren’t enough, you can snap in a second or third Seaboard Block. These sequences will loop and work as one continuous keyboard. Customise your smart keyboard further by adding a Lightpad Block that gives you a Seaboard-esque drum pad. Also, you can add one of the smaller control blocks offered by Roli to tweak Seaboard settings on the fly or trigger loops.

The coolest aspect of the Seaboard Blocks system is perhaps the ability to centre around a free app – Noise, that comes with all the built-in features. With the Seaboard Block, the system now includes a virtual Seaboard as well. The hardware is set up in a manner that makes the controls more accessible, expressive, and tactile.


Also, all blocks under Roli Seaboard work over Bluetooth or USB as standard MIDI devices. But the new Seaboard Block deserves to be purchased and even covered by insurance as it comes with a version of Roli’s own desktop software for fine-tuned adjustments of how the board plays. A trusted logistics company that handles parcel forwarding can offer you shipping insurance when you complete your purchase and seek their services. The cool keyboard has a good range and compatibility:

  • It’s compatible with iOS only app support. But there isn’t Android support.

  • Windows 7, 8 and 10.

  • Mac OSX 10.10+.

Roli Seaboard Price and Availability

Be prepared to shell out just a few bucks to own Roli’s Seaboard Block. All shoppers are able to buy Roli Seaboard, which will be retailing for just $299 plus the applicable shipping fees. The portable smart keyboard is available from the official Roli webstore. There are a number of benefits that come with purchasing it directly from the store and these include:

  • Free local shipping in the US, as an international buyer, you only need to get a package forwarder to send the super-powered keyboard your way.

  • offers a next day dispatch, therefore, when working with an international forwarder, there are so many shipping options.

  • There is a 30-day return policy hence you can buy Seaboard Block ship internationally, and still have enough time to return it overseas if it doesn’t meet your standards.

  • There is lifetime support accompanying the pressure-responsive musical keyboard. This way, you can use your international parcel forwarder to ship from the US to your country and back again for as long as you own the keyboard.

Buying straight from Roli also gives you a chance of opening an account, signing up for promotions and newsletters. That way, you benefit all the way through. Even when there are new releases, you will be among the first to know of such developments. With online shopping, there are little to no boundaries or restrictions. All you have to do is sign up for an account with a package forwarder who will help you by receiving your Seaboard using their verified local shipping address.


The keyboard can then be sent to your final specified address using a suitable carrier. Since it’s portable and sensitive, the best would be couriers such as EMS or DHL instead of snail mail postage. Be prepared for a seamless shopping experience and a lifelong partnership. Since the keyboard comes with lifetime support, if you choose a trusted parcel forwarder from the first time you purchase, your transactions going forward will be smooth. And who knows, you might want to buy more than Roli’s Seaboard Block for your musical aspirations. Choose wisely, select the best parcel forwarder.

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