Credit-Card Sized Arcade Game is a Perfect Gift for ’80s Kids

You know that thing about “the child in you”? Yes, that one, the one that keeps you young at heart for as long as you cherish it? Well, it works, because the ’80s kids get to relive their golden days in style. With the latest credit-card sized arcade game from Super Impulse Toys, every ’80s kid will get to relive and enjoy the days when all their problems revolved around finding the right toy and leaving the arcade machines in the game store.


The Arcade department at Super Impulse Toys is a series of four-inch-tall fully playable arcade cabinets. For ’80s kids, there is no better section to relive their childhoods than the arcade cabinets. After all, the late ’80s and early ’90s saw the birth of arcade games and the kids at that time loved nothing more than stuffing quarters into arcade machines for a good time. With growth come responsibilities and most of those responsibilities tie us down and force us to spend our days glued to the office desk.

Meet the Solution to Immobile Arcade Gaming

The developers at Super Impulse Toys recognised the gap in the toy market and dissatisfaction suffered by their ‘grown-up’ audience. After all, it is 30+ years after the birth of the last ’80s babies. All of us are grown up now. The toy manufacturer’s solution is none other than bringing in the fun in form of tiny arcade games that can be played and enjoyed from just about anywhere.

Think of those times when you’re at your desk and suffer from a brain block that can be solved by having a go at your favourite game. Super Impulse has created a new MicroArcade line of games. The next time you’re itching to wind up time on a game of Missile Command or Pac-Man, just take out your tiny arcade and play even while waiting for the elevator to reach the last floor.

  • More people than you can count actually love their tiny arcades and will enjoy the MicroArcade line of games from Super Impulse.

  • ’70s, ’80s and ’90s babies still buy some of their childhood favourite games online. Some of them have become vintage and are only sold in the US or UK. Most online buyers arrange to pay for shipping from the US to their countries via parcel forwarding.

  • These Tiny Arcades can be played in single-player mode. No need to get bored just because you’re by yourself. Entertain yourself, by yourself, and remove the drama that comes with having a huge crowd come over.

The Super Impulse Toys MicroArcade Line of Games

Upon release, the first games to make fans go crazy will include the mini Pac Man arcade game. This will be followed by Tetris and Q*Bert. The month of June will bring Rally X and Pole Position. It’s as if Super Impulse Toys decided to bring Christmas all day, every day in 2019. For avid gamers, this is all excellent and welcome news. We’re just waiting with bated breath.

At the moment, the Tiny Arcade units already open for play include more than just the Pacman mini arcade. There are also Dig Dug, Frogger, and Galaga. With more additions joining in on the fun soon, let’s just conclude that Super Impulse Toys will be the go-to toy manufacturer for all gifts this year. If you accept this fact, don’t waste time, just go ahead and arrange for a USA international shipping service to help you get any of your Tiny Arcades delivered to your country of residence as you instruct.


With a US address to shop, you can buy more than just your MiniArcade line of games. There are a lot of new products released daily in the US. As a result, a verified American shopping address is your access – your visa to a world that could otherwise only be in your dreams for as long as you live. With an account and services of Parcl, a logistics company that provides professional US forwarding service you can buy any mini arcade game and a couple more other items from America. And the process is seamless, smooth and simple to follow. Just create an account with Parcl first, create a request and follow their process, which is self-explanatory.

Where to Buy your Mini Arcade Games

Officially, the brand behind the smiles and joys every other ’80s kid is wearing is none other than Super Impulse Toys. However, the toy maker’s website doesn’t offer any toys to buy. Without a ‘where to buy the Tiny Arcade games’ section, you might be left prone to internet scams. But this is also taken care of. Super Impulse Toys has an Amazon Store. So if you’ve been wondering where to buy the toys, visit Amazon for a good selection.

Alternatively, you can opt to buy the world’s smallest products made by Super Impulse Toys from other major retailers. The list is long and includes the likes of:

  • Amazon

  • Cracker Barrel

  • Walmart

  • Barnes & Noble

  • American Eagle

  • Books-A-Million

There are just under two dozen major retailers who have Super Impulse Toys on display in their online stores. Select the one that best appeals to your interests and shop from the store. If you’re outside the US, the process remains the same. The services of an online parcel forwarder are a must-have.

Personalised Shopping in the US from your Home

Did you know? Having a local handler in the US actually works to your advantage in more ways than one. In addition to your handler providing you with their address for shopping, they will also act as your aid on the ground in America. This alone changes the dynamic. You can now also benefit from the Super Impulse Toys Super Retailers section. Using the Specialty Retailers tool, your American handler can locate specialty stores near them. Since brands and products tend to vary by location, you can have your unique one-of-a-kind set pieces because your local handler can, in person, go to the specialty store and get the product for you.


Get your very own Tiny Video Game Arcade directly from the manufacturer to your home. Growing up in the ’90s, we never even imagined that someday we would be able to take the arcade games home. Thanks to time and technology, now we get to play Tetris on a business card. And the experience is all that and more. Totally worth paying for shipping insurance when you select services offered by your parcel handler. The issue of eye strain is really negligible when compared to owning your own tiny video arcade game that can fit inside the palm of your hand. Everything about these games from the MicroArcade line screams perfection. They are age-matched and relatable. You’ll never get a more perfect gift that also reminds you of your childhood. By the way, the Tiny Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Miniature Arcade Game is only $15.89.

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