Disney and ColourPop Collaborated to Create Frozen Makeup Range

Say what you may but the truth remains the same – Disney is one colourful work of art that resonates with people of all ages and from all walks of life. As such, the studio and most of their works are an instant success. But it hasn’t been an overnight success, nor has it been easy. Disney has had to work very hard to become one of the widely recognized and loved brands.

With time, we all know, understand and appreciate the works brewed in their studios, as we know how much effort, time and hard work goes behind the scenes. With the release of each and every new Disney merchandise item, there is also work and effort put in for the greater good of the brand and its consumers.

The Frozen Brand and its Success

First released in 2013, Frozen is a Disney animation that tells the story of Princesses Elsa and Anna as well as their charismatic friend and servant – Olaf the snowman. The movie was undoubtedly one of Disney’s biggest installations. It features a stellar cast with the likes of Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel, Jonathan Groff and Josh Gad among others.

The movie was undoubtedly a huge success followed by the Frozen Fever in 2015 in response to the crazy international demand and following. Of course, Olaf is one of the most outstanding characters, hence it came as no surprise when Disney introduced Olaf’s Frozen Adventure in 2017.

Finally, Disney has announced the release of Frozen 2 which is set to be released today, November 22 in the US and the UK. The film has already been viewed by the audience in Belgium and the reviews are stark raving crazy about the latest installation. Already being crowned as Disney’s 6th billion-dollar film of 2019, Frozen 2 is set to be one of the most successful films of the year.

Meet ColourPop – The California Based Makeup Divas

They say California is the land of color and soulful beings. And we detect no lies in that statement. As evidence and proof to the truth that is this statement, the ColourPop brand calls California home. The brand exists to simply redefine beauty and luxury. ColourPop designs the most amazing, desirable and aesthetically-pleasing products.

What’s the secret behind ColourPop’s success? Interesting question. And oh boy, there are quite a few answers to the question. The most obvious is that their prices are pocket-friendly. Even students and international shoppers can afford to wear ColourPop on their faces and still manage to keep their wallets fat.

The products aim at producing and presenting the wearer with newness in a matter of seconds. With ColourPop, you can pride yourself in wearing makeup products that are vegan, cruelty-free and pocket-friendly. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider and actually shop with ColourPop. Some of them include:

  • The free shipping offer on orders worth over US$30 locally and US$50 on international orders.

  • Availability of a return and refund on products once received, if the shopper isn’t fully satisfied with the products.

  • Several payment methods and regular promotions that help shoppers to save more.

  • And most importantly, one of the main reasons why most people shop with ColourPop is the availability of a variety of products in stock.

  • But even more importantly, the opportunity of bedazzling ColourPop’s followers on the Gram. The brand randomly selects who to feature on their Instagram page, so be sure to use their products and the correct hashtags alongside some tags. And you too can find yourself at the marvel of Colour Pop’s Million Insta followers.

ColourPop x Disney

Some relationships are meant to be. It’s destiny. Only a matter of time. That’s one of the obvious reasons and explanations that can be given when it comes to the Disney and ColourPop collaboration. These two brands have been coming together for a while now. And finally, their relationship has been solidified. All the gods of fashion, glitz, glamour, and beauty agree that it’s a match made in the fashion heaven.

All on its own, the Frozen merch has always done so well. There are countless Frozen gifts in gift shops and in fans’ homes. And given that it’s been six solid years since the original Frozen movie was released, the fans have grown and deserve something better than dolls and figurines. Thus, the idea of a Frozen makeup collection is always most welcome.

And now, not that the creatives have run out of cool ideas for Frozen gifts, but, there has never been a better time to unify Frozen merch with ColourPop designs. So, yes ladies and gents, you now have the option of buying from ColourPop online something that celebrates both ColourPop and Frozen.

In celebration of Frozen 2, the new movie hitting the cinemas as you read this article, ColourPop Cosmetics has teamed up with Disney to create two hot makeup collections. Each collection celebrates each of the two sister princesses who form the backbone of the movie, Elsa and Anna.

Thus the reason why you will find a series of colors or a palette that you like best of the two. If you’re one of those fans who relate best with both sisters, then you’re in luck as there are actually more options for you.

ColourPop Cosmetics x Disney – The Elsa Collection

Under the Elsa collection, you should expect to find the following products:

  • The eyeshadow palette for $15

  • The Lux Lipstick in the Little Snow for $9

  • The Glitterally Obsessed in the Dark Sea for $9

  • The Ultra-Glossy Lips in Mythic Journey for $8

  • Or the entire set for just $38

All colors from the Elsa collection are on the warmer end. There are more earthy tones and all are packaged well inside a mauve box. If you’re more into the oranges, purple, gold and whites, then the Elsa collection will be of more interest to you.

ColourPop Cosmetics x Disney – The Anna Collection

  • The eyeshadow palette for $15

  • The Glitterally Obsessed in Waterfall for $9

  • The Lux Lipstick in Going North for #9

  • The Ultra Glossy Lips in Free Spirit for $8

  • Or the entire set for $38

The Anna collection includes the most beautiful baby blue. There are some holographic glitters, metallic silver and some fiery shades of berry reds. If you’re looking for life through color, then Anna’s palettes are where you need to shop. Feel that it’s worth making arrangements for ColourPop international shipping? Without a doubt, you should shop and get your Colourpop buys shipped internationally.

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When you shop with the help of a parcel forwarder, you open your doors to the possibility of more shopping and adventures. Given that ColourPop offers free international shipping, you might be wondering why you should bother getting a parcel forwarder. For starters, a forwarder will help you to best understand the rules, especially where customs and international tariffs apply.

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Why Use Parcl Even if Colourpop Offers Free Global Shipping?

You can revisit your Parcl account any time to trace your orders or check your buying portfolio. With an online shopping and shipping profile, you can easily view what you have bought in any US store and if need be, curb your spending endeavors or increase accordingly. In addition to the popular services you can also request any of the following:

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When choosing the services of the forwarders, you can even select to include:

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