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Scents are very important in our everyday life. They help us relax or wake up when needed, they bring back memories of locations or events. But when “scent” and “speaker” are used in one phrase, most people won’t have a clue of what that could mean. The Cyrano Scent Machine is a scent speaker designed to play scents about the same way as you would play a list of your favorite audio files on a music player. You have a smartphone app that you can use to control the machine. With the Cyrano you get a cool companion for your daily commute, to enjoy at your work desk, or to keep on your nightstand. Try combining various scents into a playlist that you can enjoy like a beautiful melody.

The company that created Cyrano is Vapor Communications based in Cambridge, MA. They have a lot of innovative ideas for where their creation could be used, such as in gaming, storytelling or health and wellness, and are working in that direction.

Cyrano is amazingly easy to use. It fits in the cupholder in your car, can be placed on your bedside table, your desk or any other surface wherever you want to use it. The oNotes app that comes with it offers you a wide range of mood medley choices, such as “Get Relaxed”, "Get Energy" or "Get Free". You set the app to play one of them and Cyrano lets out a unique sequence of scents. You can also put together your own mood medley and share it on social networks. What’s more, you can add in music, video or other kinds of entertainment, or play a film where scenes are accompanied by corresponding scents. Another fun way to use the app is to take scent tests to see if you can tell scents apart and identify each one.

"Cyrano introduces to the commercial market a revolutionary new way to link one of the most important human senses to our digital world," said David Edwards, Vapor Communications co-founder, inventor and Harvard Professor. "Our moods are influenced by light as with sunshine and by sound as with music, but even more profoundly by scent, as with the fragrance of an orchid, or the aroma of hot chocolate. The olfactory nerve is the only sensory nerve with direct access to the brain. With Cyrano, we can design our lives with all three dimensions of sensorial control."  


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You might be wondering how exactly Cyrano works? Inside you will find a cartridge (that can be replaced) with a palette of up to 12 clear scents designed specifically for the machine by a partner company, International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF). The first cartridge in Cyrano, Natural Moods, was designed based on extensive test data and understanding of the effect scents have on the human brain.

When you play one of the mood medleys in Cyrano, the scents last for several minutes, which is enough for you to be able to get the desired benefit or pleasure from smelling them, but isn’t too long so it doesn’t cause the “olfactory fatigue” we get from a candle or an air freshener.

Concerned about getting co-workers or family annoyed with the scents they may not like as much as you do? No worries! Cyrano works in a small area so only the person sitting next to it will get to fully experience the scent melody.

The company says that the scents you get with the machine should last you for approximately 1 month. You can purchase additional sets of cartridges for $19.99. The battery inside the unit should work for about day-and-a-half and then you will need to charge it using a USB cable.

As a hint at what users might expect from the company in the future, Cyrano’s companion app comes with a game that has you blindly guessing scents. Here are just a few of the scents!


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All in all, it’s one of the coolest inventions we have reviewed in a while. And with Parcl international shipping of Cyrano is easy like ABC! 

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